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  1. Calling Hougang Runners....check it out in Kakis in Hougang thread

    1. gchan


      I am interested .But Are u all very kill runners?

  2. hi,

    your garmin 305 still available?



  3. Hi JJ Mak,

    Are you keen to share a room with Mahneshnat for the KL marathon?

    Pls read my pm as there are some updates on the coach + hotel. The rest has replied except you. Appreciate.



  4. It's nice to be back to the playground once again with Team FatBird and fellow runners. The weather was nice and cooling with over shadowing clouds. After 50km last Saturday at TNF100 Duo race, rested for a week of running.Yesterday morning continued with a 34km and completed in 4:21hrs. A good pace to maintain for SCSM09. I will be anchoring the 5:15hour pacer group. The first 21km was going at 7min pace with the 5hour pacer group. After that, I broke away from the 5 hour pace group to stay within my pace zone for the remaining distance to simulate a slower pace and pretending I have other ru
  5. Later going to tour the MV Doulos ship @ Vivo City. Last I visited was 5 Apr 1996.

  6. See you TFB and all. Cheers !
  7. I think those in black and white, they entered water and colour gone. ha..ha
  8. Try counting number of planes taking off and landing. Run safe and train well. All the best ! Cheers ! Kayano
  9. it's litter :Rolling Eyes: i cycled down this morning to check and to pick up whatever we left behind but it seems it has all been cleared up.. =) Wow...so nice of you. Thank you.
  10. it's litter :Rolling Eyes: For Blink Blink Run #2, there will not be litter of paper but "fireworks".....ha...ha...
  11. Today thought I can do my our slow "ninja" run. Started at carpark F2 at 7:30am. Suddenly saw so many runners especially couples running together. Wasn't sure what race event was that. Met IMD and Mrs IMD near the Outward Bound School fence. Then as I progressed further, I met Tekko and Mrs Tekko. After that I U-Turn at NSRCC, my goodness, a group of familiar Team Fatbird coming fast and furious towards me. Wow..these are the eagles. I this little chick no place to "siam" Then after F2 carpark towards the water skiing, saw 3 more birdies " Passion, Footloops and Mashie". After I finished my ru
  12. waiting for "Iguana" category Join me...ha..ha... Cheers ! Kayano
  13. Thanks Dream for the write up on the run. I missed it as I have a School Parent Support meeting so can't be there. Cheers! Kayano
  14. Dream, I look forward to the Sats morning ECP run. Thank you Kayano
  15. Team FatBird members, Each of you have done very well and you delivered on time ! That is the testimony that you can be proud of in your all running exploits. I am uploading the photos now and will provide the url link via email to Team Fatbird. Cheers ! Kayano
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