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Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon [3-5 Dec, 2021]

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As a start for 2021 (Covid-19 Pandemic)...to remain active, motivated, challenging...

uncle has joined 42Race Running & Fitness Club...Virtual Challenges..



registered Free Entry for 2021 KM to be completed in 2021...

remained active at SCSM Virtual Club..Virtual Challenges/Races..Top 50 in Monthly Distance to be challenged in 2021...


actively in IRONMAN Virtual Club Challenges/Races...


uncle, a "Japanese" Runnet.JP Athlete


キョ ケツ  Kyoketsu...


registered as "local" runnet.jp for Virtual Challenges/Races..

example, when uncle registered Entry Participation for Online Kyoto Marathon 2021, was successfully as Runnet.JP member...



Yes, shipment can be arranged for Participation Prizes to be shipped to uncle@SG address..

Guangzhou (china) Joyrun app...Running & Fitness Club...Virtual Races and Challenges..

JoyRun is the sole on-line marathon partner for Chinese Athletic Association, and in 2020, the app also became the official provider of virtual marathon services to Nagoya Marathon and Nagoya Women’s Marathon in Japan - two races that have been extremely popular with Chinese runners. It costs 1,000 yuan to run virtual Nagoya Women’s Marathon and there are only 2,000 places available. The rewards are the authentic finishers’ medal – Tiffany’s necklace, a t-shirt and a towel.


Of course, uncle today (Dec 25) completed this one...Half Marathon Virtual Race...Run as One..


completed with add-ons..


uncle will expect shipment arrangement soon..January 2021..

uncle joined both NYRR and BAA as International Virtual Guest...


of course, expecting two medals from NYRR from 2020 Virtual Races..arriving in January...from NYRR...


Looking forward to 2021...motivation from virtual races/challenges...

yes, a russia's virtual race coming in Jan...


and an Israel's virtual race in Feb...


If anyone interested in anything Local or Overseas Virtual Races, PM for more info...👌

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happy new year 2021...

as requested via from PMs, uncle shall focus on Virtual Race events which uncle is involved so that if you are interested (or never), uncle will share with you...upcoming Virtual Races/Challenges that uncle would be involved...MONTHLY...



Registration starts from Jan 7...https://www.nyrr.org/pages/2021-Virtual-United-Airlines-NYC-Half-Guide

Uncle shall be registering from Run for the Medal...Make sure you download STRAVA... Register and syn with NYRR...


Latest from B.A.A.


Announcement will be from Jan 5...

uncle had a registered email with B.A.A. Virtual app and run #finishSTRONGChallenge 5K/10K/HalfMarathon ... completed by 31 Dec 2020. Received latest info to expect uncle's email to be "invited" for the B.A.A. Virtual Village registration...shall update once uncle has more info...

Yes, uncle is a member of the B.A.A. "Virtual" due to mere submissions of results of  #finishSTRONGChallenge for 5K/10K/HalfMarathon in 2020 for Medals...expect to arrive in April...


example, one of uncle's submission ... Half Marathon.. with e-Cert...


cool right...😀

meanwhile, Joyrun..

Updates: Joyrun-RUNasONE by TMF..



Jan 22-24, the next theme "EAT" Run as One - ASIA Virtual Run Series is ready for registration..


uncle got to do HM..just submit GPS results...for a Russian Virtual Race.. 


and FM with TATTA app...as a "local" Japanese Participant staying overseas...lol


look like uncle is really "actively" running Locally, but Globally with Virtual Races...

As usual, any interest on "Virtual Challenges and Races", just PM uncle...otherwise, just follow uncle here....as we await December...for SCSM (Virtual or Run-in Place)...

Have a great 2021 January...

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So far, this is the only one I seem to be interested in:

On 1/1/2021 at 12:42 PM, kohpapa said:

happy new year 2021...

as requested via from PMs, uncle shall focus on Virtual Race events which uncle is involved so that if you are interested (or never), uncle will share with you...upcoming Virtual Races/Challenges that uncle would be involed inNYRR-Half.jpg

Registration starts from Jan 7...https://www.nyrr.org/pages/2021-Virtual-United-Airlines-NYC-Half-Guide

Uncle shall be registering from Run for the Medal...Make sure you download STRAVA... Register and syn with NYRR...

As my Soleus watches sync with my Strava account (I keep the Garmin's records private on G. Connect). Since I don't believe in paying for a virtual race, there's a 99.9% chance I'll be in the free category "For the Love of Running" 😜

We'll see when they release the full mechanics on Jan7 (err, Jan 8 in our part of the world)...

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Well, at least you just do it for FREE and for FUN that you shall be participating in a HM [VR] ...NYRR [HM] - For the Love of Running in March..

Importantly is fill-in your monthly calendar for 2021...

