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  2. Interesting... So how will you train for SCMS this year (will it include acclimatization from evening to night weather) and will it be different from the way you train in the previous years? Night weather will get more cooling but at the same time it will be more humid, especially with more active people and activities around I reckon this might be something to think about on managing.
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  4. The change from a dawn-morning race to a dust-night one will affect significantly some runners' strategy. Mine as well. For previous SCSMs, many had the "clock-more-miles-before-it-gets really-hot", and then leave it to fate when the sun reveals itself. Negative/neutral splits were rare, especially for non-elites. For this year's edition, I would be very conservative for the first 10-12km depending on the heat/humidity, knowing for sure it will only get cooler for the remaining route. Ideally attempting a negative split.
  5. https://www.townscript.com/e/wow-run-2019-103132?fbclid=IwAR1wTGJBYoVgyboP-_6P9VI-uvKFUUqiYpLzLOUNyKlVVF2bHvKQjRojQ20
  6. https://www.metta.org.sg/mettarun/index.php/race-details/
  7. http://www.triathlon.sg/
  8. http://bngfunrun.com/
  9. https://www.events-sign-up.com/kbspringrun-walk2019
  10. https://www.nusrunbig.com/
  11. https://www.straitstimesrun.com/
  12. http://www.batmanrun.com.sg
  13. https://www.posb.com.sg/personal/run-for-kids
  14. https://runnus.nussportsclub.org/
  15. http://www.hellokittyrun.com.sg/
  16. https://www.spd.org.sg/events/spd-ability-walk-run-2019/
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  18. I agree with beast. Is acclimatization to 6pm really such a big deal? I normally do my runs in the evening, and have been waking up early for races with no issues. It might be a bit sunny at the start, but it sure beats that 8am sun when most people are already tired and exhausted.
  19. Very accurate on the pacing... less than 5s off, except the last km which I believed u chiong a bit
  20. Sometimes having disposable raincoat might not be bad thing in case of sudden strong gust of wind blowing through the starting pens...
  21. 17th November https://connect.justrunlah.com/event/sesame-street-run-singapore-2019/?campaign=JRLButtonRacePageBelowFees
  22. Good to acclimatize, but I am just curious....previously when SCMS flag off was 4.30am, how many actually do wake up and run from 5am onwards to train and acclimatize to the dusk till dawn conditions? I am guessing many don't see a need to, and I am also unsure how many see a need to acclimatize to the 6pm weather this time round. That said, many should be doing it this time round, since it is easier and more motivating to do it than crawling out of the bed at the wee hours.
  23. I believe both runs were evening runs before SCSM announced officially that this year will be evening run. But your main point is good - we can use these runs to help acclimatize for SCSM.
  24. Since SCSM become a evening run, many event also follow. You can join CSC Bay Run and SG Run , both are happening at evening timing. SG Run got 32 km a good preparation for SCSM. Now that Newton Run is no more. So here come SG Run .
  25. -Easy. LSD can do on weekend late afternoon, to adapt to the clock and timing.
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