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  2. OhMyGod, run completed, well done. Try not to leave sgrunners. Check check life leverage, may help. Covid 19 changed the way we keep healthy. Push up, burpee challenge is safe to do at home. Now push up, burpee contest can win prize, go check check. Good luck.
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  4. Singapore, F1 still in talks on whether race can go on in Sept, says Chan Chun Sing (info - https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/singapore-f1-still-talks-whether-race-can-go-sept-chan-chun-sing) Get ready for F1...
  5. Agree with you. I believe people who pull these stunts are only a small handful and they are non-elites runners.
  6. Run for Heroes 2020 All it takes is for you to run, walk or dance a distance of 1km to show your support and gratitude!Upon completion of your run, you will receive two wristbands - one for yourself and the other will be sent to a frontliner with a personalised message of thanks from you as a tangible show of gratitude.Come join us from today until 8 August to show our support as one Singapore! (info - https://www.runforheroes.sg/)
  7. Actually, one of the things I always look forward to in coming over for SCSM would be carboloading at some hawker stall. Once, after asking for a sixth order of rice, the uncle who owned the place just exclaimed "哇!!!" (Waah!) The only problem is that there always seems to be new construction constantly in Singapore. One place I ate at before was already closed with a new building being built over it the next time I came back, so its hard to have a favorite place to eat.
  8. Now, what I'm going to say next may be a somewhat unpleasant topic among runners, but the reality is that among fellow athletes.... there are some who cheat. Although this has been minimized now in modern races with timing mats/chips and vigilant marshalls on the course, in less sophisticated events, some dishonest runners take shortcuts, surreptitiously exchange bibs with a faster runner somewhere along the course (so their times come out better), and in one ultra, board their support vehicle when they think nobody is looking, then get off 10-20km later down the road! I don't know what goes on in the mind of those dishonest people who later claim their finisher shirts and medals just so they can brag on their social media accounts of something they did not rightfully accomplish. They are only fooling themselves. They may be actually very few in number, but if they are so thick skinned to be able to do that in a real race, how much more in a virtual one based on an honesty system? They may have rode a bycycle, or used roller skates/ a skateboard for all we know! IMHO, that is why a medal/finisher shirt from an actual race will always command more respect and honor amongst us runners than that from a virtual one.
  9. I agree. Crossing the finish line at SCSM by analogy, would be like earning a diploma from NUS, while a virtual run on the other hand, would be like getting a certificate of some online course from some shady internet school. You may have truly done the coursework and gained the appropriate learning in both cases, but when you present your documents to a potential employer, the former will be solid proof of your accomplishment and hard work compared to the latter.
  10. I like this statement: We all look forward to a positive future and I believe that this is a great first step in that direction. Marathon is a sport whereby elite athletes and fun runners are actually racing in the same race. It's what makes our sport unique and I find the essence of this to be beautiful.
  11. Athletic superstars like Eliud Kipchoge and Kenenisa Bekele will take part in a worldwide virtual team relay marathon next month (info - mybestruns.com) Say yes to scsm 2020...go virtual as fun runners with the Elites...Virtual Relay of each team member runs 10.5K, alone, together....MA RA TH ON
  12. uncle completed a 10KM familiarization Exercise (Run) north of Bukit Timah Railway Stn... Rifle Range Road >>> [Rail Corridor closed] >>> Bukit Timah Fire Station >>> Hillview >>> Gombak Rail Corridor [15km] >>> Pang Sua Park Connector >>> Stagmont "crossing" >>> Rail Corridor [18km] >>> Rail Corridor [20km] >>> Kranji Railway Station >>> Junction of Kranji Close and Kranji Road >>> Kranji MRT Interesting to know that north of Bukit Timah Railway Rail Corridor, the trail terrain is almost...except the one from Rifle Range Road [Rail Corridor Closed] Especally reaching Kranji Railway Stn (Defunct) the almost 1km trail (caused by bikes) becomes waterlogged on both sides, muddy... and if after heavy rainfall, this place should very wet, black and soggy...like s*** South of Bukit Timah Railway Stn...the trail terrain is completely the "North Rail Corridor" neighbourhoods hail from Hillview, Bukit Panjang, CCK... Of course, not many will venture beyond Stagmont "crossing" >>> Rail Corridor [18km] - Sungei Kadut ...saw wild dogs... Rail Corridor [beyond 18km and 20km] Kranji...beyond 20km is muddy and both sides are waterlogged... Surprisingly, shades provided by the vegetation are welcome against hot sun... Of course, North Rail Corridor is very much like good old "Green Corridor" because it is not frequent by both hikers/runners and bikers, nature is green. Note: Distance Marker along North Rail Corridor...last time... the distance [number in yellow board] refers from the 778.25 km marker (as shown in the picture) that once stood close to the mosque...towards Tanjong Pagar Jalan Hang Jebat in Wessex Estate, at the end of which the mosque still stands today... Uncle did not notice the yellow Distance Board at the South Rail Corridor...but from "Hillview" Rail Corridor [entered just behind Hillview MRT]...the yellow Distance Board is really "nostagia"...distance measured from Tanjong Pagar at 0 km....
