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  2. received an email from the organizer Yes, uncle registered for one day... so, uncle can submit multiple entries within one day...so uncle opted for 2 submissions... the weather was really Sunny and Hot with the early morning sun, so uncle took 1st session break with a late morning breakfast and an early lunch...recovery with zzzZZZ. Started and completed with 2nd Session which uncle was caught in the Wet and Heavy Rainfall with Thunder. Submission - 6:22:53 42.63KM Another FM Virtual Race [Challenge] completed with local we
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  4. May busy schedule is just preparation for almost 5 months later... These are the Virtual Marathon races which uncle has registered so far... Back-to-back FM sessions on certain days in October..to be practiced in May...
  5. The stake will be higher for Ashley Liew, because SOH has acted as both defendant and plantiff... $Millions vs $250,000 Ashley Liew has also a stake on the National Sports Authority's decision and integrity for nominating and rewarding him the Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy...a Loss would mean a stunning humilation for Singapore Sports Authority... SOH is challenging Ashley Liew, "slowing down during a race to let runners catch up that led to him winning the Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy" is not TRUE!
  6. wah.... *clap clap*.... what a busy month....
  7. yea, so drag to another month again... i think both of them are tired too...
  8. yes, you see wrongly, uncle ran 610KM in April...not March in case if you wonder how many KM will uncle expect to complete in May...uncle updates May Calendar with latest registrations... with 3 Public Holidays, and couple of Virtual 42KM events... Yes, OCBC Cycle Supportive Virtual Ride (42KM) is a FOC registration with Medal... this one uncle's timing by Running...but submit to OCBC Cycle as "biking time"....with the bike 42KM... May 2021 Challenge...can try try 700KM...
  9. That is why, Expert Witness is called upon... Apparently, there was some procedures which SOH's current Legal Team was not able to get the Judge Lee to Agree. Judge Lee's Disapprove on the Expert Witness was a blow to SOH's Court Case. The truth must be transparent and objective, and not biased. Hence, a SWAP IN LEGAL COUNSEL... Also note Among many other things... 1) Judge Lee had allowed Ashley Liew's legal team to introduce 157 pages of particulars to his Statement of Claim. We made an appeal to the High Court against this unusual
  10. what @kohpapa , did i see wrongly, u ran 610km in March??
  11. I think no one really will know the truth... definitely not us who are not in the race.
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  13. Yes, almost a break coming 2 months, Pre-SEA Games qualifying races officiating , ultra distances running and practices are really very long hours...and you know uncle is back when you start hearing uncle time to "howlian" some personal accomplishes... Team Performance... 10KM Team Relay vs Global Teams. Congratulations, Team sgRunners have maintained Top 10 out of 24 Teams who participated in the Relay 10KM Global Challenge. We are Top in Asia and we are in sub4 hour. Well done and thank you.
  14. According to uncle-aka-"future-trend reader and fortune-reading teller"... Career and Wealth are stable, especially love in general, except special attention to be paid to health issues... Wealth - Win big means 1) Millions in Loss Income compensation for having to forfeit having to go previous SEA Games even if SOH has qualified. That is, if there is a Win against Ashley Liew's High Court Case. 2) Remember in previous post..credibility of a National Sports Association who supported Ashley... corrected... National Sports Authority who supported Ashley in the firs
  15. uncle can do anything impossible, and was thinking about forming a team as Team Captain, but, uncle thinks there is none here... in March and April yearly...expected in 2021... Just completed a virtual full marathon distance... going for next Virtual FM this weekend...May 8-31 BTW, this Virtual Race is FOC to sign-up, and can win prizes with lucky draw.. https://www.sunshinecoastmarathon.com.au/atlas-events-virtual-series and this one..Volkswagen Prague Virtual Marathon 2021..May 5-31...the follow
  16. the distance looks quite scary... 1680km for the minimum Bronze standard.. If we can get 10 members, each member have to run 168km in a month meaning around 42km per week.... not impossible.. just that need to find at leas 10 members who will commit to a 42km per week running schedule....
  17. I noticed even his recent facebook post on the OSIM chair that he had seemed to be quite unlike his usual style...
  18. Actually, given the chance if the "truth of the matter" is discovered on SOH's legal side - WIN with Expertise Witness, and the Judge decided for IT (WIN), then someone in the "National Sports Authority" will have to look very....you can fill-in the dots. Again, speculations on what went on within the close door sessions of Court Chambers, it looks like SOH needs to tread carefully on his recent successful life track to *A Successful Career, *An International Brand Ambassador, *A GF (ready) for Marriage and Family, and *A Personal Political Preference/Alliance. Run Faster Smart
  19. Yeah. Confused between SA and SNOC and which body it was that nominate Ashley in the first place. If it was SNOC, then its even worse. And the result of the case will be closely watched by the local sports fraternity. And like I said, the implication could be more far-reaching that some of us might realise (or even care) If I understand Soh's recent post correctly, the need for an expert witness was because of Ashley's testimony on the stand during cross-examination. From a layman's POV and reading through the press reports and some of the courts documents posted publicly
  20. uncle reviewed "Sundown Marathon" events... and in previous year 2020...1 Oct 2020 - 31 March 2021 Sundown Marathon indeed has taken the "Virtual Challenge" format with Challenge, Highest Distance and Upload Your Runs. [Virtual] - 2021 Sundown Marathon is more like it..
  21. In every race event, there should be Event Tee Sponsor. For example New Balance for the 2021 Seoul Marathon, 2021 London Marathon and 2021 NYC Marathon, or Adidas for 2021 Boston Marathon. But, for 2021 Sundown Marathon, who is the sponsor?
  22. Just to remind that the virtual races can be uploaded to the 2xu website from 26 Apr to 20 June in maximum 6 accumulative runs... Enjoy everyone....
  23. National Sports Association (SA) and Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) are different entities... SNOC rewarded Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy to Ashley Liew. National Sports Association (SA) seeks "an amicable solution" uncle does not see any evidence of a National Sports Association (SA) who supported Ashley in the first place, unless you are referring the SNOC? What is not known in this High Court case, is why Expert Evidence (like calling an Expert Witness) is not allowed and was rejected. Money and more importantly spent for H
  24. this fees that @kohpapa paid is quite affordable with consideration of shipping fees for the medal and finisher tee....
  25. Unfortunately, it is probably not as simple as Uncle has put it. Sure, money and more importantly, reputation is at stake. And also perhaps the credibility of a National Sports Association who supported Ashley in the first place. One thing is beyond dispute though - Soh is definitely the better marathoner.
  26. looks like... SOH is building an impressive image as an "UA Ambassador" in Asia... the outcome win or loss it is just a matter of settlement of personal feud in $$$$$$...on who is actually the true better Marathoner and who is really "speaking the truth"...let the decision on the outcome be a fruitful ending after June 6, 7 and 8 trial. Importantly, SOH has secured an UA Ambassador of the World, it is SEA Games showtime, Commonwealth Games to look forward...that is his career goal...plus a possibility of marriage with a very steady gf...looking forward...setting a famil
  27. Athletics: Marathoner Soh Rui Yong loses two of three appeals, must pay Ashley Liew $10,000 for costs Full Story: Link Here
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