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  1. We have concluded the monthly challenge...with Gold Level Finisher...
  2. A twist in the Liew vs Soh Saga..."I didn't say...I didn't claim"...
  3. We shall be ending in 3 days... having committed to 700km... Just sharing on the perspective as an ultra runner and how "monthly mileage" helps...LACTOSE THRESHOLD... LACTOSE THRESHOLD is not about "being how lian" or "being smug about leaderboard"...it is about staying discipline, be consistent in daily mileage according to Target mileage [weekly/monthly], lots of patience with proper REST and RECOVERY, and must be at a perpetual state of "injury-free" status at all times... Giving up...Fatigue, Pain and Hurts are a
  4. Singapore Athletics nominates Soh Rui Yong for 2021 SEA Games. Will he get to go? https://themonitor.sg/2021/06/14/singapore-athletics-nominates-soh-rui-yong-for-2021-sea-games-will-he-get-to-go/ Reality check: However, whether he gets the nod to travel and represent Singapore would still be reliant on the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC ) selectors, and if the SEA Games takes place at all. Said Soh, “I started training for the 1500m this year for the first time in eight years because we haven’t been able to travel for marathons since last year, and we haven’t had an
  5. First, uncle's winning lottery... next the receiving an open ticket (Economy Class) offer... translated in English... so what will be uncle's choice of destination till 09/05/2022...registered Virtual Races but can run in-place mmm, tough choice...where better?
  6. We are confirmed GOLD today... 10 days to go till June 23...well uncle still have 700km within target...maybe give a shot for 800km or 500miles...
  7. bro, you are part of the 10km Relay Member for Team Singapore... meaning I have 4 golden tickets for participation for Team Singapore... maybe when the results come out, you will know who else besides Teams sgRunners will be representing Team Singapore...
  8. Yes, confirmed also from wonderfulblevic Please take note of the Finals date... Submission - Runkeeper <RACES> select any of the best 10km Activities during the period of Friday 18th - Tuesday 22nd June 2021... best timing if you can.. Just Do Your Best. Team sgRunners [Singapore]
  9. Yes, as Team Captain, uncle has 4 slots for 10km Relay (Open) ready from RACES @ Runkeeper app. Many here have asked, what's the Finalists entitlements... We have a new submission for Finalists..
  10. OMG, uncle is selected for the Global Grand Finals to represent Singapore... Please reply and report here, Team sgRunners [Singapore]...
  11. no bad uncle won this one for early registration...
  12. We are left till June 23, and we not only reached Silver Level, we won a Team $133 lucky draw for finishing Silver level before June 9... Latest announcement from the organizer... Team Plaque can be purchased as Finisher Entitlement.
  13. On behalf of uncle's papa and papa-in-law who passed away with advanced cancer @ Assisi Hospice, thank you. It will be an honourable contribution for uncle to go for unlimited distance for this event...in living memory of both uncle's papa and papa-in-law of course, got free Finisher's medal for Top 100 individuals who cover the longest distances...
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