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  1. From SA FB: Overall we managed to achieve 3 medals, of which 3 are a bronze medal. Results-wise, we achieved 1 PB and 4 SB. Out of the total 28 events the team contested, 12 are debutants athletes. Thank you for all the support! The team will be returning back in Singapore arriving Changi Airport on Scoot flight TR387 2350H, 11th December, Wednesday at Terminal 1. See you all there! End of SEA Games 2019. Thank you for reading.
  2. Saga 1: The SA's internal carding system - which allocates athletes up to $1,200 per month based on various criteria - had expired month without the necessary follow-up. (info: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/officials-say-track-body-must-sort-out-disputes) Saga 2: Against paying Singapore Athletics share of award money (info: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/football/soh-against-paying-sa-share-of-award) Summary: Soh (did not take part), Michelle Sng (did not win a Gold Medal), and Shanti Veronica Pereira ( Collected 2 Bronzes), the 2 Sa
  3. Uncle salutes to Michelle Sng for her best effort for the Nation with this interview of her painful and also exiting moments when she took up High Jump for Woman because of her passion of "why not?" (info: https://mothership.sg/2018/01/michelle-sng/) A prodigy (she says she is not), a performance High Jumper (she says is unexpected), "no pain no gain" and with tears - she had to go through as her journey - making a come-back, an unwilling Champion (humbly just do my best), and she did it for the Nation because there was no representative for the sports she loved a
  4. Michelle Sng, 5th Position at 1.75m Jump: Start at 1.65 Cleared. Raise +0.5 at 1.70 Cleared. Raise +0.5 at 1.75 Cleared. Raise +0.3 at 1.78 (Failed with 3 attempts) Women 100 Meter Hurdles (0.838m) Nur Izlyn, Zaini 21 13.92 -0.1 1998 3/8pos, final, bronze Congratulation to Nur Izlyn, Zaini for Bronze Women 100 Meter Hurdles (0.838) As far as uncle knows, there will be no credible Medal athletes for 10 Dec. SA - 3 Medals (Bronze).
  5. This is a flashback of 2017: We awaits the verdict for SA after Michelle Sng's Defending her High Jump Gold Medal (Woman) from SEA Games 2017...2 Medals and counting..
  6. How does SA selects Regional Best for a Regional Meet? Criteria: Minimum Medal Potential, and Qualifying Mark attained in a sanctioned SA-AAF-IAAF Meet such as Asia Athletics Championship Meet held in April 2019 A prodigy or competitive athlete, coached or otherwise, performance excellence must be "consistent performance" and worthy to represent as Regional Medalist Candidate and Win Medal at Podium (Fair Play and Sportsmanship). Shanti Veronica Pereira, a prodigy and competitive athlele, coached by Margaret Oh (Specialist Coach in Sprints 100m and 200m) are both con
  7. SA: 2019 SEA Games Marathon Selection - Replacement of SohRunFaster "The SEA Game is just another marathon" criteria Who are they in 2019 SEA Games Marathon? 2 months ago based on today's Uncle sharing - Info is extracted from: https://secondwindnation.com/gordon-lim-surprise-sea-games-marathon/ Both Mok and SohRunFaster had consistent performance in 5Km/10Km/21Km/42Km competitions in SA-IAAF/AAF Races including University Youth Meets. There development and progressive programs which enabled the 2 outstanding ath
  8. Congrats to Veronica Shanti Pereira of Singapore, who clocked 11.66 for 100m for Woman Bronze Medal for SEA Games 2019.
  9. Thank you trailblazer for your contribution. Trailblazer, Good to hear from you for your busy schedule. From our coaching perspective, training of a prodigy with exceptional qualities or abilities - if "raw" which can be moldered to be a gem. The likelihood of attaining podium standard is easier because their performance is always consistent. If we look at Ashley Liew as a competitive marathoner who in May 2019, "demands S$120,000 in damages from teammate Soh over ‘false’ claims about sportsmanship act". https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/marathoner-liew-demands-s120000-
  10. Congrats to Pereira, Veronica Shanti, 200m Woman (Bronze) at 23.77s Seen Shanti in 2015, She had a gold. Consistent performer, and let's wish she can win a medal for 100 meters. Knew her coach, any raw "gem" when molded to be a champion or medal podium, will always be consistent in performance. Talent is also important for anything sports. That consistent in performance can also be seen in SohRunFaster...
