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i-Run @ International Business Park (IBP)

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Not sure if some of you have seen this. But I received an EDM from my friend working in IBP about the launch of i-Run at IBP. Worth considering if you are living in the West area.

Not sure if the weblink given by my friend is correct or not.


Will post the poster once I find it in my email 2 days back.

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Hi everyone,

yes, i-run is launching at IBP next wed, 30 April. its free & its open to all runners esp. begineers. i'm also looking for lead runners.

$35 for an hr from 6pm to7pm. must be a certified fitness trainer & 1st Aid cert.

$20.00 for a running assistant who may not be certified. The fitness trainer should do the warm up and cool down while the running assistant is to help guide the runners, encourage them and ensure that all are back safely.

As for marshals, they will be paid $15.00 per session

kindly contact me if you are interested to help out.


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5pm is on the 1st day of the launch only. the dist covered on that day is 3km for everyone. 2nd week onwards will be starting at 6pm. dist 3,5,10km.

Hi Pretty... Long Time No See.... Interesting Run... :smilie_daumen1: except IBP too far for me... :sad:

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hi Do,ya, its been a long time since i came in &post. ha... but once in a while will still check out the forum.

is that u freddy staying at taman jurong?

we need to know the response first before we start another 12 sessions. helper runners are able to shower at the club. no prob.

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running assistant is to help guide the runners, encourage them and ensure that all are back safely.

i dont think they will start 6pm sharp.... est 6.15pm.

i've dreamrunner for 10km. 5km & 3km still available. too short dist for u guys right? or else just join in the run.

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Hello Emelyn.. long time no see... ho bo.. :)

5pm is a bit tat early and I believe most still working ...

anyway, wish I-Run a big success...


my ofc is @ IMM & i'd love to come, but i off work at 630 :(

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My opinion is that if your work is desk-bound type, you can always negotiate with your boss. Eg. For me, I go to gym twice weekly during lunch time for 2 hours. So I actually had a common understanding with boss that i will come in early for work on days I go to gym.

I think you can try to talk to your boss? If I'm not wrong, the weekly sessions start at 6 pm. But for the launch, it will start at 5? Is that right, Emelyn?

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lactic, can bath at gym or not? :whistle:

Hello IM LauHor,

unfortunately no... unless you're the trainer, runner assistant or marshal..

can't imagine so many participants queueing for the 4 shower cubicles.. :Whew:

no lah, it is not that crowded. Do let me know if you are coming down for the run so that i can arrange the shower facilities for you.

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10km route i-Run@IBP:


This was my first time joining the i-Run@IBP. Very much lesser runners as compared to i-Run@RP. Nice meeting Dream, Earth & Jinzhou.

Have a fast and interesting warm lead by the fitness instructor, and off we go for our 3, 5 or 10km. Was a hot and humid day yesterday. Can feel the heat coming off from the ground. The route for all the 3 distance is the same, just that shorter distance will u-turn earlier than the longer distance. The route is basically along the ulu Pandan Canal, and entirely flat terrian. There is a railway track and a traffic light stop in between. Along the way, can also see alot of runners training there. As usual, can see the team leading the run and motivating the runners.

My forerunner 405 clocked a total distance of 10.21km, which is very accurate. And was surprised to know that the Polar GPS which the fitness instructor was wearing, also clocked the same distance. His is a high end Polar model which cost $800 plus!!! :Shocked:

End of the run, was suprised to see there isn't any warm down.....hahaha!!! :Big Grin: I think most of the i-runners either ran back to their office, or just take the 100plus and go.

Had a good chat with Earth, Dream and Jinzhou.....will most probably joined the run again next Wed.

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