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  1. Better time of 1:21:42 (Sep 26, '20) Mt Faber >> Telok Blangah Hill >> Hort Park (Alexandra) >> Kent Ridge Park >> Science Park 1 >> NUH-NUS Lower Kent Road >> NUS Sports Stadium...shall be uncle's return to the hilly route...next week...
  2. Completed with just this submission... good enough for both HM and 23KM Virtual Race/Challenge Events...
  3. Congratulations to Team sgRunnersUnited...completion-in-progress... mostly on "cross-country" trail routes with your best effort...... We are currently Rank #3. Awaiting Lady Ice next week or maybe sooner.
  4. Final Recruitment : Relay Members for Team sgRunnersFinal4! uncle just completed a 10KM Virtual Race... <Reserved Runner 1>, Open for Runner 3, <Reserved Runner 4> PM to uncle quick..
  5. Interesting facts for those who wanted to challenge themselves as Individual Global Challenger... with Asia... with Oceania... with current Global Best (Top 10).. guess who could be listed on the Global Best Challenger...if registered as Individual 47:47... @thelonelyrunner.... ... one of us from sgRunners...aka Founder.
  6. uncle, being the oldest, today can only chong -1/2 minute...instead of -12 minutes.../\
  7. uncle already started 2 weeks ago...today have an updated one...Team sgRunnersUnited.... Latest: @beast had completed. Good Job, Well Done. Ranked 4....
  8. Amazingly, @thelonelyrunner has attempted with his latest result submission entries... and another 47:47 timing for Team sgRunners2021...progressively into Sub-40 [10KM]. We remained Rank #1 and #2 and thelonelyrunner is currently Rank #1 10K Relay Runner in the the Global Challenge for 10KM Relay. Congratulations. Team sgRunnersHi10! is presently Sub-4 hour [40KM Relay]
  9. looks like Soh is now attired with his boss (training)....in UA...
  10. uncle expects SCSM 2021 shall have Virtual Marathon with almost same price as before with crappy entitlements....with no add-ons option...sponsors' items...inluding tee and others like shoe bags etc.. and we pay on the expenses for our DIY virtual race nutrition and hydration needs...yes, toilet/washroom needs....of course, now no more embarrassment to "Drink Water from Toilet" because it is FOC option... however, uncle notices Virtual Race popular routes are getting more congested due to besides runners, Bikers also shared the same footpaths or even PCNs...uncle also use Cycling p
  11. welcome back, AutumnRunner if you want to join us... uncle shall start Team sgRunnersFinal4!... are you interested? All members of the 2021 Teams are eligible for Trip to Australia if any of the sgRunners Teams are selected.... The only condition for each member is to run fast fast and run with their best effort. We shall open invitation for ALL for the Final time Team sgRunnersFinal4!. Don't miss the Opportunity to Run as Team sgRunners Relay Members (10KM)..as a Global Challenge Team.. PM uncle... by this Sunday (21/2) Note: For those whom we have privat
  12. Congratulations to @Lady Ice with your stunning performance with a sub50 effort. Team sgRunnersHi10! is currently Ranked 1st (Full Team of 4 Relay 10KM Members): Team sgRunners2021 is Ranked 2nd at 3:09:16.
  13. Cancellation (by you or by us) Policy @ Chicago Marathon 2021...Sunday, 10 October
  14. Latest from AbbottWMM on Virtual Races... what it means to uncle... in 2020...uncle was officially ranked "Virtual" Race in Age Group Category...Autumn Marathon 2020 Virtual Race (Single Submission) May 2021...uncle registered AbbottWMM Global Marathon 2021 Virtual Race (Single Submission) and with the registration of Oct 3, 2021 and register this one in Nov 7 (scheduled) soon... which uncle took part in 2020... of course, uncle is always waiting for announcement at BAA Athletes' Village for this one...
  15. uncle registered.... Sunday 3 October 2021!
  16. Gold Coast Virtual Marathon 2021 [Village Roadshow Theme Parks] https://raceroster.com/events/2021/38087/2021-village-roadshow-theme-parks-gold-coast-virtual-marathon
  17. Interesting Question: What if Team sgRunners (any of the 3 Teams) qualify or was invited or through lucky draw was picked to go to Australia? All members of the 3 Teams will be invited to join, regardless if one of the chosen Team sgRunners was picked by the Organizer. So, when you run in this Global Virtual Challenge, just think, if you are competing in Australia virtually now, how would you want to run along side the Rest of the World? Run fast fast lah? 4 Weeks to go... Yes, Team sgRunnersFinal4! shall be as a Reserve Team after March 7...Invitations only...
  18. Wah, Jerry, you are so lucky to have when you returned to sgRunners forum - 1. uncle offers to chong "Tanah Merah Coast Road" for at least for 16KM without hydration and nutrition....uncle's style is drink stn (vending machine) only at Tanah Merah Ferry Point and then take bus to Tanah Merah MRT....then leave you alone to complete your journey to where you want to go after that... 2. Lady Ice offers you the opportunity to take part as Relay Team member in BATHURST 21 GLOBAL CHALLENGE (1 FEBRUARY - 21 MARCH 2021) ... looks like uncle could offer to run with you, persuade you t
  19. If you want me to join you in the next few days, just let me know when...PM... prefer to start from Changi Village side...eat and get replenish...
  20. Car Park 7 at Changi Beach - washroom and drinks vending machine... Compared to last time, the start from Changi Beach has extended for another 8+KM.. and then exit at Tanah Marah Canal with another 6+KM... in this Tenah Merah Coast Road...in the past just 8+ Km... Along the way, there should be "rest shelters" (counted 5 - spread out every 2.5KM) good enough for 2 person..with solar powered thrash bins...and of course, no water point/toilet...if you meet with thunder lightning.. be sure to be "drenched" even in shelters... abutthen.. if you want to "urgently" contribute your p
  21. Dear @Lady Ice, please submit manually for both Team sgRunnersUnited and Team sgRunnersHi10!. Thank you. Good Job! Well Done!!
  22. Congratulations to Team sgRunners2021... You are currently Top Leader among 28 Teams...
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