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  1. An interesting note for Team sgRunnersUnited members, Last year we had 3 Teams for this World Online Ekiden Global Race [FOC] In Japan, coming soon in 2021... Per Team Registration in 2021 is...
  2. Updates: We shall start to recruit 2 Teams for ALL Team sgRunners2021 (4 x 10KM) : Team Captain @Lady Ice Team sgRunnersHigh5 (4 x 5KM) : Team Captain TBA. We have sent invitations through PM to those who have shared and contributed actively in 2020. We also encourage those whom we have not yet approached, please PM uncle. Thank you.
  3. uncle starting to learn snowboarding and how to ski in order to simulate "Fun on Sapporo" Vritual Challenge [50KM] https://www.crystalski.co.uk/skibuzz/learning-to-snowboard/ opt to get these... what uncle needs is snow in Singapore...
  4. Congratulations, Team sgRunnersUnited has relay team of 4: uncle, @Lady Ice, @starfinder, and @beast We are encouraging to form Team sgRunners2021 with personal invites. Look forward to your participation soon.
  5. Noted with thanks. Getting Ski poles and "Yaktraks on Trail Shoes" on Trail Running...MacRitchie Trail...Hilly Runs
  6. We are here because we want to continue from where we left off in 2020.... (1 FEBRUARY - 21 MARCH 2021) Info: Please Refer to Front We continue to invite ALL to participate as individual..10KM, 8KM, 5KM with Medal as Add-on (Yes, this is a Paid Event with $ in US$) We welcome you to be one of 4 Relay Team Member ($5 discount for registration). We have already registered Team sgRunnersUnited. We shall be activating Team sgRunners2021 soon. Please PM to "acknowledge" your interest For both Individual and Team Events, you need to Register with Runkeeper app and
  7. London Marathons plans 50,000 Run in-place and 50,000 Remote..
  8. yes, this is FREE if you are HM-ready... need STRAVA app you just need to sync STRAVA (My Apps) to NYRR.. this one will be uncle's March 2021 schedule on HM... and if you are FM-ready.. Abbott World Marathon Majors (WMM) Global Run Club.... https://app.abbottwmmglobalrunclub.com/ uncle registered for FM Premium Entry... this one will be uncle's May 2021 schedule on FM... of course, uncle is eagerly waiting for this one to register....Pyongyang Marathon Virtual 2021...A
  9. Dear Team sgRunnersUnited members and ALL who are interested...you just need a raceroster account and runkeeper app... THE WORLD ATHLETICS CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIP, BATHURST 21 GLOBAL CHALLENGE 1 FEBRUARY - 21 MARCH 2021 Link - https://raceroster.com/events/2021/36984/world-athletics-cross-country-championships-bathurst-21-global-challenge add-on - say if add-on with medal with "blue ribbon" or "pink ribbon" individual : your payment
  10. let uncle share another list "lobangs"... in late 2020, most of Run in-place marathon events were cancelled, and hence there were "virtual events" that was held in late 2020 or some that is going to be held in present (2021)... Present (2021)... so the organizer recommends... uncle submitted GPS-42K for evidence (Dead Sea Marathon) expect by mail... wow..not bad..so uncle explored in recent days...any more "lobang"..Enter more events.. Past 2020...Verona Marathon - Trilogy (Nov 2020), Italy (cancelled) so the organizer rec
  11. uncle represented Singapore as International Paricipant with these submissions... as well as submission of GPS data [21KM] as evidence... looking forward to receiving from Siberia... sport hat, face shield and finisher's medal.. uncle's overseas virtual races "lobang"... of course, this weekend...Kyoto Marathon 2021... uncle registered as "local resident"... and entered for this race... again this "lobang" was announced in dec 2020.. that is good.... a goal setting right from the start of 2021 and chiong for it
  12. maybe from uncle's perspectives on virtual events (locally and globally)... yes, must agree with @beast, this Virtual Event is very much for those who are newbie runners (who may want to upgrade from brisk walk to run)...21KM in 1 month (very generous)...depends on individuals... given that the race is virtual, again agree with @beast, the organizer must bear the cost (inclusive as participation fee)...if this is covid-19 social distancing measures, participants have the rights to have "items as specified to be delivered"... and if the shipping cost (add-on) is not preferred, it is a
  13. According to a reply reported with the similar question... Current timeline in Covid-19 worldwide...Vaccination... Vaccine isn't a cure... it is just to prepare your body to manufacture the necessary antibodies to combat covid... Side effects... it may take "doses" to really to say we are Covid-19 "free", but really?!? Even though virtual runs may not be the most preferred option, virtual runs provide runners a choice to get their runs done... well said, let's say 2021 may still be a year when run-in place race may still have postponed or even cance
