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  1. @beast, technically, the Race Roster has not able to allow uncle's Leg 5 [10KM] with the updated result to be taken, and uncle already explained that, once Stop due to Not Enough Distance, and the Option "Track the run" was offered to Retake. but the Results was not updated. No more Track the run for this Leg 5 [10KM] appeared again in Team sgRunner Race...Strangely, are they Technical Issues or Clitches? No idea, but appropriate reason should be "DNQ". Let's Move on, Team...don't let Others [by comparing with what Others had and hadn't] upset us because we still have a Team sgRunnersUnit
  2. Make sure, you bring along some food to feed the Cats, while you run away from them in your run...Good Luck and Enjoy! Just Run FAST , FASTER and FASTEST... Latest on Weather for Nov:
  3. affirmative, sotong @Lady Ice, may the Bukit Timah tigers chase after you on UK [Morning 11am] Thursday, and you do your PB for 2020. Great to have you in Team sgRunnersUnited, we are always honoured with your presence, motivation and great Friend.
  4. Noted. Because the last time, you ran in the UK Evening time. Leg 3 Segment, please take note...from 7pm Sg time should be Thursday right?...so if from Sg Friday morning onwards can proceed to takeover from @Lady Ice...because Leg 2 & 4 Segment have requested to do on later part of the Weekend. Leg 5 Segment, please be ready to takeover OTOT once Leg 3 Segment finishes... Uncle shall do Leg 6 Segment after Leg 5 Segment finishes.. OK, we are very clear on the Order of Run so better make sure. Rain or Shine, your preferred course for your Distance properly marked out, in
  5. @Lady Ice, uncle has PM with all Team Members, and so there are some private conversations which uncle is proxy. As Captain, we stick to what is the best interest for the Team, because Run is never Essentials and is just to be Fun and Run (Exercise) without Mask. Whether if @starfinder sounds like he is on fire and @AutumnRunner can't be stopped!, we stick to the Time schedule. Stick to what you have said, Thursday [UK Time Evening] is fine. Then we start off from there. SCSM Grand Finale is to start 9 Days ++, so that one has the Challenge with Medals + eCert + Race Pack Goodie
  6. Uncle, they should at least give out e-cert for teams who completed lah. Just something that if you want to reward yourself for a medal...just buy it lah! This offer to register FREE is till end of November...with the option of add-on, you decide later till end-of-December 2020. Today, uncle just needed 10KM run which is good enough to make it 300KM at Runkeeper. To celebrate for this unusual feat, thanks to ALL who had been in the ASICS World Ekiden 2020 Virtual Race, practicing, running the virtual race, of course, moments of obstacles - such as Technical Issues, and DN
  7. ok loh... that is why, we shall keep all members' Legs of Run Segment "secret"...so not to give peer "pressure" but just Race with the Technical Rules of the Competition. Just like in Team sgRunner2020's spirit, have fun and seriously do your best when you activate your Run One Time and End One Time. Take the Rest and Recovery Break - Mark out your Route, Walk through. For 10KM, some may want to take a hydration break, so plan ahead. Uncle does not take any break because uncle is "trained" for beyond 10KM. 10KM is also used for SCSM Grand Finale..and 21KM is merely 2 lo
  8. Yes, the best and fastest like you should be...will you? Definitely great if you can take the 5km leg up for grab.
  9. In uncle's case, it is not 2 Legs...it is offered 2 chances to do the same Leg.. Nothing of uncle's run has been updated??! So, to raise the alarm early, better just move on to Team sgRunnersUnited. There is perfectly legitimate to do 2 Legs. Team sgRunner2020, uncle did 2 Legs and had never encountered any issue. Again, Team sgRunner is always used as a Backup Team because : 1. When @beast has technical issues with Race Roster, already @Lady Ice and @starfinder had been alerted, if really @beast really cannot continue in Team sgRunner2020, we must have a backup plan
  10. really have no idea...Team sgRunner has refused to accept uncle's 10KM..because an incomplete 7KM the first time 2 days ago...that's why. since technically, uncle is "DQ" at 10KM Leg 5, so, we should conserve our energy and full burst on Team sgRunnersUnited.
  11. Attention : Team sgRunner. It seems like after completing 10KM of Leg 5, the Race Roster has refused to update. uncle believed that might be an "infringement"...2 days ago, uncle did this Leg 5, and had an incomplete at 7KM. Thinking back, the system may have override the previous one today. So, we may have a DNQ status, sorry Team. So, we may have to call off and suspend further runs to Team sgRunner. Let's focus on Team sgRunnersUnited (Mixed). Even though we can start anytime anyplace. but, we must not commit any "technical fault" based on uncle's experience on error do not
  12. update: we are nearing completing Team sgRunnersUnited... Any Member who wants to do a 2-Leg Run is welcomed! We shall keep this Team sgRunnersUnited anonymous...
  13. it doesn't matter...who write affidavit (unless in Self wants to defend ownself in Court), very high chance SOH wants the matter to be heard at High Court.. in Soh's FB.. he strong supported...High Court's decision on this matter... now, that will be leave it to Ashley Liew and Legal Counsellor, let's go to High Court and settle this matter.... eat , the matter is not over yet...because $$$$$$$ money will be at stake...of course, both legal counsellors from both sides will be happy to draft 1,500,000 page affidavit ...
