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  1. Good call by Pink Apple to extend to multi submission instead of only one. Personally I think people who sign up for 21km mostly can finish 21km at one go. However, for those who are not used to running virtual runs that come with self-supported hydration, some period must be given for such runners to plan and adjust themselves to get used to running the entire 21km on their own. Before the CB/lockdown period, I used to think that doing self-supported runs is challenging and not easy to do, but the CB/lockdown period allowed me to explore and adjust myself to completing virtual runs arou
  2. To me, these are the max fees that I find acceptable for local runs. Anything beyond these rates, I would have to think hard and twice if there is any strong reason as to why I should pay more for it (like a route that has rarely been used, attractive finisher item designs etc) With race support: 10km - $40 21km - $60 42km - $80 Virtual Run: $10 base fees + $10-20 for finisher items + shipping
  3. Sorry but to me Pink Apple has long lost that credibility long ago. 2XU run is one of their pet event every year and I don't think they did a good job in 2019 and a couple of years earlier. When mass running event opens up again, I can foresee race organizers charging more and cutting even more corners than pre-covid times, which makes participating these runs less attractive than before. So save for a few major events each year, I am probably going to just save my money and run my own virtual races, rather than overpaying for bad race organizations.
  4. Wait, why is the fees the same as an actual race with support? $70 for a medal, a singlet and a T-shirt, and without a race environment and support, is expensive to me. Glad to see you back, lonewolf. It has been a while.
  5. Many of the races are implementing the booking of timeslots. Not sure if this is going to be the new normal moving forward, even after the pandemic. I am sure this will be effective in easing congestions at race site or during the race routes, but it adds another layer of pressure if you aren't fast enough during the registration and you are stuck with less ideal timeslots. I remembered that too, so for the sake of a unique race experience I will consider signing up for this. Again, I am going to harp on the price - why am I charged more for running a longer distance, if there is
  6. I guess I am the minority who prefers the evening run. It is more unique than all the morning runs we have, and the weather is much cooler. And I gladly would trade the commercialized Orchard Road lights for the sunset view on the Keppel viaduct flyover. But I agree that it is more likely that the race be moved back to an early morning run when it is possible to conduct and participate in a mass run again.
  7. Thanks for sharing this. I will probably follow Fatburd more closely and try and see if I can join their future runs. This current one is already fully booked for the earlier slots and I most certainly don't want to run a 21km that flags off at 10am.
  8. The decision to push Singapore into the WMM was an odd one in the first place, as we neither had the history, organization or support that other WMM have. I would rather we be left out of it than to be inducted into it and not matching up to the standard of the other WMMs. But it was also this motivation to push Singapore into the WMM that Ironman invested time and cost to greatly improve the race experience of SCSM. Now with the Ironman owner changing hands to one whose core business is in media and publishing instead of sports, we can only hope that Ironman is able to continue with prov
  9. I fully agree…they are ridiculously expensive for a virtual run. It shouldn’t cost more than $50 to send a shirt and medal. I know times are bad and race organizers need to get themselves out of the red, but they also need to be more reasonably priced. I am not sure how many of them thought of approaching sponsors and further reduce and pass the cost savings to participants. But even for SCSM who had sponsors, they charged $60 for a bag, shirt and medal.
  10. Uncle, I think you got to pay 1,500 yen to enter the virtual HM or FM to be one of the runners for a guaranteed, non-complimentary race entry. You have to pay them in order to enter a lucky draw for a prize that you need to pay again to get it. I thought last time balloting for a slot was free. Now you have to pay money and run a race in order to earn your chance at the ballot. Plus end 2021 still don't know can travel or not.
  11. Oh okay... I thought you guys were just intending to complete a 11km loop around MacRitchie. Also, clockwise would be more challenging as you will experience more uphill and downhill and more distance in the trails. Anti-clockwise is flatter, and you get a 1km scenic view of the SICC golf course and reservoir on a non-trail path.
  12. But it's B.A.A. medals leh, not the event medal, though both have the same unicorn logo. It's like Sports Singapore giving out VR 5K, 10K and half marathon medals, and then putting SCSM VR marathon together and say it belongs to a series. But uncle happy can liao lah.
  13. Hi guys, as much as I want to meet up with you guys, I won't be able to make it for this Sunday morning run. I will probably run on my own after CNY. Have fun! Edit: For those who have never been to Macritchie, there are $1/$2 lockers at the toilet near the Mushroom Cafe. You can change up there, put your stuff in the lockers, and make your way to The Paddles Lodge. Or better yet, you guys may want to consider just meet and start at the Mushroom Cafe, which is usually what I will do.
  14. Wow SGD200 for 3 running tees and 3 medals... I feel these overseas virtual runs are out to chop carrots from foreign runners...
  15. USD65 for a 5k run... Uncle planning to give big ang pow to B.A.A?
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