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  1. Interestingly, this is the exact route I run often, but just in the reverse direction. Not much shelter along the way so I’ll suggest avoiding peak sunlight hours.
  2. Personally, I still prefer the early morning starts. There’s something magical about starting at Orchard road and diabolically satisfying crawling up Sheares in the heat. Plus, you can see more of the sights. I couldn’t see a damn thing last year in the dark.
  3. There is a YouTube video of Race 1. Can search for it. Looks interesting. Couldn’t get the early slots for 10km so I’ll skip this.
  4. Sorry guys can't join tomorrow! Busy with CNY! See whether can join you guys after CNY, maybe for diary farm. Me wanted to explore that place for very long already but scared get lost by myself! Nursing a slight ankle strain so probably won't do serious trail for a while, just road based with some elevation. Happy CNY everyone!
  5. Thank you koh papa and Lady Ice for initiating this! My first time doing such virtual relays hehe....
  6. Give that Phase 3 would only be end of the year, i think its too late for planning purposes, even if Phase 3 starts in November (and thats a big IF). The number of runners would also far exceed what would be comfortable for the government, who i think would prefer gradual increase in gathering numbers. Therefore, I would bet 100% its a virtual race of sorts, and not a mass race where everyone runs together. At most they have an 'official' route and runners can own time own target.
  7. As i suspected. I have not signed up. Not really interested in these, unless the credits can go towards defraying the cost of the actual race. Will wait for further announcement on the format of the actual race.
  8. Huh so the actual "race" haven't been announced.......Eh if it's still gone be a full FM, have to train one leh. If only the virtual race series is free, means the actual "race" may not be?
  9. A bit like Strava club, no? Anyway, will have to figure out how to fit in the Craze runs with these runs. haha
  10. No offence taken @beast. I paged @AutumnRunner not to tease him further, but to see whether he is interested. The format is not purely an ultra, since it has some flexibility and allows participants to clock the mileage over a few runs. I believe he has done similar races before? This may hence interest him to 'take part' in a 'Craze' event at last. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  11. Doubt there will be an elite race. Our travel guidelines would not enable these athletes to fly in based on prevailing policies.Probably a virtual race albeit with some 'innovative' elements.
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