Share: uncle's Virtual Runs (Challenges/Races) for January 2021...


uncle's initial resolution for 2021...."2021 KM for 2021"...then meeting 168KM per month...

so uncle used SCSM Virtual Club for "mileage" purpose...


OMG, looks like uncle has "overachieved"...

so uncle needs to set a higher resolution..."5000KM for 2021"...😀


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uncle kept actively in SCSM Virtual Club...many remained "active" too...


uncle's resolution in SCSM Virtual Club is to be Top 50... again, uncle "overachieved"...

so uncle got to set a higher resolution for 2021.. Top 20...

there will always be Virtual Challenges with Prizes...so just participate and WIN...otherwise, keep earning more e-badges...

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On 12/24/2020 at 8:14 PM, kohpapa said:

...join BAA as International Virtual Guest...



arrived today, B.A.A.'s invitation to uncle...B.A.A. Virtual Athletes' Village...





as part of application, you are required to state your longest distance in HH:MM:SS...and possibly submit evidence with a GPS data...

there is no need for uncle as having participated in B.A.A. Virtual...submit evidence with virtual race...


there is a free 6-week training (otherwise, must pay)...so register...good enough for 5K Spring Virtual Run...as stated in the invitation message..start from 11/1/2021

as a start, uncle earned a 125min Run Challenge..good enough for this coming warmup practice for this HM Virtual Race...


which is listed in the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and was cancelled due to Covid-19...

of course, the medal to be awarded upon completion of HM and be verified...is "authentic"...👌

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On 1/5/2021 at 11:52 AM, AutumnRunner said:

ahh... i see... that is good resolution to make to keep one healthy...


18 hours ago, starfinder said:

Uncle's new game plan for the year 😁

Yes, Run Locally, but "Race Virtual" Globally...🖕

Joyrun (app) monthly report card on uncle's running statistics...


and at TATTA app..January 2021 Leaderboard...


you can see there are lots of Japanese uncles and aunties here...

new motivated resolution and challenge for 2021...to be monthly top 500 @ TATTA...

so uncle's new game plan is to chong more "FM"s to beat more Japanese uncles and aunties...lol 😀

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On 12/24/2020 at 8:14 PM, kohpapa said:

a russia's virtual race coming in Jan...






uncle represented Singapore as International Paricipant with these submissions...




as well as submission of GPS data [21KM] as evidence...

looking forward to receiving from Siberia... sport hat, face shield and finisher's medal..

uncle's overseas virtual races "lobang"...😁


of course, this weekend...Kyoto Marathon 2021...

uncle registered as "local resident"...


and entered for this race...


again this "lobang" was announced in dec 2020..


that is good.... a goal setting right from the start of 2021 and chiong for it...

uncle simply follows the list "lobangs" of 2021..that's all...😁

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let uncle share another list "lobangs"...

in late 2020, most of Run in-place marathon events were cancelled, and hence there were "virtual events"  that was held in late 2020 or some that is going to be held in present (2021)...

Present (2021)...


so the organizer recommends...



uncle submitted GPS-42K for evidence (Dead Sea Marathon)


expect by mail...


wow..not bad..so uncle explored in recent days...any more "lobang"..Enter more events..

Past 2020...Verona Marathon - Trilogy (Nov 2020), Italy (cancelled)

so the organizer recommends...runclusive

so uncle submitted...10K/21K/42K (for Verona Marathon - Trilogy)...and

completed, approved and expect delivery of...


uncle completed oveaseas "virtual run" on historically sites in Israel (DEAD SEA - once Moses crossed here)...and Italy (Verona - The City of Love : Remeo and Juliet)


Do share your run route for your kyoto marathon! ..

actually there is not much to share at kyoto marathon, except the medal is very nice...after one for the two designs that ware shortlisted by the members of the running community in late 2020...

this one is coming in February....uncle signed up for 50KM...



Singapore is a "non-winter" country, so how to show uncle "running in snowshoes" for the event? and meeting all the "requirements" for the Virtual Race?

so uncle came up with the "snowshoes"...


Ninja Van: "yo...seow uncle kohpapa, this one you ordered from amazon....sign here...."

uncle will need 3 supporting evidence (including one with gps)...

this one will be one of 3 submissions...


yes, uncle going to run with "showshoes" @ ECP Beaches for 50KM for Fun on Sappporo VR (single or multiple submissions)...since someone once asked the organizer...



who says there is no "snow" in Sunny and Sandy Singapore...just run with a smile and fun...with snowshoes...in Feb 2021..😁

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Dear Team sgRunnersUnited members and ALL who are interested...you just need a raceroster account and runkeeper app...


1 FEBRUARY - 21 MARCH 2021



Link - https://raceroster.com/events/2021/36984/world-athletics-cross-country-championships-bathurst-21-global-challenge





add-on - 





say if add-on with medal



with "blue ribbon"



or "pink ribbon"



individual : your payment



team (relay) : member payment

$19.68 (since each member of relay is $5)

like last time..uncle shall register as Team Captain and you register as Team Members...but this time you have to pay $5 and add-ons...

interested...PM...let uncle know...

