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  1. Yippeess!!! I actually verified my HM participation - Was going to challenge myself, and see if I can ramp up mileage within the event dates. Haha! So now I can choose to still challenge myself, or split it into multiple runs I suspected they may cave in on the rule of completing the full distance at one go... But I thought they will just allow maybe 2 different runs? 6 different runs is a huge change! I feel that with their massive changes, they would have appeased majority of runners, who had issues with high cost of VR... Then again, no one knows for sure if they will
  2. I'm not very hopeful they will change their mind though... Let's see! P/S: I went to check out their FB page, and its mostly participants having issues logging in to verify their particulars, or asking for a refund (coz fees are too high for a VR). My guess is many may not know yet, that they need to complete the entire distance at one go - especially those who signed up for HM
  3. Ok, I read through their FAQ, and found the line I dreaded... It'll be tough for me to do 21k at one go, without drinks station, etc support
  4. I've been checking their FB, but so far no update. Many people had also been asking. Not sure what the organizers are doing
  5. Ohhhhhh!! How scary!! Sounds good, if they indeed accept GPS screenshot from any app.
  6. Hahahahaha!!! I didnt join the run, as I was scared off by app feedback. Hence didnt click on the survey... And not going to, given above feedback!!
  7. Congrats on finally joining your 1st virtual run!
  8. Just 1 event for National Day I had been against joining virtual runs for a long time, till I saw the tee, and thought can give it a shot... The experience changed my mind on VRs.
  9. My key objective to join events, is to motivate me to run longer distances
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