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  1. no thanks. flying to japan is too tiring too and i am also not bless with good gene for running too, so i only do normal local events
  2. See the finisher T and I felt tired already.
  3. errrr....i cant be the only one is doing this right? lol
  4. full agreed. on many ocassions, my wife also suan me whenever we go for shopping. That's because i would want to park at the nearest to the entrance of any shopping centrex... and my wife soulc say something along the line, "you run long distance leh.... how come go shopping must be so lazy and calculative huh..."
  5. That's GREAT to hear that uncle is participating in so many other events, except for this one. And if that is the case, then it may be better that we let those runners who are or may be participating in this event to chitchat here.
  6. To me, any distance more than 10 km in a go is an uphill task. because need to find the time and the energy to do it. IMO, unless you are doing more than 42km at a go, doing small distances to achieve 200km in a period is considered as a 200 km challenge (not an ultramarathon event)... & then again, it is still challenging for me as i that i have never clock 200km running mileage in a month before. WRT the BCAA packs, it is just a free gift from the organiser for the participant to try it out lah, there is no need to be so sour/sore about it & it's health
  7. OMG, this is gonna be quite challenging sia. haaaa
  8. Yup, maybe target 30 days 200km.... and stretch target set to ee 20 days to complete 200km. that is provided that i am joining this event
  9. I CMI lah... my longest distance in a go is 101km.... so monster ultra is way beyond my league.
  10. Wah! RunningGuild is trying to kill me sia.... but then again, 5 km a day for 42 days sounds quite do-able sia... maybe i will join
  11. Thanks and Jia You! My quick blog post for my participation in this event to 'inspire' u. : https://mrnmrsrunthetown.blogspot.com/2020/10/finisher-of-100-miles-challenge.html
  12. Yup. However, the mind is willing but the body does not want to go further.....
  13. just completed mine today too. Not in one session, but in 14 sessions. It's time to rest, eat and sleep for the rest of 2020
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