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  1. I had ITB twice - did lots of stretching for the ITB and foam roller. Also use Pat Strap which is useful to maintain some fitness with runs (No sprints though or fast runs). Those help to add recovery to run within 6 weeks. Run with Pat strap for a HM and a Ultra. Now stretch religiously post runs and foam roller post LDSR to prevent ITB.
  2. Good write up Pris. I started using Jon and Ben training schedule for FM 3 years back and have benefited from their tips. Been using their training approach for the past 3 years for FMs as well as Ultras.
  3. 'If it hurts to walk and if it hurts to run, then run!'

  4. Just signed up for FM and there is still some more slots under Priority + ($65). So do it soon else may have to go to priority slots.
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