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    • The MetaSprint Series Duathlon and Triathlon events are scheduled to proceed as planned: "in an open space, you won't catch the virus from a passing person".  (info - https://www.metasprintseries.com/covid-19-update/)    
    • North Korea to cancel April Marathon (info -https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2020/02/21/world/asia/21reuters-china-health-northkorea-marathon.html) Second death in Italy from COVID-19 (info - https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/covid19-second-death-italy-coronavirus-12460876)     Will the Boston Marathon be cancelled next? (info - https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/news/a30977772/boston-marathon-coronoavirus/    
    • Read this info with interest. Daisy Farm Nature Reserve >> Rifle Range Road >> Rifle Range Link (SIME Track) MacRitchie Reservior >>> Ranger Station >>> MacRitcie Reservior Route (10.5KM) >> Loop back Very similar to Trans Singapore 2020  except this one includes Windsor Nature Reserve with Start Point from Hindede Road (Bukit Timah Nature Reserve) which is mere few km away from Chestnut Ave (aka Bukit Panjang Nature Park/ZhengHua Park). Uncle has planned to run this loop for fun next week anyway...Forest  Force 50 or Trans Singapore 2020 all sounded the same route..😄 exploration and familiarization run, anyone wants to join uncle? PLeaSe wear mask if you are feeling very well...
    • Ran this one this morning....Harbourfront MRT and then Did not proceed from Kent Ridge to NUS (due to a Covid-19 case at a remote site of NUS Campus). Exit from Kent Ridge Park to Pasir Panjang MRT. Had breakfast at Pasir Panjang Food Centre beside PP MRT. Part of uncle's Trans Singapore Hilly Run  
    • Actually, if you can DIY (Day or Night), then what's the point of Paying for the Race, and then get Cancelled with no Refund 😄 for whatever the Reason. The "Running Experience" is not guaranteed anyway..NO Hydration or Not.. BTW, if ECP is not Long for LSD, then continue from the end of ECP,  @posfe2  - Tanah Merah Coast Road (Park). bottom left is ECP - connects to Tanah Merah Coast Road >>> Changi Coast Road >>> Aviation Park Road >>> Changi Village Road (17 KM) This stretch is totally NO toilets and water stations along the way. Only 6 shelters for you to "in case of rain", provide shelter with rooftop attached with "lightning" (Earth) only allow 2-3 person. As for Toilet, look for the nearest bushes at nearest "State Land - No Entry, CCTVs are Watching You". Please "mark" your usage of  "pooloo" just in case the next runner "step" onto your unmarked "toilet" and curse you @()@ :"( Enjoy this one, if you wonder why you must always run and not do something else fun at the beach,  like Run Sand, Swim Open Water, and yes Surf with the "waves" or "kites on Waves". Changi Beach along Changi Coastal Park. Yes, join Fishing on high tides. Enjoy DIY 30km if you start from Marina Barrage. ECP is only 10.5KM @RaijinFJ, FYI  on previous Sundown Marathon Editions (notably the first 5) Boycott is not our reason on why, because there was a change of Event Organizer. The previous Founder cum Event Organizer (Hivelocity) had truly "given runners - a challenging running experience"  till about 8-9th Edition which is why we PAID for the RACE.  Guaranteed in the Past👌. Not anymore since then. With the new Event Organizer, untested because a small local regional player who is truly no global organisational capability, committed Major Road Run Foul - Hydration Not Enough. We cared more for the newbies who raced first time here and painfully reminded of it, because it is not expected and very unprofessional being Asia Largest Night Race Singapore has "No Enough Hydration".  Yes, our toilet (washroom or WC) is drinkable, Guaranteed 👌. You got important race in Oct/Nov Chicago and NYC? All the best! Hope the COVID-19 should stay FREE by then. Cheers!
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