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  1. My opinion is that the event itself doesn't sound appealing to me. The appeal of a vertical marathon is to have runners run up high stories and the opportunity to ascend to top for a rooftop/ top floor view. 16 storey doesn't sound high enough but some might find it fun/ challenging to run 5 blocks of flats at one go. Count me in Joe. I don't think you should short change yourself. There'd definitely be more than 200 who would sign up for such an event. But I suggest confirming the date at the soonest since you dont want the event to clash with a more established race.
  2. Well, they could always do open/ closed categories to promote the local scene..... But of cos its more mafan for the organisers esp smaller events. Usually for small events like that. i seldom hear organisers putting in open and close category... in the past, there arent a lot of overseas runners coming in to sweep local events, except for the big races of course.... so i think this might be the trend now.... those organisers who are all time doing running events should look into this actually.... to give the locals some possible rewards for their effort i thought we must always welcome foreig
  3. I find the distance a bit short also. Anyone can confirm? If really 21K, then confirm I PB already .... at jogging speed some more
  4. Haha... you're really funny. I didnt notice the mistake. Anyway, from the way Joe typed his message here, I guess language is not his strength so give him some leeway lah.. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment la...just to take away some of the 'seriousness' that has been going on about the t-shirt sizing and race route. As far as I'm concern, Joe's been doing a good job and see you all this Sunday. PS: Don't dun forget to bring the real kid-friendly mascot this Sunday, Joseph... (OK, OK, that was the last joke )
  5. I don't care much about the singlet, race route clash and all that. What I'm most bothered about is the wrong mascot came down during RPC. As stated by Joseph it was Water Willy. Water Willy ??? It should be Water Wally. 'Willy' has some other meaning .... if you know what I mean Those who dun get the joke, type "definition of willy" on Google search. LoL
  6. I met the pacers at the expo. They said there were no 6h pacers. The slowest pacer group for SCMS was 5.30.
  7. SCMS has made announcement about the 'rats' fiasco at Gardens by the Bay in their official statement http://www.marathonsingapore.com/public-announcement-about-scms-2014-results/ Checked my results and yes the ranking has been greatly improved by at least 200 position which means that there are at least that many cheaters. Out of 10,000 or so finishers, 200 cheats which makes cheating case about 2% in a conservative estimate. Meaning 1 in every 50 runners is a cheat case. Interesting stats Final Results link is here http://marathonsingapore.com/2014-results/ wah!, wonderfulblevic, I also ju
  8. We can always trust HWZ forum people to provide us some humour to the ongoing discussion. The idea of doing a full marathon in a stadium track (105.5 rounds to be exact) will be daunting for many runners See this exact hardwarezone forum post for such idea: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/90520283-post94.html Yup, those comments there are really funny. Most times 'hard truths' level and no sugar coating. But ideas there are worth considering also.
  9. Wah! The topic of 'rats' have made it to Hardware Zone forum as the 'last saga of the year' http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/last-super-sega-year-2014-marathon-hall-shame-4902369.html to quote the sentiments of a forumner lycheehello;- "marathon jin serious business... "
  10. to organizers, only the top positions which affects monetary reward affects them. And they cldnt be bothered even after the incident which happened few years back? One guy, totally unknown ran faster thn Mok Yin Ren. This man made the whole organizing management team jump and searching for clues to who this guy is... Its about high time they do something to these people. They shld consider issuing medals and t-shirts only after official results r out. Those who missed checkpoints and finish above cut off timing are considered DNF. In this way, cheaters will be totally removed. But the problem
  11. The only thing that bothers me about these 'rats' is that it affects a Finisher's actual position. I was hoping for a clean race so at least I know where I stand in the field but for the organiser to consider these people as 'finishers' and does not exclude them from the ranking does not make the ranking anymore credible.
  12. Someone should post this on the SCMS FB to remind the organiser of the sore topic of lack of banana http://youtu.be/sFukyIIM1XI
  13. This is good advice from ayukawa22 but for first timers to such big scale sg running events, they won't know until they experience it. But must remember this is supposed to be a Gold label status marathon. We expect the organisers to provide decent support to runners eg providing bananas.
  14. Never underestimate the resolve of a Noob

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