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  1. both Arvin and uncle's impression of what shall happen when the New Rifle Range Nature Park is ready: 1) MacRitchie >>> Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (Green Corridor South) 2) MacRitchie >>> Woodlands (Green Corridor North)
  2. Thanks, @Arvin Tunas, uncle waiting for the photos. Of course, we got to show faces... so that uncle can complete 3 of 3 Images...for submission...to Japan...lol! finally, submitted...
  3. @Arvin Tunas, thank you for your 10KM journey with uncle so that uncle can prepare 2 of the 3 images needed to submit for this Virtual Challenge... for the effort, uncle participation entitlements (updated)... To: wonderfulblevic It will be great to bond between Teams - Team sgRunners2021 and Team sgRunnersUnited... So enjoy first CNY... In the interest and prority of happiness, health, and safety during the CNY 15-day Celebration with Families, Friends, Colleagues and Others, when Run (Exercise) is not essential and not a priority during Covid-19
  4. Yes, you have read the instructions well. uncle has signed up for the FM. balloting for a slot was free in the past...please read someone who had the experiences in the past.... The difference with this is that...Do you want to signup for Virtual Marathon (fee is 1,500 Yen)... with the condition... when registered, uncke was asked what is your likely HH:MM:SS... if "meeting personal target"...you are given a "random draw" for a guaranteed, non-complimentary race entry [2021].... BTW, in Joyrun "TMF" race... "random draw" or "b
  5. Please from your mobile, download runkeeper app... register with your google/facebook account... login to your raceroster and look out for this at your dashboard.. please connect this to your runkeeper... this shall be your "Race" event registered for you... meanwhile...checkout Runkeeper app.... all your team mates are waiting for you there, including your Team Captain aka uncle. we are your invited Friends (you can also see Runkeeper app info at desktop/laptop/tablet).... diary farm - someone in Team sgRunners2021 had already ran there yesterday (fri
  6. a message from Team sgRunners2021 Arvin to uncle - no problem, uncle is same route as Arvin, uncle will join you then.. .instead of heading towards bukit batok side (beauty world)...uncle shall join Arvin to and end at Bukit Timah Railway Stn instead... these shall be the check points... don't mind uncle with "snowshoes" and "hiking poles"...
  7. no problem bro... same here... got CNY Reunion Dinner tonite with uncle's mum...(uncle's dad being passed away 2 years ago)... Chestnut Park...being there before...both run/hike and bike trails are separated... the difficult challenge will be the terrain...and you may have to include uncluded run trail of about 6-8km...maybe to bukit timah or bukit panjang trail... if you can continue your best effort with bedok reservoir on sub-60 for 10KM you did in 2020...you are ok to do that..since that is an urban "trail" route for competition (local). You are r
  8. uncle, got lobang in March? shi... uncle already registered for this one...Road to Toyko Marathon 2021...Virtual Marathon...with runkeeper link: https://tmf-virtualrun.jp/en Note: Just download e-Cert and no medal or tee as add-on... Yes, a free guarabteed, non-complimentary entry to the Tokyo Marathon 2021... yes, uncle got virtual races and challenging events (1 paid and 2 free) actually in Japan in March 2021... huat ah...uncle got change (random draw) to go Tokyo Marathon 2021
  9. from organizer (Sapporo, Japan) to remind uncle...from 7/2/2021...ready to "Virtual" Sapporo, Japan for a Challenge... wow, very nice...for 1000 Yen...SGD $13...limited to only 300,,, looks like uncle will be busy virtual overseas races/challenges in Feb 2021...Japan... and guess what, of 9,000++ participants...uncle is currently ranked top 40...mileage exceeding 200KM, soon 300KM...tsk, tsk, tsk... Japanese Runners never seem to stop running... uncle kena chased....every 3 hours...need daily effort of 15km to half marathon to mainta
  10. Napoli City Half Marathon (Virtual) @ Italy...3 race distances packages... Link for registration from Feb 7... https://www.napolirunning.com/napolidigitalrun/?fbclid=IwAR2vvtgvKalwSz9fU_2u3ZwcZPpGzLp8PmBoEt_LbJf6sT10fezGZIYLf28 uncle shall keep update...if price is good...uncle "virtual" to Napoli City, Italy from Feb 7 (Sunday) - Feb 28 (Sun) - All Runners Are Beautiful...
