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HKSG Ultra virtual run 12-31 Dec

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uncle did not take part in this... don't really like the wet, muddy and soggy MacRitchie Trail (a must venue for participation) Run..."soil and spoil" shoes fast...especially in year-end wet season

winners - registered Free (if they are on Leaderboard Ranked can win prizes)...

unless pay add-ons - Medals, Finisher Tees..

otherwise...all pay with Race Pack Bundles...

https://hksg.run/overview/ ...FYI for those who are Podium Winners...prizes

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On 1/6/2021 at 2:44 PM, beast said:

Winners? What did they win?

quite a lot of things... so let me paste them all here...




1. Sunday Shades 12 pairs
2. Steigen Socks 12 pairs
3. Starbalm Packs

1st Prize
1x Warm Stick
2x Hand Sanitizer
2x Inhaler
4x Gel Sachets
1x Sports Towel
1x Blue Sports Bottle

2nd Prize:
1x Warm Gel
1x Cold Gel
1x Warm Stick
2x Hand Sanitizer
2x Inhaler
4x Gel Sachets
1x Sports Towel
1x Blue Sports Bottle

3rd Prize:
1x Warm Roll On
1x Cold Gel
1x Warm Stick
2x Hand Sanitizer
2x Inhaler
4x Gel Sachets
1x Sports Towel
1x Blue Sports Bottle

RDRC – Tailwind, Veloforte
First place (all categories) – 1 Tailwind/Veloforte gift set (8 EF stick packs, 3 Rebuild stick packs, 2 bars, 2 gels, 2 chews) – collect at RDRC, (Total 4 sets)
Second place (all categories) – 1 Veloforte gift set (2 bars, 2 gels, 2 chews) each – collect at RDRC. (Total 4 sets)
Third place (all categories) – 1 Tailwind gift set (4 EF stick packs, 2 Rebuild stick packs) each – collect at RDRC. (Total 4 sets)

First place (all categories)
– Tailwind 50s x 1.
– Stick packs (8 single)
– Rebuild stick packs (3 single)
– 2 Spring Energy
– 2 Beet It shot
– 4 Zinger shot
– 4 Runivore bars
– Gone Running hat (depends availability (Total 4 sets)  + Hat Second place (all categories)
– 4 stick pack
– 1 rebuild
– 4 Runivore bars
– 2 Spring gels
– 2 Zinger shot
– 1 Beet it shot
– Gone Running hat (depends availability (Total 4 sets) Third place (all categories)
– 4 Tailwind stick packs,
– 2 Rebuild stick packs)
– 1 zinger shot
– 1 Beet It shot
– Gone Running hat (depends availability (Total 4 sets)

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    • We are here because we want to continue from where we left off in 2020.... (1 FEBRUARY - 21 MARCH 2021) Info: Please Refer to Front We continue to invite ALL to participate as individual..10KM, 8KM, 5KM with Medal as Add-on (Yes, this is a Paid Event with $ in US$) We welcome you to be one of 4 Relay Team Member ($5 discount for registration). We have already registered Team sgRunnersUnited. We shall be activating Team sgRunners2021 soon. Please PM to "acknowledge" your interest For both Individual and Team Events, you need to Register with Runkeeper app and RaceRoster website. Race entry info must be from your mobile so that you can have a "Race" event registered at Runkeeper. Payment is credit card. PM uncle on your interests. Thank you. Note: Team sgRunersUnited has opted to run on cross-country sites like in dairy farm, macritchie or chestnut. So suggestion, why not we add with evidence of pics on venue and activities of Good Fun, and share here at this Forum Thread. As for uncle, because of a Japanese Virtual Race Challenge that required uncle to Run in Snow (Cross-country Running) for 50km (registered distance option)..."Fun on Sapporo Virtual Race 2021"... so uncle came with the wearing this pair "snowshoe" for "cross-country" virtual race challenge...run on ECP beaches...50KM accumulative... For "non-winter" Singapore...uncle explained to the Japanese Organizer Sapporo.... Snow here is always Sun and Sand. So Team, if you want to Join and Meet or Remote Run, you now understand why uncle's choice for the Cross Country Virtual Race Relay 10KM Route and Vanue...just because uncle needs to "combine" 10KM evidence concurrently with another VIrtual Race Challenge 50KM..😃
    • Yes, the world has changed. Not permanently of course, since this is nothing new, actually. Throughout history, man has had to cope with some form of pestilence (from leprosy, the black plague, smallpox, tuberculosis, influenza... ) but our ancestors have survived. Their descendants (that's us) now number almost 8 billion on this planet. It's just our generation's turn now to step up to the plate and rise to the challenges of this day and age.  The way things are going though, it appears we're going to have prepare ourselves to fight this long haul. Oh boy... what we wished would be a speedy 5k, is now a full blown marathon 😅 hopefully, it doesn't turn into an ultra...  
    • I hope that would be the way to go for international marathons, even after this pandemic. To allow people from other countries who couldn't get a spot at the actual race to also take part virtually. Not only will it bring more money for the organizers, but it will also allow more runners to feel some form of participation to the race, though it is just running in their own backyard.
    • London Marathons plans 50,000 Run in-place and 50,000 Remote..
    • yes, this is FREE if you are HM-ready...     need STRAVA app   you just need to sync STRAVA (My Apps) to NYRR..     this one will be uncle's March 2021 schedule on HM... and if you are FM-ready.. Abbott World Marathon Majors (WMM) Global Run Club.... https://app.abbottwmmglobalrunclub.com/     uncle registered for FM Premium Entry... this one will be uncle's May 2021 schedule on FM... of course, uncle is eagerly waiting for this one to register....Pyongyang Marathon Virtual 2021...April 5-11, 2021...on FM...      
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