Team sgRunnersUnited 2021 shall be "registered" (suggestion)

Note: We may form 2 to 3 Teams to include new members who want to participate. This is your opportunity in participating in a International Virtual Race [World Athletics is like IAAF].

Source of uncle's list of "lobangs" is from here...







This is a followup from Nov 2020...

We shall have a forum thread soon once we have formalize our Teams and Members soon.

Of course, you can always sign-up as Individual. 

Enjoy 2021 with a Start, when all Races [Real Run] are cancelled because of Covid-19, you can still run "virtually" as one or team for Good Fun. 😀

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21 hours ago, kohpapa said:

Enjoy 2021 with a Start, when all Races [Real Run] are cancelled because of Covid-19, you can still run "virtually" as one or team for Good Fun. 😀

What's up everyone? 😁 

I'll be doing a few virtual races myself (only the free ones) for this year, just for the heck of it, although I presume it would be safe to consider a real race somewhere near the end of 2022? (SCSM2022?) 😅  That will mean my theoretical maximum heart rate will be slower by 2 then (minus 2 years) but that's life LOL.

I've been reading up on news in Japan, and the way things are over there, I think the (already postponed) 2020 Olympics are really doomed. They'd be crazy to push through with it. I should've gotten one of those Tokyo 2020 Olympics promotional shirts they were selling when I was there in the months before the pandemic - it would've made a good conversation piece someday 😜

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yes, this is FREE if you are HM-ready...





need STRAVA app



you just need to sync STRAVA (My Apps) to NYRR..




this one will be uncle's March 2021 schedule on HM...

and if you are FM-ready..

Abbott World Marathon Majors (WMM) Global Run Club....





uncle registered for FM Premium Entry...

this one will be uncle's May 2021 schedule on FM...

of course, uncle is eagerly waiting for this one to register....Pyongyang Marathon Virtual 2021...April 5-11, 2021...on FM...






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    • Regarding running on ice/snow - found using a pair of trail shoes the best. Yaktraks have a habit of falling off and are only really good for those business people moving between offices. Other types can be too rigid and ice screws.... well they screw the floor if you have to walk into a place
    • We are here because we want to continue from where we left off in 2020.... (1 FEBRUARY - 21 MARCH 2021) Info: Please Refer to Front We continue to invite ALL to participate as individual..10KM, 8KM, 5KM with Medal as Add-on (Yes, this is a Paid Event with $ in US$) We welcome you to be one of 4 Relay Team Member ($5 discount for registration). We have already registered Team sgRunnersUnited. We shall be activating Team sgRunners2021 soon. Please PM to "acknowledge" your interest For both Individual and Team Events, you need to Register with Runkeeper app and RaceRoster website. Race entry info must be from your mobile so that you can have a "Race" event registered at Runkeeper. Payment is credit card. PM uncle on your interests. Thank you. Note: Team sgRunersUnited has opted to run on cross-country sites like in dairy farm, macritchie or chestnut. So suggestion, why not we add with evidence of pics on venue and activities of Good Fun, and share here at this Forum Thread. As for uncle, because of a Japanese Virtual Race Challenge that required uncle to Run in Snow (Cross-country Running) for 50km (registered distance option)..."Fun on Sapporo Virtual Race 2021"... so uncle came with the wearing this pair "snowshoe" for "cross-country" virtual race challenge...run on ECP beaches...50KM accumulative... For "non-winter" Singapore...uncle explained to the Japanese Organizer Sapporo.... Snow here is always Sun and Sand. So Team, if you want to Join and Meet or Remote Run, you now understand why uncle's choice for the Cross Country Virtual Race Relay 10KM Route and Vanue...just because uncle needs to "combine" 10KM evidence concurrently with another VIrtual Race Challenge 50KM..😃
    • Yes, the world has changed. Not permanently of course, since this is nothing new, actually. Throughout history, man has had to cope with some form of pestilence (from leprosy, the black plague, smallpox, tuberculosis, influenza... ) but our ancestors have survived. Their descendants (that's us) now number almost 8 billion on this planet. It's just our generation's turn now to step up to the plate and rise to the challenges of this day and age.  The way things are going though, it appears we're going to have prepare ourselves to fight this long haul. Oh boy... what we wished would be a speedy 5k, is now a full blown marathon 😅 hopefully, it doesn't turn into an ultra...  
    • I hope that would be the way to go for international marathons, even after this pandemic. To allow people from other countries who couldn't get a spot at the actual race to also take part virtually. Not only will it bring more money for the organizers, but it will also allow more runners to feel some form of participation to the race, though it is just running in their own backyard.
    • London Marathons plans 50,000 Run in-place and 50,000 Remote..
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