  11. the idea was "initiated" by starfinder, so he was wondering if we could meet and run together as trail run... uncle said let's meetup with other members who may consider starfinder's good idea macritchie as a trail route... and as uncle as said, Team sgRunnersUnited, Anytime, Anyplace...OTOT... uncle has an urban trail which has two overhead bridges, with PCN along canals, with upslope and downslope underpass which fit a "trail route"...so Anytime (4:45am), Anyplace (10KM "trail" route)...OTOT...Completed Virtual Race...submit manually to 3 Teams... beast, will you want to cons
  12. thanks beast. VR medals of SCSM...indeed...crappy... if you talking about this and comparing this to BAA...agree...on sale at carousell... the one that uncle discussed about BAA is limited special package offered only for 3 months, and it is not a VR series, it is a #finishSTRONGCHALLENGE... because of Covid-19, these races were cancelled...and the medals were the exact ones "unicorn" medals, even if you should go to 2020 Boston Marathon for 5K/10K/HALF...run in person..."unicorn" medals... let's move on... when Covid-19 pandemic is around...when there is no
  13. Update: uncle started for all Teams : sgRunnersUnited, sgRunners2021 and sgRunnersHi10!...1:08:04....EveryONE - Huat! Huat!! Huat!!! Huat!!!! we have declared Global Challenge - best wishes to all sgRunners Team Members... Just Do It!...Give your Best!!
  14. congratulations...Team sgRunners2021 has started....good job thelonelyrunner... @Lady Ice, if you want, you can schedule your run, anytime, anyplace. Team sgRunnersUnited, if you are confident and will want to go, please do so...anytime, anyplace. anyplace - as long as you have a "cross-country" route - could be a football field or even combo of road and trail...it all depends on your choice of challenge... Reminder to ALL: you have an option of direct "race" timing with runkeeper apps or the other option of manual submission of result (if you need help to crop and pr
  15. Beast, thanks for the lockers service. For those who intend to trail run Macritchie, Mushroom Cafe also got shower facilities. But uncle do not intend to hang around at macritchie...but more to start from little Hill Ascent of Macritchie...and move on to Rifle Range Trail and exit Rifle Range Road to Bukit Batok... The Paddles Lodge - we meet and discuss on anything with apps issues, routes best for Macritchie...clockwise or anti-clockwise better...plan for next meet...and importantly...after 8:30am....we can split up or OTOT if want to follow uncle to Park Ranger Stn/Tree Top Walk a
  16. aiya...save money travelling to boston plus if Boston Virtual Marathon is offered with a finisher unicorn medal...uncle will complete seeries Boston Virtual 5K/10K/Half Marathon/Marathon NYC Virtual 5K/Marathon Completed..looking forward to Half Marathon to complete the series...shall skip NYC Virtual Marathon 2021...but will only Run for Free e-Medal at Strava. next...uncle is eager to capture this one...Chicago Virtual Marathon (2021)..
  17. well... announcement... cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic situation and postpone to 2022... we are now actually pessimistic into "2022" mode...awaiting for physical races...
  18. If the weather condition is "unfavourable"... then decide... as for uncle, the virtual "hilly run route" will be uncle's choice as challenging cross country alternative based on uneven terrain..and for practice run on 6/2...revisit and repeat with better timing...with faster pace... anyone wants to join uncle for 10KM "Hilly Route - Mount Faber Hill - NUS Sports Stadium"...6/2? since our timeline for selection of Team sgRunnersFinal4 is March 7...best sgRunner timing shall be based primary criteria - Cross Country route only....unlike Roads, fallen rain water is "siphoned" to un
  19. As Team Captain, uncle invite Friends (Members of Teams) by default to RunKeeper. Both Members and uncle can view each other performance with trust and confidence, who are Running or Not....those Not, better practice... Of course, during practice runs...these are unofficial Running records....which if you have decided to become official...just submit result manually by individual member how - screen capture visually [HH:MM:SS] on date and time, optional - include "link" of that activity which includes GPS Map and Hourly Split Time 1-10KM ++.. elevation would mean if you are "cross-c
  20. @Lady Ice, you can choose either Team sgRunnersUnited or Team sgRunnersHi10! Since you are ready to start, uncle shall start-off on 6/2 (Saturday) with Team sgRunnersHi10!..as Team Captain...and you as co-Team Captain...we shall lead the way... You can still complete Team sgRunnersUnited at later date till March 7... For all Team members.. you can start ANYTIME ANYPLACE....no obligations, no commitment for any Meet-ups...Just Do IT! Best wishes, run your best and be ranked for 10KM x 4 relay team : <Asia> <Singapore>. Based on ASICS World Ekiden 2020 Ch
  21. Team sgRunnersFinal4 shall be invitation only with FOC and shall be based only on result of the best member in Team sgRunnersUnited, Team sgRunners2021 and Team sgRunnersHi10! after Virtual Challenge by March 7. All Teams shall attempt to complete their virtual challenge by March 7 in order to be ready for Team sgRunnersFinal4. It is our sincere wish that Team sgRunnersFinal4 shall be the best sgRunners to represent Singapore in 2021.
  22. updates: Dear Team sgRunnersUnited, Team sgRunners2021, Team sgRunnersHi10!, Just to let you know, there currently 24 Entries for this Relay Tournament. We already have 3 Teams and 4 (to be registered in March) from Singapore. Qualify - "Each member of the relay team must be from the same country. Relay teams will be ranked globally, based on your continent/region, and based on your home country." Prepared to be ranked <Asia> <Singapore>.1st, 2nd, 3rd Plus opportunities to Win other prizes (TBA) from sponsors...
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