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  1. Looking good with Joe's signature.. Thanks Joe n activerun
  2. E-Certificate is ready.... http://www.northeastrun.sg/results/
  3. Count me in too ...... You also consider another Category which is '' Running in sequence of 5blocks up and down twice .
  4. http://www.northeastrun.sg/preliminary-results/ The results are out now ... Wondering what is the overall number of females ?
  5. Oops. Haha. So sorry. I never intend yo disrupt your hydration plan. I scare weather too hot. So put more standby for leisure runners. Haha. Regards Joseph Organizing Chairman North East Compressport Run 2015 LOL, activerun !! Joe, actually, I like the silent Flag Off..... Machiam like illegal running, dont want to let the residents know ... keke
  6. No worries , Joe ! Hands all up...!! I enjoyed the run today ..enough of hydration. . I agreed with ayukawa22 , the 1.5L water was a good give out but I think that 500ml is good enough liao ... . Looking forward to next year ....
  7. My Garmin was 19.78km.... Did you guys realised the timing at the finishing line didn't switch on or something ?
  8. Got Pb for it... Thanks God for nice weather , nice scenery, huge bottled water .. I only take a sip of the isotonic drink after I stick to water ...many gels in the table, I didn't take cos I prepared myself.. Frankly speaking , after 12km, I started to get bored liao ...just push myself to the end .... Oh, during the first start 100m, there was a girl stopped in the middle to tie shoelaces. omg, many runners almost knocked into her... I meant if u wanna tie shoelaces, move to the side , can ... still dark during that time ... But overall , good run.....
  9. One more sleep to run.... Load for the last time but don't overload it , hydrate well, sleep early tonight...
  10. yup man ... have to rely on event if the event is held there.... if not , couldn't travel there just to run .....
  11. Its ok, I am fully prepared ( based on Tri Factor last year ) .... can tan while running ! Wahahahahaha
  12. I am counting down to Sunday.....faster come Sunday
  13. Dear ibelieveindevil, Hello hello, I know you and including everyone here are free to have your views but No organzier is 100 percent perfect ! Joe and team are clearly trying their best to make thing work.... And if no feedbacks from us, how they going to know or improve ?? Dont tell me you do not need feedback to improve yourself in life .... And you think organzing one event is easy ah ? You do lah.... If you are unhappy with event tee thingy, then dont wear it or unhappy with everything , better still - - dont even run on sunday .... oh U may spend expensive cab fare to and from the runnn
  14. Both Max and Autumn. !!!! So cute ....hahah
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