  14. aiyo.. the race has not ended... importantly, when Covid-19 when all races are cancelled...we can still talk about to be in top 100 World's Best Ekiden Marathon Challenge today... remember Covid-19 Challenge months ago...SCSM Virtual Club (mid-Sept)...and now ASICS World Ekiden 2020 (1-week old) Next week SCSM [Grand Finale]...are you ready to take on SCSM GF [10KM], SCSM GF [21KM] or SCSM GF [Double Up!].. most of us are preparing for that one... 5KM, 10KM and 7.125KM are just merely warmups... just have fun lah! bro...Just Complete a Virtual Race. Most of the Other T
  15. updates on the ranking...from Singapore registered Teams.. we hope that Team sgRunner and Team sgRunnersUnited can join Team sgRunner2020 to hold on to the Top 100 of the Best of World's Ekiden Elites. Always Run SoH Fast!... Tips - Walk through your route - Measure - Test Run... Runkeeper would have documented all of our Team Friends activities... and can understand why @starfinder you are actually ready to go for Team sgRunnersUnited, because you are ready... so just go for the "feel"...if you can do it today...just chong lah!... for uncle j
  16. sure uncle can join you... first uncle need to finish 10KM for Team sgRunner and then Leg 6: 7.125KM for Team sgRunnersUnited can commerce tomorrow...if the weather is good..without waiting for @Lady Ice to start..as she has said..she is ok with the day... Lately, weather is unpredictable, especially this inter-monsoonal season...NE monsoon is arriving...
  17. VR 13 this weekend is ready... SCSM Grand Finale VR Kids Dash 1.5KM and 3KM (From 27 November 2020 to 6 December 2020) great, uncle signed up lol...collect SCSM VR badges... sibei song!...FREE badges for uncle's collection plus 4.5KM added to uncle's ranking of 45 SCSM Virtual Club points Leaderboard...sibei shiok! 244KM and counting...wha..going to be 300KM in November next week... btw, we are 10day and more from SCSM [Grand Finale] to Finish till Dec 5...
  18. yes, @beast , Own Time Own Timing...if @starfinder you decide... you can start anytime anyplace...from now...if you are ready and the weather looks great today... we have a completed Team sgRunner...so we can have a Team Result soon... again we must give every Team Member proper time to rest, recover and have their own personal commitments....especially on individual Essential Tasks, Commitments and Issues to be settled on weekdays. Thursday [UK Evening Time] is actually Friday [Morning]...So we must give @Lady Ice, a priority on herself...that is why...Thursday should be
  19. yes, sotong @Lady Ice, we see water [wet, very muddy] Weather since yesterday [SG 11am onwards]... every member would expect that, if there should be wet weather for the whole week, there is possibly: 1. Delay your run until a drier day. 2. Run slowly and face the Rain headstrong. 3. No Run if the week is completely wet. let uncle shared the Sunday yesterday weather... Hot in the early morning...wet after that... 42.2KM Marathon Virtual Race (Rain or Shine): Morning great run... uncle being cheered by...chickens greeted by otte
  20. Team sgRunner [Mixed], the race has begun... Leg 1 and Leg 2 have completed...Leg 4 [5K] is not assigned...please register by Monday evening...otherwise, uncle shall register and complete by Tuesday. Again, even though many Teams have registered, but Complete as Teams are not many...counted so far...less than 100. As long as we are United and Complete as a Team, we are already top 100. Team sgRunnersUnited (Mixed) shall start from Thursday. Leg 1: 5K we shall have @Lady Ice [UK Time] to start. Note: Challenge for 10K for those who have not attempted. Just go for it. Do
  21. aiya...we are on World Ekiden 2020 Race with the Elites this weekend and next weekend...Ekiden Marathon Challenge [SCSM Grand Finale style] with Team sgRunnersUnited [Elite top 50] SCSM Virtual Club achieve uncle's running log... caught in Thunderstorm, and uncle shoe sole "came off"... uncle made the cut-off time 7am - 3pm.. in spite of some very hot weather in the morning, with sudden thundery rain splattered from noon...and of course, uncle's Shoe Sole came off...got to change to backup shoes (trail running shoes)... OMG, uncle is top 50
  22. for us who are Triathletes in IM Virtual Race...this setup is a must during pandemic period...home-based... for runners who during the cold and harsh winter months...Left...and bikers...Right.. IM Virtual Race Series 1 - XX...Run <Swim> - Bike - Run (Triathlon/Biathlon)...Global... Eg... Bike Leg of IM VR32 South Africa... those in Oceania/Asia... you must sign up for this ride on ROUVY 7am..because Virtual Ride Race (competition)...starts 7am actually, uncle already said...what's the AR Run big deal experience actually for Local Tropical Climate
  23. statistically, 2 out of 3 Virtual Runs will never complete...uncle had already speculated...shadow Coroprate Virtual Runners sign up...the rest were as "gifts" to schools and institutions paid by sponsors.. SPH has other Charity Funds and hence...they can always channel the free slots... Infinitus Productions...so far...registeration via portal liv3ly.com...run must be with crappy .MOVE. app now compare with SCSM Virtual Club ...with Sport Heroes Connect [same as liv3ly.com]...all information plus all current Events and Future Events plus LeaderBoard...sync/integrate with major apps
  24. we now have 3 Teams... Team sgRunner2020, Team sgRunner and Team sgRunnersUnited... we hope all 3 can be in top 100... so don't worry @starfinder... just attempt a 10KM...a challenge for you...and maybe @beast, challenge to take the other 10KM...an upgrade also from 7.195KM... and again, the other 2 slots..by Thursday onwards...anyone wants to take extra...or if even @AutumnRunner wants to continue with us (there is no obligation...we are open to everyone... surely @Lady Ice and I can always take 2 or even 3 slots leftover... good early morning [SG Time]...Ekiden
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