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  1. uncle just want to share about challege...like this one which starfinder and uncle is participating... so both of us registered for free 42km...and we received information for submission of results... So uncle started from 12am on 15 May according the Rules and Conditions... uncle completed within 24-hour...weather is very hot and humid...3 submissions...afternoon - next day before sunrise - and just this morning... submited and verified... ok, uncle got the eCert... so wait 5 July... cool right, FOC...just need 42KM
  2. The finisher medal has arrived... There will be some who will be selected for this one... Good luck and best wishes.
  3. well, if this is the run forum, and this is local race, then we talk appropriately about run, and this thread is on run challege - infinite distance - according to any runner's capabilities - anything from 100m...to extremes. So, we focus on this "smugly". and if starfinder, you can talk about multi-event, then you should go to non-running event, and share about your non-run passionate activities...and share your joy and experiences like Biking - OCBC Cycle Singapore 2021... uncle believes starfinder and uncle are looking forward for this weekend...Free 42KM Cycling...today 15
  4. latest: Uncle is registered Round Singapore Challenge... PM uncle if you are ready...
  5. Let uncle share with you, a similar challenge like this one, is now in progress, but for Individual.. Cellcom Green Bay, Wisconsin (USA) 100miles in May Challenge. uncle is the only red-dot representative.. how to submit result? daily submission from May 1... ending on May 16...submit as much as you can... current ranking... finisher entitlement..after the Chllange... how much did uncle pay [inclusive of shipment]? So uncle is currently competing and finishing an "overseas" virtual challenge from Wisc
  6. Uncle shall open up this Challenge to ALL, as Team Captain. Everyone must have read about this Challenge. It is about Individual mileage contributing to Team Total mileage. Simply show uncle your "smugly" monthly mileage. Then at least we will know each team member's contribution to the Team Total mileage. Bronze, Silver or Gold Level You already must have known what's our desired Target. Please read Challenge Terms and Conditions. As Team Captain, uncle's contribution will be 700KM. What then will be yours? PM uncle if interested. We have until 4 June 2359 for Registration. Bu
  7. everyone has their own goal and aspiration... of course, motivation is same as running in a race...how do you feel to run "slower in distance" while many runners chong "faster in distance" than you...they sure feel "smug" of enduring and faster while you will feel "smug" less with fatigue and slowness... uncle admires @autumnrunner because he had injury last year in 2020, and he has shown the interest to pick up where he left off...and we know he wants to make a comeback...and we must respect all who can and those who need to be motivated and comeback in 2021...for 2020 has been a
  8. Maybe uncle shares quantity of runs for monthly, weekly and daily in 2021... on the Leaderboard "Challenge"...you shall start to see 10K+ participants joining for end-of-the-month.. you will notice... uncle is "catching" the top participants...mere HM and FM efforts to catch them...while almost 7,000 are "chasing" uncle... since uncle was previously ranked 3rd in April, so you will notice that for the month of May, uncle will be ranked negatively or postively from the absolute "3rd" position... Those that has sudden risen to the Top 10, look at the +1K or +308,
  9. that OSIM chair for SOH's use as gaming chair.. Well-Being Chair...SOH's for healthy lifestyle...gaming.
  10. uncle happened to come across this event...150KM or if closer to 160KM (100 miles)... open till end of 2021... same theme with Round Singapore or Around Singapore or Singapore Round Island.. As long as this is Virtual, Anytime Anyplace, realistically, can you even cover 10KM Challenge or more per day? uncle can. 50KM/160KM is 100 Miles, can you cover in 2 weeks? uncle can. 500KM, can you cover in 2 months? uncle can cover in 1 month. 2,021KM in 1 year? uncle can cover 6,000KM in 1 year. This is just Quantity in Distance Challe
  11. @sandy620, message uncle if you are interested, we can talk freely there, for sure, uncle is interested to form a team...for 300 members...do you really need so many? more like for good enough to gather school kids since school holidays are coming... Sad to say, here we have a lots of event thread starters, race recommendations, race reviewers (past and present) not much of participants in running except uncle and a few runners who can do beyond 16km...because of Covid-19, all races are cancelled, so motivation is curbed, and outdoor activities are "not as active as before".
  12. Kill 2 FM Virtual events with 1 Run (with all kinds of weather)... This one is <FOC>, just win prizes, of course, Guaranteed Entry to 2022 - eligible for any distance. Not bad, today Uncle has abundance joy with Virtual Runs @ ALL RUNS ARE BEAUTIFUL.
  13. that is why, money and reputation will be at stake for these stakeholders...SOH, Ashley, the National Sports Authority. if there is no transparancy on the matter or biased judgement (as SOH's current legal team has alleged) on the lawsuit... eat , the saga journey has not ended. If we really want the real answer and we really want the truth... only with that look on SOH's determination and perserverance...we will and must eventually find out. Right, Soh?
  14. received an email from the organizer Yes, uncle registered for one day... so, uncle can submit multiple entries within one day...so uncle opted for 2 submissions... the weather was really Sunny and Hot with the early morning sun, so uncle took 1st session break with a late morning breakfast and an early lunch...recovery with zzzZZZ. Started and completed with 2nd Session which uncle was caught in the Wet and Heavy Rainfall with Thunder. Submission - 6:22:53 42.63KM Another FM Virtual Race [Challenge] completed with local we
  15. May busy schedule is just preparation for almost 5 months later... These are the Virtual Marathon races which uncle has registered so far... Back-to-back FM sessions on certain days in October..to be practiced in May...
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