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  1. Hi!! Did u check yr timing fm marathon photos? Do u realized that the gun time n net time are the same? Is this normal? Thanks.. They've changed it. Last night gun time and net time were different, today they are same, they have increased net time to be the same as gun time, which sucks. They must have done this for everyone though because all my positions for overall/gender/division are the same as yesterday. Still no personal videos
  2. Thanks for the notification. Certainly hope they do upload the video! No prob. Starting price for a few photos - $60. Wow. I'm clearly in the wrong business!
  3. Official photos are up https://www.marathon-photos.com/scripts/home.py?event=Sports/2014/Singapore%20Marathon No personal video this year? Unless they'll upload tomorrow...
  4. Provisional result times are up: http://marathonsingapore.com/2014-results/
  5. Really? They gave me 100plus, but didn't help, felt more like 100minus. They brought durians instead? Last year they replayed the entire event on their YT channel, I hope they do the same this year.
  6. Anyone know when the marathon photos and official race positions are up?
  7. I picked up my race pack on Thursday afternoon around 3:30PM, no queue at all. It really sucks though how those of us not in the east have to travel all the way there and back just to pick up a bib and singlet. Cost me $40 in cabs! A couple of years ago I recall they had the REPC at the MB floating platform, which was a central and fair location. If they must insist on having it all the way out near the airport then they should offer a postage service where they can mail out the bib and singlet, I'm sure it would be cheaper and more efficient than having to get transport out to Expo and back.
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