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  1. U very funny leh. Facebook friends privacy filter can customize only yourself can view lol. U blocked me on FB for what?! 

  2. Thank You Beepbeep ! It's nice design ! Joe can you add your name and signature on it ? Thank you very much Beepbeep
  3. Thank You Beepbeep, the published timing is incomplete and has missed out the hour with just minutes and seconds only ! Was amused when spotted five Caucasian runners with same yellow tee written "Pain Now, Beer Later" ! Hello runners! Yep, it was a pleasure to have this run in Singapore. I know these 5 german guys. I'm one of those :-) We were wondering too why the race ended that early 'cause our runtastic app just said there is 1km left to go ;-) But nethertheless, it was really a great event! A big thank you for the organizing team and sorry for my bad english :-D 11032516_911452772219828_
  4. Also runners from Hello Kitty run also didn't get their finishers Medal too. Even thought they have email the organisers.
  5. Only a few more hours before the race begins. Joe must be very busy so cant expect him to reply anymore for the time being. He has already done a much better job in communicating with us than most other race orgganisers.
  6. So far this race has been doing a very great job. From pricing to RPC & updating of info. Just hope tomorrow race turns out great as well. Wondering how those without Private transport are going to get there on time ?
  7. Final info might be updated during RPC which is only a week away now. So lets just wait patiently.
  8. Similar experience for this race compared with the previous years.
  9. He had been coming in several times before that. Maybe now he is very busy as well.
  10. This race has been making mistakes and having lots of bad reviews many year, yet runners are still signing up . Y ?
  11. Well Done on the New Route !! Just hope lighting is sufficient.
  12. People grossly underestimated their timing? Which edition of the SCMS was that? I didn't really recall different start corrals for the event. For different corrals to work, the race participants must have the integrity to follow their race corral Instead of having different colour bibs, race organisers can use letter grouping (i.e. "A" to "C" bibs for the elites & below 3 hours timing followed by subsequent letters i.e. "D" to any letter desired onwards for different timings) and enforce the corral groups on actual race day. I saw this from google images of race bibs with letter corrals f
  13. If the budget for the event is not high, and you are really shortage of budget to get transportation service for FREE this time maybe can consider charging runners a Fee. Even if you charge $6 per runner, i think most will be willing to pay cause its still cheaper than taking a taxi for those who dont have private transport and you can cover a cost. Pacers to allow serious runners who are very keen in breaking PBs in 21km to achieve results is also very effective i think. Even if pacers are not very accurate with their pace through out the entire race, cause they are also human, they will most
  14. island wide shuttle bus services will defintely incourage more people to sign up and it will also allow those who have sign up to have a more enjoyable experience
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