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  1. As the coronavirus pandemic has forced the Boston Athletic Association to postpone the marathon from April to the fall, the B.A.A. is launching a virtual community where runners can come together online...
  2. To ALL Wishing ALL Merry Festive Week as We Countdown to 2021! Let Us Stand United! Against Covid-19! Stay Strong! Stay Healthy!! Stay Active with Exercise "Runs" !!!
  3. OK, many years... uncle is active "here" in 2020...almost 500 posts here...ran 5 Virtual Race marathons...almost half marathons 3 times a week from Oct till now..and moving to 2021... just look for kohpapa content...you will know
  4. If uncle remembered you years ago... Were you the one who on plantar fasciitis and workout hills "in malaysia"?
  5. yo, uncle today and tomorrow only, come and collect your prizes..because next weekend and the next next we are not around only during the weekends...for collection... $50 voucher Indosole, uncle bought
  6. runkeeper app download to phone... instructions has been sent to your PM... the invitation link will lead you to register raceroster Note: all has to be done at mobile phone, registering of Runkeeper app as well as "link to register" shall lead you to Race Roster where you also need to register... once Race Roster (ASICS owned) is synced to Runkeeper (ASICS owned) you are good to go...
  7. Congratulations, @beast, you are going to Kyoto Marathon 2021... Uncle was not accepted because uncle Entered for 2 Options with same person - DQ [Entry]
  8. Final Results (with Prizes)... Congratulations to Pris for winning a consolation prize (21KM)... uncle won consolation prize voucher (42KM).. and consolation prize (10KM) uncle was narrowly "beaten" from Top 10 in the 5KM race... oh well, ends well, got prizes to wear and to eat...FOC entry for all categories...uncle hope they remember to carve uncle's Finisher Medal with 5KM/10KM/21KM/42KM... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from this forum thread...[End]
  9. uncle would like to end this forum thread with a special invitation to all to participate in a Virtual Race...as TEAM sgRunnersUnited...to close 2020... Event Date is 31/12/2020 (Thursday) info - https://raceroster.com/events/2020/30899/youre-not-alone-the-social-distancing-virtual-race and earn a digital badge... Invitation to Team sgRunnersUnited who already have raceroster account..check your PM for instructions.. Note: Just Ignore the Charity Donation part. Just "X Clear Donation" @ CHECKOUT However, Special Invitat
  10. @beast, please PM uncle for any "private" discussion on this matter... "Please apply from the Kyoto Marathon Overseas Runner Entry Site for overseas slots (those whose address at the time of entry is overseas)." uncle registered as "Overseas Runner Entry" as (1) Runnet.jp (local resident) account...(Medal Only) and (2) non-Runnet.jp account (overseas runner)...(Medal + "10" cloth) maybe that is not clear from the intial entry offered to Overseas Runners (meaning runners that are Japanese Residents staying overseas, or/and new Participants who are overseas citizens)...
  11. organizer has the option to ship or not ship (will be stated in their Entry Application). for Kyoto Marathon >> Ship to Local Address uncle's shipping vendor will then receive and do the overseas shipment to uncle (singapore) with a fee.. surely it is "not cheap"...uncle understands... "10" design... aiya, just a "fengshui" piece of goodluck thingy...meaning "lasting propsperity"... with Japan Quality "100%" assurance (even shortlisted with voting)..and this race limited to only 7,100 participants in the World...only 1,000 Overseas Participants...
  12. yap...the season of marathoning is starting now in the "Land of Rising Sun" because of the 2021 Summer Olympics... warming up with the Japan's Virtual Races of Half-Marathons on weekends to prepare for this one...a month away.. Full marathon (official course): 5 hours 30 minutes Half marathon (official course): 2 hours 45 minutes 10km (official course): 1 hour 30 minutes 20km: 3 hours 30km: 4 hours 30 minutes 40km: 5 hours. In Japan, uncle is registered as Runnet.jp as ケツキョ. TATTA apps work with Runnet.jp member when registering for Race Entry. So, un
  13. A month ago, a virtual Marathon Race nearly was abandoned at 18.2KM due to "an unexpected" shut down of data to GPS making it impossible to complete a one-run activity time submission. uncle believes that Hard Work and Perseverance is part of the Journey to Success. So uncle took a Restart from 0KM, making this a 60-KM Journey for a 42KM race Experience to Completion. Yes, that Medal of that Journey was received, Today!
  14. being top 10 in the 5KM category, uncle won Nuzest Clean Lean Protein as for pris...better luck next time.. and uncle will be only participant that will expect this finisher medal...
  15. OMG, uncle is a Prize Winner [4th out of 4 Lucky Participants] in the Purse Challenge (Do a 25-minute easy run or jog). uncle has never believed in Random Draws contest in SCSM (Virtual Club), but really "Unbelievable stunned like vegetable", uncle won!
  16. as long as Pris remained as Top 5 Female in 21KM, the pair of Goodr Sun Glasses will be hers...but competition is getting tougher with many overseas participants (trail running elites) coming in to "joster" for top 5 or top 10 positions...just like World Asics Ekidens Virtual Race... fast and furious until the end of the Virtual Race (15 Dec)... possibly both uncle and Pris may be dropping out of Top 5/Top 10...got consolation prizes for Last 5...lol...uncle can go for that also...
  17. Finally, uncle completed the series 42K/21K/10K/5K/3K (Family)/1K (Kids) for STGR Marathon Virtual Race. Registrations are FREE during Covid-19 (because Race was cancelled). However, if you do you best and be ranked in the respective Virtual Races, you will still be awarded Prizes as though you were in Run-in Place Races (Real Runs). Well, uncle is happy to say, are ranked to win prizes (wearables and eatables) for all the categories. Best of all with FOC Registrations
  18. thanks @beast, it is about Alipay.. anyway, uncle has renewed passport and will use that to "authentic" with Alipay...once approved, got lobang to get Chinese Yuans to be transfer via card or other means...shall work on this next week... PM uncle for more info...
  19. where uncle heading next...China 2021 Spring/Summer Marathon Series... well, can join uncle there.. Uncle wishes all here, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021...for 2020 has been a "Covid-19 Pandemic year when all RACES ARE CANCELLED!", uncle remained in "active" Virtual Racing and move forward to 2021...
  20. from dec 1, daily 10km+ till dec 4... 50+km plus 42.1 KM race @ KLSCM 2020 VR on dec 5...100+ km well, it is going to be end of 2020...this virtual run challenge is till next year...so uncle wishes, ALL the Best and have a "Huat" "Huat" year in 2021...
  21. 1) The organizer cut everyone who exceeding 42.2 and beyond to 42.1... maybe 42.175 to be precised... 2) Yes, only less than 5,000 for this one...In fact, uncle believes the Virtual Melbourne Marathon ("shared" Horizon platform like KLSCM 2020 VR) registration is still opened, so you can try provided you are using wearable devices to sync with App.. vs limited on 7,100 for online Kyoto Marathon, with more than 3/4 are reserved for residents of Japan. TATTA app (in Japanese language only) is accessible for Japan Citizens and Residents because ALL can register with the
  22. Completed another Marathon Virtual Race... where is uncle heading next... well, uncle wishes all a happy end of year celebrations...2020 will be remembered as a Covid-19 year when all races are cancelled.. Uncle also says good bye to all, for it has been great year being VR Runner in 2020..both participated in both local and overseas virtual races... moving on to 2021...best wishes to all..
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