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    • Congrats to Pereira, Veronica Shanti, 200m Woman (Bronze). Seen Shanti in 2015, She had a gold. Consistent performer, and let's wish she can win a medal for 100 meters. Knew her coach, any raw "gem" when molded to be a champion or medal podium, will always be consistent in performance. Talent is also important for anything sports. That consistent in performance can also be seen in SohRunFaster...  
    • Totally agree with your point. Who did free up this person from Mars? GPS watch is not always accurate, especially when running through the high building area, for example Raffles Place/CBD area.
    • I agree. This reminds me of the cartoon about the man and the mule. Here's the SCSM 2019 edition! 
    • Hi Guys, we cannot pleased everybody. Last year when SCSM was held in the morning, there were alot KPKB at FB about JAM in Spore. I rebutted them that this was only 1 year once so why can't they bear with it? In my opinion whether day or night, they will still complain. Since Spore sporting culture is not there, their mindset will always be negative. So simply don't bother to explain.
    • S’pore SEA Games men’s marathon gold medal streak broken.  The marathoners came in 7th and 9th place. Singapore long-distance runners Gordon Lim and Loh Yu Ting came in seventh and ninth place on Dec. 6 morning at the Southeast Asian Games marathon event, marking the end of Singapore’s gold medal streak at the men’s marathon event. It was the first time since 2011 that Singapore failed to obtain a gold medal from the event, nor make it to the podium. Marathoner Mok Ying Ren first struck gold in 2013 at the SEA Games, while athlete Soh Rui Yong continued the gold medal streak in 2015 and 2017. Soh, 27, was not selected to be part of the SEA Games 2019 team in August, despite making up 50 per cent of Singapore’s gold medal haul at track and field events in 2017.         Uncle was proud to be associate with the SA in 2015, as SEA Games Official, on behalf of Asian Athletics Association. Uncle officiated some of the memories of the best efforts of these athletes (due to home ground advantage), included 28th SEA Games Marathon. "At the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore, Liew suddenly found himself leading the 12-strong field in the men’s marathon by about 50m after his rivals missed a U-turn and took the wrong path. He said then that he slowed down to almost a crawl in order to wait for them to catchup. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/marathoner-ashley-liews-account-act-sportsmanship-2015-sea-games-untrue-claims-gold "Soh eventually claimed the gold medal in 2hr 34min 56sec, while Thailand’s Srisung Boonthung and Hoang Nguyen Thanh of Vietnam finished second and third respectively. Liew’s actions were widely publicised and earned him kudos from many Singaporeans, including a mention by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the National Day Rally two months later. He was recognised by the SNOC in 2016 with a special award for sportsmanship at the Singapore Sports Awards. In October that year, he was awarded the accolade in the category of “Act of Fair Play” by the International Committee for Fairplay, which recognises acts of fair play by athletes or sports teams. However, Soh alleged that Liew’s account of the race — and his act of sportsmanship — was “untrue” in a Facebook post on Sunday. He made the comment after an Oct 13 post by the International Fair Play Committee on their Facebook page, which called Liew a role model for fair play. He wrote: “I was third place in that race when we took the wrong turn. When we turned around perhaps 50m into the wrong turn, Ashley was already running in the other direction. We took quite a while to catch up to him (at least one to two minutes), he certainly did not stop or slow down to wait for us." Uncle officiated some of the best field events also, included High jump women sensation, Michelle Sng - 2015 SEA Games (Bronze), and later 2017 SEA Games ( historic Gold). Any athlete who wins Gold medal, and to stand on the Podium, emotionally, when the National Anthem is played and everyone stands with attention, it is a proud moment for the Country.   Of course, saga of SA and Michelle Sng remained... With Soh out of the 2019 SEA Games, high jumper Michelle Sng is the only defending gold medallist among the athletics squad, who took home eight medals at the last Games (2017). SA, what will be your KIP (we want nothing but Gold Medal) at SEA Games 2019? RunSohFast is definitely a missed "Gold" medalist, based on Soh's PB if show up at SEA Games 2019. Uncle shall update all until of 10 Dec, 2019. Yes, uncle had been with SA for more than 5 years since 2011 - involve in IAAF Level 1 Youth Coach (Athletics) and IAAF Level 1 Technical Official. Aiya, who's who in SA, uncle knows all, saga...Uncle did once talked to Mok Ying Ren (aka Dr Mok, married), he laughed with me that he also got saga with SA (uncle cannot reveal why )...SA is saga-able...uncle also got saga with SA (cannot reveal why also)... RunSohFast....SohRunFaster...SA, you KPI hangs by Sea Games 2019...ahah...how many Medals (minus 1 Gold Medal already)...hopefully not zero!
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