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  1. I hope this incident will not stop her from participating in future races. She did not deserve the humiliation, in fact she should be given credit for even participating and attempting to lose weight. That's all I can say..
  2. I actually do not support the name and shame thing. I feel that since they did not harm anyone physically or mentally, then perhaps we should just ignore them and let them do what they want. After all, it's they themselves who have to live with the fact that they did not go through the full marathon experience. If we really want to name and shame, there are so many more categories. People who hog excess gel,banana. People who walk and talk and obstruct the path etc... Perhaps we should just live and let live?
  3. All the best to all runners tomorrow! May the weather be in your favor! Will be supporting u guys in front of the tv at home.
  4. Agree with the some of the earlier comments. There is no such thing as a perfect race that pleases every participant. The mere act of even soliciting and considering our feedback is quite commendable already. Good job and thanks...
  5. If ebook will cut down the registration fee, why not? I think very few people actually collect race booklet as souvenir. Most just keep the bib or medal
  6. Really impressed that the organizer actually come in here and carry out engagement. Confirm will support this event liao!
  7. "unique medal" reminds me of the last passion run when they gave out the paper weight lol
  8. looking forward to the 21k, hope is not running in loops
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