  11. S’pore SEA Games men’s marathon gold medal streak broken. The marathoners came in 7th and 9th place. Singapore long-distance runners Gordon Lim and Loh Yu Ting came in seventh and ninth place on Dec. 6 morning at the Southeast Asian Games marathon event, marking the end of Singapore’s gold medal streak at the men’s marathon event. It was the first time since 2011 that Singapore failed to obtain a gold medal from the event, nor make it to the podium. Marathoner Mok Ying Ren first struck gold in 2013 at the SEA Games, while athlete Soh Rui Yong continued the g
  12. Over the years, there were hiccups in past Sundown events here and there. Uncle is here just to make "noise" and tell grandmother stories. Previously, as a Triathlon Official, in order for an event to be sanctioned under the Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC), uncle had the privilege and opportunity to be assigned to an Infinitus multi-event. One of my tasks is to ensure that the route is ready and safe with consideration to event organiser's updates on preparation, the event in progress (all guidelines as laid out by rules and governance of the ASTC), simply this is a sanctioned race.
  13. It is well-known that past sundown events have been always before (fasting month) or eve or next day of hari raya. Likedat, missed opportunities for more $$$$$$$ from the muslim runners who want to participate..
  14. that was Hivelocity @ Taiwan before they sold the Sundown franchise to F4U... Infinitus (the topic what is most important) has their own "triathlete" founder - "As a veteran of almost 20 Ironman triathlon and full marathons, Jeffrey Foo, founder of the aptly-named Infinitus Productions, knows a thing or two about pushing himself to his physical limits." Under the leadership of Adrian Mok, HiVelocity developed several quality triathlon and marathon events..Successful large-scale events include the Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore Triathlon. Adrian is also the creator of Sundown
  15. https://mothership.sg/2019/06/sundown-marathon-2019/ Some still remembered and will always remind Infinitus, you are not forgotten and forgiven.
  16. Infinitus is a fraction breakaway from core Hivelocity group which has once organised 70.3 Ironman Singapore, besides Sundown. Hivelocity has strong branding among runners and triathletes, local and overseas. What Infinitus must do is to learn is to manage mega events with global thinking, not simply local cheapskate effort (save pennies but lost pounds). Compare with Ironman Asia on hosting of SCSM, Hivelocity can be second-rated due to the Ironman Global branding. Infinitus - tested in Sundown 2019 (First in Asia) - failed as Asia worst event organiser. Infinitus learned from
  17. uncle got a copy of a issue last month from Team FatBird's "Big Boss" in hokkien.. and this month read the prolific of Team FatBird inspiring article ..shows how highly a local run club has the commitment to inspire.. wait a minute.. cannot be..saw uncle's pic there also..so proud..
  18. uncle must congratulate Sundown Pacers/Ambassadors and Operation NightHawk trainees with sundown lead run sessions of 20km (evening), 25km (rain-soaked) and 30km (sun-baked).. and the inspiration of both who truly the "Team FatBird" way.. endurance and completion.. and as for the Sundown Pacers/Ambassadors.. undergoes one of the toughest training ever..respect..hilly, rain, night, sun..if got snow..also no problem, right? uncle was offered to join the Sundown Pacers tent (name cannot reveal) before the start of 10km.. but thank you..as uncle has other mission of the sundown challenges of 10km,
  19. FatBird..day or night..always organise good run sessions for all..with proper warmups..actual running with pacing..and proper cooling down..of course uncle was there on fri for sundown evening run..enjoy.. ok, good news 25km KTM tracks opened up in april.. uncle's god brother ceo of SLA..says more will be released next..clementi - bukit timah - bukit gombak.. check this current one first.. http://news.xin.msn....umentid=6073943 .. "Jalan Hang Jebat, Ghim Moh Road and Kampong Bahru Flyover, will be progressively opened to the public this month.".. can check this out.. love your sundown pacers..
  20. wow, your credential on your running profile awsome all in 2010...reaching 40...you're male, boisonbeauty, uncle thought u r bossombigcumbeauty...uncle nearly come out...to your answer...uncle is the fastest among the Kohs....but keep this to yourself..ok? i already have -ve reputation, and all the things that said about me...auntie writes some in forum to make me like chikopek...to turn of...

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