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  14. OhMyGod, Pls check check Life Leverage. When all aspects of your life, such as relationships, work, money, etc. are all perfect, as if nothing can bring down the mood you are in. There is push up, burpee .... Challenge, go win yourself finisher t, medal & mask. All go join
  15. Yes, let's wait for further info from Ridge Runners Organizers. I have a hunch it may still proceed but not a mass run though...
  16. Hi Bro, I'm very happy to see so many familiar "faces" here, especially glad to know that everyone is doing well. Thank you very much for updating the news about "Ridge Runners", I participated the 7th anniversary race in last year August, very impressive. Even until today I still have a sense of guilty, because I paid nothing but got one exquisite medal, one piece of cup cake and fantastic experience. Hopefully the race can be held this year...
  17. from June 2, working hard for real income ($) is Essential..Exercise (Run) and Covid-19 Workout Challenges can be "retired" because they are no longer Essential... yes, in every year of @SgRunners...uncle MIA right after every SCSM...except for 2020...disruption of work and projects due to Covid-19...so uncle has more "free" time...to see how Covid-19 really has impact on Races, Exercise (Run) , wearing Mask (Face Shield), and how Virtual Runs begin to be the norm in place of Event (Race) cancel... looks like the weather in the last 2 days are wet, sunny, cooler...so final Exercise (Run) to where.... quite a lot of choices to pick...Ultra! Hill...Ultra! Rail Corridor...Ultra! Trail...Ultra! Road....Ultra! Cycling...except Beaches (still closed)..otherwise Ultra! Swim. well...48 hours..uncle shall MIA here because of CB Extension Phase 1 - Essential Work is priority. and to all here, Happy sgRunners 15th Anniversary in June...
  18. The latest update just now received. Key points listed below: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ All registered participants of Marina Run 2020 will be automatically included in the virtual race, there is no need to register again. To participate in the Marina Virtual Race, all you need to do is to use any GPS-enabled running app, sport wearable/device or treadmill to track your run/walk at anywhere and anytime from 2 June 2020 to 15 July 2020 and submit your files via https://www.marinarun.com.sg/upload Please ensure that the required details are indicated in your submitted result screenshot. 1. Date of your activity 2. Duration Timing of your activity 3. Total Distance clocked for your activity For 5km Fun Run, 10km & 21km participants, you will be given a single upload. 30km participants can have a maximum of 2 accumulative uploads. Kindly ensure that you have completed the distance stipulated in your race confirmation slip before uploading your files. Once your file is uploaded and verified, we will mail out your race entitlements to your registered mailing address in Singapore within 3 weeks. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Good luck to everyone, stay safe, healthy and take care~~~
  19. OhMy God, "final Exercise (Run) LSD followed by completing as many Covid-19 Challenges". No more run? push up? burpee? U is all rounded, ready to strike Going MIA, retire from ??? There is push up, burpee .... Challenge, go win yourself finisher t, medal & mask. All go join
  20. Don't twist or wring reusable 'Ultra Mask' while washing, instruction video notes (info extracted - https://mothership.sg/2020/05/ultra-mask-cannot-wring-dry/)
  21. The Boston Marathon has been canceled for the first time in its 124-year history. (mybestruns.com)