  14. uncle did not take part in this... don't really like the wet, muddy and soggy MacRitchie Trail (a must venue for participation) Run..."soil and spoil" shoes fast...especially in year-end wet season winners - registered Free (if they are on Leaderboard Ranked can win prizes)... unless pay add-ons - Medals, Finisher Tees.. otherwise...all pay with Race Pack Bundles... https://hksg.run/overview/ ...FYI for those who are Podium Winners...prizes
  15. Yes, Run Locally, but "Race Virtual" Globally... Joyrun (app) monthly report card on uncle's running statistics... and at TATTA app..January 2021 Leaderboard... you can see there are lots of Japanese uncles and aunties here... new motivated resolution and challenge for 2021...to be monthly top 500 @ TATTA... so uncle's new game plan is to chong more "FM"s to beat more Japanese uncles and aunties...lol
  16. arrived today, B.A.A.'s invitation to uncle...B.A.A. Virtual Athletes' Village... https://bostonathleticassociation.force.com/s/register as part of application, you are required to state your longest distance in HH:MM:SS...and possibly submit evidence with a GPS data... there is no need for uncle as having participated in B.A.A. Virtual...submit evidence with virtual race... there is a free 6-week training (otherwise, must pay)...so register...good enough for 5K Spring Virtual Run...as stated in the invitation message..start from 11/1/2021 as a
  17. Covid-19 pandemic has changed what is norm [past] Run-in Place to the present [technology] Virtual Runs... If uncle has done nothing to embrace [Apps - technology enabled] then, 2020 will mean NO Run-in Place, and continue to wait out for 2021...already most Spring Marathons starting from China, Japan, and even USA have cancelled...some have moved to 2022...most have hoped for Fall 2021... Run Locally but Run Global Virtually...Boston, New York, Tokyo, London, Melbourne, Malaysia, Singapore...with Cross-border suspensions and major international cities announcing under lockdowns...
  18. if for long-term say next 5 years... SOH already run ambassador for Pocari ..so UA...why not...otherwise...any others A-N... uncle said 2020 is great for the "goat"... may not be in 2021 because...Soh being Metal Goat... better settle down with home, family and connect to Community (Runners) - SA... to avoid any more dangerous endeavours...or court cases...lol!
  19. uncle kept actively in SCSM Virtual Club...many remained "active" too... uncle's resolution in SCSM Virtual Club is to be Top 50... again, uncle "overachieved"... so uncle got to set a higher resolution for 2021.. Top 20... there will always be Virtual Challenges with Prizes...so just participate and WIN...otherwise, keep earning more e-badges...
  20. Well, at least you just do it for FREE and for FUN that you shall be participating in a HM [VR] ...NYRR [HM] - For the Love of Running in March.. Importantly is fill-in your monthly calendar for 2021... Share: uncle's Virtual Runs (Challenges/Races) for January 2021... uncle's initial resolution for 2021...."2021 KM for 2021"...then meeting 168KM per month... so uncle used SCSM Virtual Club for "mileage" purpose... OMG, looks like uncle has "overachieved"... so uncle needs to set a higher resolution..."5000KM for 2021"...
  21. AhXiong, just pick up, uncle "gift" you...
  22. happy new year 2021... as requested via from PMs, uncle shall focus on Virtual Race events which uncle is involved so that if you are interested (or never), uncle will share with you...upcoming Virtual Races/Challenges that uncle would be involved...MONTHLY... Registration starts from Jan 7...https://www.nyrr.org/pages/2021-Virtual-United-Airlines-NYC-Half-Guide Uncle shall be registering from Run for the Medal...Make sure you download STRAVA... Register and syn with NYRR... Latest from B.A.A. Announcement will be from Jan 5... uncle had a
  23. ended 2020 at SCSM Virtual Club... Just Dec alone, completed 3 of 5 Virtual Marathon Races; Weekly is average 5K/10K/21K/42KM runs (virtual challenges)...monthly ranking for mileage on 2020 <= 1,600K was acheived during Q4 of 2020 (mid-October - end December)... uncle's first Virtual Marathon race...and many 5K challenges...which started uncle's motivation and challenges... arriving mid-January 2021... hope that you can be involved actively both Virtual or possibly Run-in place races in 2021... best wishes to all...2021...stay strong, stay actively Exerc
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