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    • 2022...that is, if there is none of  "Covid-20" pandemic aka Covid-19 Wave 2...  🙄
    • Hey Uncle thank you - Have moved the century to 2022 Yeah keep your virtual runs clean and green
    • glad of @Lady Ice to reply...looks like this SCSM Virtual edition, shall miss... Reminder to All, please Keep the SCSM Race Clean and Green... of course, first thing to pop up is ...how is your 100th marathon attempt...given if this is not a Covid-19 year, you should have completed your maiden Century mark? Virtual Race, in uncle's opinion, can never replace the Real Run experience, because it is always a designated route, motivated by fellow runners who form camaraderie for a common objective...finishing a race with betterment of their PB... Virtual Race has no element of DNF, no judgement, no supervised "officiating" from a standard "Virtual Race" Committee to verify if your "gps-logged activity" data submitted as evidence...of course uncle has mentioned...how best to to verify if the "participant entity" is on walk, run, bike, drive, train or plane mode...or if the person is really "virtual" and not the real person... lots of virtual mega ultra distance...2020 KM....produces lots of virtual mega ultra runners...wha...that's cool...how then to complete 2020 KM race... Cumulative...wait uncle got 58km (run) weekly...calculator please...34 weeks till 2020...let's see there are 52 weeks per year...aiyoh, should have signed up 1 Jan 2020...but if 2020 KM can be done with plane...Roundtrip London - Singapore - London...and how many hours of flight time....zzZZZZZ...still got hope...when GREEN LANE special opening for London-SG border...10 slots uncle "chopped" BUY...20210KM...of course, 1 slot of 2021KM Virtual Race reserved specially for @Lady Ice to complete her Century Marathon milestone...actually a package for 48 FM... eagerly waiting for next 2021 KM Virtual Race...how much RM 150...S$50...complete with everything...SOLD OUT, limited 10,000 Slots available...due to overwhelming demand...another 10,000 Slots...repeat 4 Quarters of 2021...lol...event organiser laughing to the bank...with virtual manpower to support...apps platform is "bot" actually... Yes, SCSM platform is a Base Training Platform..and if the SCSM Virtual "Grand Finale" shall be based on the apps...uncle would just treat this as another Challenging Training Session...can be repeated again (say 3 times)...best of all, there is never DNF...because you decide for yourself if you should want to DNF yourself...mostly, with personal pride...NO WAY! Just like if Virtual Race (Challenge 2021KM)...DNF....NO WAY!
    • 🍿 time today... what Soh has acheived in 2019...   evidence submitted...   let's say, Soh's normal competitive race pace is at 3 min 25 sec for every KM...for first 30km... last chance....did Ashley Liew slow down 2 mins or 7 mins....for Soh (who was the eventual champion for the race) to catch up ... 🍿🍿 vs 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿  
    • Runner's Entitlements - E-race bib - E-cert - Limited edition 18k plating Chipsley pendant with Swarovski crystals (worth $88), limited to 1,000 sets  Given the entitlement, my guess is registration fees will be high!
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