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  1. cant come for training run #3. got the real call-up for IPPT on 21 Mar morning!
  2. had a great time today! thanks for the running and makan company everyone
  3. will try to be there. meet outside TP MRT station there, rite?
  4. sorry, will skip this. still in office now, will stay home to rest tomorrow morning instead.
  5. would love to join. anyone driving from the west?
  6. have marked down 3 feb in my diary. will try to be there if i can knock off on time
  7. i remember that buffet it was filling
  8. will he appear this evening? i know who is the handsome botak liaow!
  9. u can do the GE30 km slopes they are quite fun
  10. thanks for a great and scenic run today got a lot of slopes, wonderful!
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