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  1. Yes....no more finisher tee. I never wear them anyway.
  2. Disagree ! Do not DNF those real runners (incurred injury during the race or due to some other reasons) that indeed spent many hours to complete the whole race route such as Uncle Chan, the 84 years old oldest marathoner as long as deem accepted by the race organizer ! Agree with that. If you did not cheat, no one will call you a cheater. You want to try running at age 84? Give some people credit for their guts.
  3. Wahahaha...not my uncle, but my colleague. 57 years old. As he ran like a speed demon, he finished slightly after 9am.
  4. My friend ran his marathon in 4h 3m. Just look at this picture. Tell me...why are there cheaters? What is the point of paying $55 and cheat? Might as well buy the finisher tee on eBay. https://www.facebook.com/runningshots.sg/photos/a.798158483565759.1073742951.309422402439372/798181790230095/?type=1&theater
  5. Good for you. I selected 5-6hr estimated finishing. Took off at the last wave, which was gun time + 20min. Big regret, since I am usually sub-5. Got baked by the sun for so long. Still managed a sub-5. No more 'old hero' next time.
  6. Got an email that photos from marathon photos will be ready by Monday
  7. Talking about a hot run....last 10km of FM was excruciating
  8. Wahhhh.....Still got form to fill in for baggage deposit???!?!?!
  9. From my understanding,its just to spice things up a little, by introducing this 'zonal' thing among participants. You can wear for the fun of it, but not compulsory. Ya.....I am going to leave it at home. They did mentioned that you could one of the lucky 20 people to win Adidas Trainers if they spot you with it. 20 out of 50,000 people?
  10. This is not part of the IAAF criteria to be labelled..... No. It is not. But when you compare to other races such as HK, Tokyo and KL, they don't have such pre-race organizational issues.Volunteer was keen to read my registration confirmation slip to ensure the size of my tee is right and told me about the wrist band. But I think they were not briefed properly about the plastic bags. Maybe it is a 2-shift thing...subsequent shift people were not briefed properly. Now i am not sure if I have to go all the way down to get a plastic bag. Looking at their FB page, I am not the only one. An
  11. Unbelievable....no plastic bag provided even though I registered for it. No signage nor instructions provided by the volunteer to collect at another location. Can't they just provide baggage for everyone, just like any other races? This is a 'GOLD LABEL' race, for goodness sake.
  12. The evening rain is spoiling my mid week training
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