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    • i didnt manage to see the brand cause his legs were moving and i was driving... only seen his face... 
    • quite a lot of things... so let me paste them all here... PRIZES   PRIZES SG PODIUM FINISHERS – RED DOT RUNNING COMPANY 1. Sunday Shades 12 pairs 2. Steigen Socks 12 pairs 3. Starbalm Packs 1st Prize 1x Warm Stick 2x Hand Sanitizer 2x Inhaler 4x Gel Sachets 1x Sports Towel 1x Blue Sports Bottle 2nd Prize: 1x Warm Gel 1x Cold Gel 1x Warm Stick 2x Hand Sanitizer 2x Inhaler 4x Gel Sachets 1x Sports Towel 1x Blue Sports Bottle 3rd Prize: 1x Warm Roll On 1x Cold Gel 1x Warm Stick 2x Hand Sanitizer 2x Inhaler 4x Gel Sachets 1x Sports Towel 1x Blue Sports Bottle RDRC – Tailwind, Veloforte First place (all categories) – 1 Tailwind/Veloforte gift set (8 EF stick packs, 3 Rebuild stick packs, 2 bars, 2 gels, 2 chews) – collect at RDRC, (Total 4 sets) Second place (all categories) – 1 Veloforte gift set (2 bars, 2 gels, 2 chews) each – collect at RDRC. (Total 4 sets) Third place (all categories) – 1 Tailwind gift set (4 EF stick packs, 2 Rebuild stick packs) each – collect at RDRC. (Total 4 sets) PRIZES HK PODIUM FINISHERS – GONE RUNNING First place (all categories) – Tailwind 50s x 1. – Stick packs (8 single) – Rebuild stick packs (3 single) – 2 Spring Energy – 2 Beet It shot – 4 Zinger shot – 4 Runivore bars – Gone Running hat (depends availability (Total 4 sets)  + Hat Second place (all categories) – 4 stick pack – 1 rebuild – 4 Runivore bars – 2 Spring gels – 2 Zinger shot – 1 Beet it shot – Gone Running hat (depends availability (Total 4 sets) Third place (all categories) – 4 Tailwind stick packs, – 2 Rebuild stick packs) – 1 zinger shot – 1 Beet It shot – Gone Running hat (depends availability (Total 4 sets)
    • that is good.... a goal setting right from the start of 2021 and chiong for it...
    • maybe from uncle's perspectives on virtual events (locally and globally)... yes, must agree with @beast, this Virtual Event is very much for those who are newbie runners (who may want to upgrade from brisk walk to run)...21KM in 1 month (very generous)...depends on individuals... given that the race is virtual, again agree with @beast, the organizer must bear the cost (inclusive as participation fee)...if this is covid-19 social distancing measures, participants have the rights to have "items as specified to be delivered"... and if the shipping cost (add-on) is not preferred, it is as good as user will consider if participation is necessary... from uncle's observation, the reason why if the organizer wants you to pick up is "shopping" at their stores...marketing gimmicks...in most virtual races uncle had participated, uncle browse "Store/Shop" online, and if want add-ons, just top-up and find out, what will be the reasonable "shipment cost"...of course, expect FOC lah...again if not satisfy..then no need to "buy" online or even register "online" for the event. Example for JustRunLah!Connect Virtual Race event...$18.88 2 months to complete 18.88KM or 88.88KM (very generous)... the only difference is the participation fee included Shipping..which will expect the organizer to inform participants (from 5 February 2021...expect to deliver and to receive...otherwise email...) because 2021 is still "covid-19 pandemic" like 2020.. better to stay home, stay safe, stay strong, and remain "Virtual Run" in Run (Exercise) program...👌  
    • I feel that the 1 month to complete to complete each leg is too generous. I know this is probably more for those who had not been running regularly to encourage them to run more, but just needing to clock 5km a week is a really setting a very low bar.  If the event sees good number of sign ups, I hope they will come up with another edition with a tighter requirement. 7km routes are quite eay to carve out. They mention "routes" so I suppose it will be more than one, probably one every region. My guess is possibly one in the city (Maybe The Promontory to Marina Barrage and back) and one at ECP.
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