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  1. kohpapa, I only trained physically for all Marathons and Ultra Marathons... in this reality world, that's no short cut to complete long distance run likes Marathon in "reasonable" time...it's the same as academic exams, to pass or to get better result, you've to put enough time to study/revise and of course study with "understanding" not "memorizing"... Yes, Sundown Marathon and many other runs did faced water shortage especially for "not so fast" runners...
  2. I am just an average runner Beast. I have participated a number of 50 hours run but I prefer fixed hours instead of flexi hours long distance runs which forced me to be more discipline to complete any runs in shortest time possible within my ability. Just salute you guys that still active in running.
  3. I have been running Sundown Marathon since the 2008 inaugural Adidas Sundown Marathon... Very interesting heartland run...crossed a handful of overhead bridges...started and ended at Changi Village. I thought I can run three full marathons per year (2XU Compression Marathon, Sundown Marathon and SCSM), unfortunately 2XU Compression Marathon was staged once in 2014 and was killed due to one "old" marathoner died incident. I was hoping four SG Marathons are staging per year in quarter basis but my dream was dashed... I'll continue to support the remaining two full marathons.
  4. Starfinder, I hope SCSM has learnt the lesson not to issue any promo that is cheaper than (super) early bird fees!
  5. I try not to bias, all organizers have their strength and weaknesses. The problem is I just love Saturday evening run. Compared with Virtual Run, the "Real Run" organizers are working much harder so I will always support them. Agree with you Beast! It's now a trend.
  6. Angry again! Nowadays, early bird eats the worm wood ! Paid Early Bird fee $61.20 for "loyalist" rate and still more expensive than $78 - 25% = $58.50 .
  7. Thanks lonewolf! In order to "wash" away runners' bad memory about this year's Super Slow Result Released tussling between "Time Keeper" and Title Sponsor and to win back the "Angry Bird" runners, finally PinkApple organizer or the title sponsor kowtows to the runners with "Trinity Run" incentive.
  8. Lonewolf please don't pressure me (I'm still new runner yet to hit 1000 posts) unlike you guys (including autumnrunner) are "very season" runners ! I think some of the posts indeed get the attention of organizers such as Pocari Sweat Run promised with ELM medal and a true "trinity" run ! oppss... i am not under the seasoned runner as well leh... just that this forum started off my running regime and got me interested in running so I thought i can share running "feelings" with alike runners here and hopefully can input interests into those who want to start running.... Sorry "lah" AutumnRunner,
  9. Hmm, I am not under the bolded category though.... Still a relatively newbie runner compared to many others i've met... despite the post count under my nick... Though that said, I concur with Lonewolf, there are some runners here, very seasoned, but they don't post often, that's what their post counts are still low. Maybe it's because they are too busy running, to come to this forum... Haha... Miss (the title don't know still hold or not ? ) Pris ! You're the most famous blogger as well as top forum contributor of the local running arena ! It will take me years just to read all your blogs ju
  10. Good job!! Thanks for starting (and maintaining) the thread!! Lonewolf please don't pressure me (I'm still new runner yet to hit 1000 posts) unlike you guys (including autumnrunner) are "very season" runners ! I think some of the posts indeed get the attention of organizers such as Pocari Sweat Run promised with ELM medal and a true "trinity" run !
  11. razdoctor, please refer to List of Trinity Race !
  12. Thank You Beepbeep for the information ! All certificate must be "certified" with name and signature of person-in-charge and bore with organizer/institute name with/without official stamp ! Thank You Joe for your name and signature (should use your actual bank account signature ) ! Now this certificate is "more" genuine and valuable ! Joe, luckily you guy never repeat The Jurong Lake Run 2014 race certificate mistake with just a big word FINISHER (nicer words are Certificate of Participation, Certificate of Achievement or Congratulation) and the worst without the acknowledgement of all
  13. Thank You Beepbeep ! It's nice design ! Joe can you add your name and signature on it ?
  14. Thank You to the organizer as well as the GU sponsor for the surprised one pack of GU energy gel that propelled me to achieve my "PB" ! The supplies of gels was not indicated on the race route unlike SCMS 2014 which was printed clearly on the race route but never fulfilled at all (zero energy gels and zero banana) !
  15. The race results' split distances should be 3.75 km for first split and 13.75 km for second split instead of yesterday's published 3 km for first split and 13.5 km for second split at the u-turn point on Riverside Walk PCN. The new updated second split is acceptable but the first split is still way out !
  16. The race results' split distances should be 3.75 km split and 13.75 km split instead of published 5 km split and 15 km split at the u-turn point on Riverside Walk PCN according to my GPS watch !
  17. Photos courtesy of Kudos and a Big Thank You to all the dedicated photographers ! North-East Compressport Run 2015 (21km & 10km) - Taken at Punggol Riverside Walk at the 4km/14.5km turnaround point.
  18. Thank You Beepbeep, the published timing is incomplete and has missed out the hour with just minutes and seconds only ! Was amused when spotted five Caucasian runners with same yellow tee written "Pain Now, Beer Later" !
  19. Joe, one more suggestion is to use color balloon to denote different goal timing as used in many races... With your influence, can help to revitalize the Mount Faber Run which already defunct for one year ? Thank You. My take is Joe is one of the rare race organiser that bothers to solicit feedback from this forum and actively respond to queries and suggestions (the other one I think is the Yellow Ribbon Run). The objective is clearly about community bonding and profit making is probably secondary. Compare this to other mega races like Standard Chartered Marathon, etc where profits is paramou
  20. Joe, am I reading more than double! Are you in the "cloud nine" after received so many "o lo" or praises! Good Joe/b (Joe or Job)! By the way got my "Personal Best" due to ...
  21. Joe, I have only one complain ! I was almost drown with too much water with too many water points and have to skip some of them. I used to 2 km interval of water points and it has disrupted my water consumption strategy. Too little may cause dehydration and too much may cause hyponatremia or bloating. So too many may not be a good thing !
  22. We can't stop people from joining anyway. If I can run at their speed I don't mind doing what they do. Anyway some runs do separate local runners & foreign runners if I recall correctly. Can't remember which run... I think it's legitimate to have foreign runners as long as a fair competition ! Close category such as SCMS, Safra Bay Run, Jurong Lake Run and ...
  23. I got my Half Marathon PB but my Soleus GPS recored 19.97 km. After completed my first loop in ? minutes and felt the distance not right since I started slow afraid my calf injury worsen. After overtook the 2 hours pacers at 12 km, I wonder why the pacers were running at 5:30 pace instead of the intended 5:45 pace. Achieved all my three PBs so far on Punggol Waterway due to short charge of distance ! 1. Got 10 km PB on Waterway PAssion Active Run 2012 (short of about 300 meters) 2. Got half marathon PB on Marina 21K @ Punggol 2012 (short of about 400 meters) 3. Got half marathon PB on
  24. Still nursing my calf injury... just to complete the race...
  25. Thanks AutumnRunner, Frankly, I may not dare read your review. Is really very detailed as I read your post for other run. Haha. Is gonna be a real stress i believed for me to pick courage to read. However, I appreciated your help to give us review so that we can learn. I will surely pick my courage to read. Hopefully not so bad. Any runners who wish share view after race, please email me at josephtanpngrl@gmail.com Regards Joseph Organizing Chairman North East Compressport Run 2015 First of all, thank you Sir for your active engagement with the runners (Beware! don't get hooked by the forum )
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