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  1. Wow, this thread reached the 100 page milestone!!! I hope those tees in East Timor (etc) are donated and not sold over there.
  2. Out of curiosity, according to the stats at http://mrnmrsrunthetown.blogspot.sg/2014/12/unofficial-analyzing-scms-14.html 13k pax signed up, 10k pax completed. So how many finisher tees do you guys think the organisers printed? If they don't give to those "re-routed" finishers, the tees will end up where? The charity org?
  3. I think some of the culprits are from 10k runners too. And they alrady merged with FM runners at ~39/40km mark.
  4. Someone was also giving away Apollo Chocolate Cake. I must thank these people, I missed my banana and this is the next best thing. Lucky I had my own water and I was able to gobble and wash it down with water. No joke, I was that hungry!
  5. No bananas really??? I thought I missed it! I was so hungry and ran out of gel > 32km. This Caucasian runner was asking a volunteer if she has any food. She said no. I told him at 32km mark that bananas should be given at the next 1 or 2 water points and I am also looking fwd to it. Sadly I was wrong... I hope he is OK, he was really bonking then. Anyway I have to slow my pace to take the gel at 36km mark which only kicked into effect at 40km. Was a horrible 33 to 40km for me. I didn't really get bothered by the sun, I was too hungry.. haha... next time, need to plan my refueling strategy b
  6. On the FM route map, there's no indication of drink station between 10.5 and 16km. I believe something was wrong to the map and not really 5km+ without water. Anyone has other map version?
  7. Run and run and run and....

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