  22. Coming soon to June 1...CB CB extension... Phase 1: Safe Reopening From June 2, you can receive two visitors per day from your immediate family (children or grandparents). Some businesses are allowed to reopen with Safe Management measures in place and children can go back to school and student care centres. Phase 2: Safe Transition After a few weeks of Phase 1, the government will decide if it's safe for us to move to Phase 2 where more of our regular activities can resume. This is the phase most of us are looking forward to – but it's likely that Phase 2 will be rolled out over a couple of months. Activities include small group gatherings, dining in at F&B services, opening retail outlets, gyms and fitness studios. Sports, recreation and outdoor facilities like the stadiums can also reopen. Phase 3: Safe Nation If the situation remains stable after the completion of Phase 2, Singapore will enter Phase 3 and stay here until an effective vaccine or treatment for Covid-19 is found. During Phase 3, medium-sized gatherings can resume, and spas, massages, cinemas, theatres, bars, pubs and nightclubs are allowed to reopen.
  23. Reports from the field: Did three more runs this week. I reconfirm that as long as I keep the pace easy, I have no problems whether I use the buff mask or the one I crafted out of moisture wicking technical fabric (old race shirt). Jogging pace just seems frustratingly slow as molasses though, but given the data posted by the others here, I'm convinced there's really a danger of getting a collapsed lung or a heart attack if you insist on pushing too hard with a mask on, so be warned! If races do ever push through this Nov or Dec, I'll still wear a buff mask (for whatever its worth), even if it you're not required to wear one. I won't be breaking any PRs anytime soon, but that can wait for better times. Long run planned this weekend...
  24. Face masks in the time of COVID-19: Six questions answered (CNA News)
  25. Better check.... That brownish stained color plus description is most likely metal strip rust. Probably design fault didn't expect user to soak overnight and then starts to rust. Of course, if you need to use it urgently for "washroom with no toilet paper" (a premium item now during covid-19)... then use it with no other choice, staining it with the real stuff...discard better...no need to rewash...for it has served the purpose...what a relief! Really when nature calls, you may never know your when you "ultra (layered) mask" may come by useful...btw, please bring a backup mask, just in case, for you still need to Wear Mask Always after using the washroom.... next time toilet-train during Exercise (Run)....endure and stoppage all nature calls..like beyond 1km...3km...5km... then next time you can endure this route for 16km for just 1 "ultra mask"...for Exercise (Run Ultra!)..
  26. Actually, Events (SCSM or F1) are for the Economy, attracting both locals and overseas visitors to stopover and spend in travelings (Airlines/Airports), lodgings (Hotels) and immersing in the experience of Sports (Participation) and of course, savouring F&B during the Event stay...visit attractions (Tourism). Virtual Meeting/Travel via "Zoom" ...Virtual Run via "Zoom" or "Youtubing" casting... Uncle's VR definition - Virtual Reality - a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world..immersive in experience... we may be moving into this direction after Covid-19...even when there is a vaccine for all...expect changes in the coming months Home-based VR learning start with the kids...
  27. everyone has their own agenda on fitness... some have moderate...some have higher... some will race...others simply DIY...some want medals (extrinsic)...some simply go Green (intrinsic)... no comments on what is fitness...cycling and running and swimming... exercise is essentially to burn fat...so which one will burn fat better...uncle chooses running over cycling over swimming...so what's yours? all the best bro...continue to do what is happy for yourself...just define on your own Stay Safe Stay Healthy Safe Happy in 2020...because there is simply no real Race (Run) which has a higher risk...vs..Virtual Run (Home-based)...very safe.. counting down to Sunday...in hours...and MIA...
  28. Uncle, I won't participate SCSM 2020 if it becomes a virtual run. The fees may be cheaper but I believe most of us would want to cross the finisher line in the SG Marathon. So the VR is really no point...
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