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  1. I only rem the yucky purple drink .
  2. My Nike GPS was intermittent under punggol road and punggol way
  3. Race time is out!!! SO FAST!!! Dun have my record
  4. Didn't notice got foreign runners today. From which country and running which category ??
  5. 1) the person who was tying his/her shoe laces in the middle of the lane is simply inconsiderate ! I almost tripped over him . 2) my nike app also clocked 19.8km only 3) didn't take the isotonic drink as it taste weird 4) weather is good luckily . 5) too bad the water is not cold at hydration point 6) ample distance markers 7) can consider giving only 500ml instead of 1.5 litre water at finishing as i saw alot leaving behind opened bottles after drinking few sips. Such a waste 8. unique medal 9) was there BIG water droplet formed after the race??
  6. Ok I dun want another purple syrup nightmare. Confirm will bring my own Pocari sweat salt
  7. Give 1.5litre of water to runner at finishing ??!!
  8. After this run, need to head to 2 venues to collect running hour and 2xu racepacks!! A great weekend to look forward to !!!
  9. Yeah! It will be a great run !!!!! Drink more water runners!!!
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