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  1. Actually if Standard Chart starts to make it races in the evening, the "Feel" is so much like Sundown, both is running in darkness, (SCM only about 2hrs of evening brightness). Soon Sundown will lose its charm. Bec last time Sundown is the only race that happens when its so called "dark dark" and humid condition, now both SCM and Sundown feel the same, people will opt for SCM as gold label etc. Less and less people will sign up and there might not be anymore editions of sundown ?
  2. i find pink Apple cute lah, lets say i have a good timing for a race, but i dun screen shot the timing, By 2020, most website would have refreshed with a new work year, and all your old results will be erased. Unless they have a database of my timing. And not all race issue E-cert too. So not everyone can produce a timing of their past runs. I dun keep my running results too. Except in my Garmin watch, it stores my race day time. But i can't proof its run by me, bec its just a watch wore, not a E-cert. Regarding Standard Chart people "Kelong" and declare faster timing, this SCM to me is
  3. I agree, Great pointers, Actually 2XU run is quite well organized, except overcrowding issues, there are really many walkers and "leisure runners" aiming to complete the race just to get the 2XU tee, If anyone is aiming for a PB, my frank opinion, dun go for 2XU, there are really many rich "T-shirt collector runners"! U end up very frustrated bec u are blocked by groups of Teenagers, youngsters.
  4. Dear friends...does anyone knows when is the last date of registration ? Due to work commitement, i can't confirm if i can go for it...so it would be nice to know when is the last date of registration ?
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