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  1. ya. if no kids are involved then it is concur that you save ur money for other races. Nothing fancy for adult to run or experience..
  2. yes totally agreed. e reg fee is on the high side. it really make sense to visit e attraction post race. i go with my kids annually n enjoyed e zoo or river safari. merchandise is good too.
  3. running shots, running kaki, eye-see-eye-shoot, runsociety, run mo cap, runevent shots, sg running (personal page), chasing shots, tan kim lai (personal page), runcapture, sports snapshots, run gallery SG, lifestyle1881, run & capture, pixelated, runningpics, Leong Kwan Weng (personal page), seanworld of marathon (malaysian page), eu gene (personal page), sentient moments those highlighted are those Facebook pages with SCMS photos.. hope it is useful! Good reference.. Maybe u can appeal to admin to put it as a sticky ? It can attract more new runners to forum when they realised they can
  4. I'm admit i'm one of these cheapo.. I took 4 packs but comsumed 2... Now the 2 remain packs is for my race/ long training... On the other hand, if u do triathlon... there are so much gel packs that volunteers are squeezing to u as much as they can...
  5. To b fair there is a a shotz gel station with only 1 flav.But it was a samll table n alot of room for improvement...
  6. Why not just let this slow runner to continue to run until before turning in Heartbreak Bridge and swept them up from there? I dun think many would begrudge those who tried to run at least 88% of the FM distance for not trying. wow lonewolf, ur arguement on this is strong...
  7. The exposure on diversion for the slow runners seem to be blew out of the scale.... (i think) e whole thread of SCM consist mainly abt this rather than post race expereince....
  8. maybe allow me to share cos i am a first timer FM runner. I have no concern of people asking me if i got run 42km or not. or did i take short cut. I am in competition with no one, I run my own race, I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone, in any way, shape, or form. I just aim to improve, to be better than I was before. That's me and I'm free.
  9. The diversion was carried out quite seamlessly after we came off Heartbreak Bridge. Basically Raffles Ave was opened to traffic and you just followed the hordes towards the direction of the F1 pit building. Our diversion before the 40K was not for safety reason as our distance was not shortened. It was done to open the road for traffic before the scheduled time of 2.30pm. Why? Only the race organiser knows and frankly I cant be bother to ask them why. The race is done and over. And all things considered, I think it was an OK race for me. Definitely not the worst race of the year for me. I see.
  10. I'm very sad that the spirit of runners is dampen and polluted by such kind of acts (which is seem to be increasing as each year go...) Unless the organizer can improve their timing system to filter away "checkpoint skipper".. Yes.. Seasoned runners will feel numb abt this as we not going for the ranking anyway.. but i just pity that the spirit in running / sportmanship is totally stained... The worst is that first timer runner who wear their finisher tee which acted their achievement and end up b teased "u sure got run 42km ? or take short cut ??"
  11. @lonewolf, U was diverted by the offical? how did they divert the crowd ? It was a wild guess... could be the injury rate be one of the factor to have such early diversion ?? I noticed quite a few ambulance around and encountered quite a few lot of runners stop and seek medical aid at the tents...
  12. Ur suggestion is good for non-profitable race... but if profit and sponsor merchandise is involved like in local race.. it won't work.. I can't comment on other countries which may have different culture or thinking..
  13. There will be some ppl who did that but based on the photographer first hand experience i'm so surprised on the number of ppl who did that..... I was stunned ! It defeated e whole purpose to complete a race... now it just become another paper medal chase....
  14. usually i look through all these pages for running photos.. running shots running kaki eye-see-eye-shoot runsociety run mo cap runevent shots sg running (personal page) chasing shots tan kim lai (personal page) runcapture sports snapshots run gallery SG lifestyle1881 run & capture pixelated runningpics Leong Kwan Weng (personal page) seanworld of marathon (malaysian page) eu gene (personal page) sentient moments please do give credits to their hard work.. (: Thank for the info... But so many photo group that i abit sian to go and scan for my photo liaoo.... last time i still bery enthu to
  15. Just another "hot" diss in e forum la.. ok la... anyway i wish i running in e heavy rain then sun though... rain heavily late noon.. it came too late!
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