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Run For Inclusion 2020 Saturday, 28 November 2020

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wow... this is interesting... the 1st ever in-person physical race is here! No wonder i saw Runninghour group last Sat... 

this is interesting as the race starts from 7amn to 8pm with runners flagoff time being staggered. This means that some runners will be running in the afternoon sun but no choice if each group where they flagoff is about 5 runners (my guess). 

In-Person Event

Between 7am -8pm To ensure the safety of all participants, the event will be organised in smaller rotations with several flag off timings over the event day. The specific time slot allocated to each participant will be issued during race pack collection. Generally, participants of the same race category will be flagged off in the same session.

To note that participants of the event will have to leave the event premises at the end of the allocated timing to ensure safe distancing and smooth transition of the entry of the next group of participants.


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what is an antigen...vs...an antibody


In person event to go ahead but an antigen covid test is required..confirmed...




Education Minister Lawrence Wong, who co-chairs the multi-ministry Covid-19 task force, said at the briefing that Singapore is considering whether to make it mandatory for some events to provide antigen rapid tests.

"If and when we make pre-event or pre-entry testing a requirement for certain larger-scale activities to happen in phase three (of Singapore's reopening), then, indeed, the organisers of the events can avail themselves of the antigen testing protocols that are already available in the market at that time," he said.

Actually, those who opt not to attend in person, shall go for Virtual Edition.

Uncle's concern...


it is better that there will not be any integration of

- homebound People with Special Needs

- Outdoor loving people 

better to be safe...there should not be any Contact at all...

It is possible to think of a reason why not to join Run for Inclusion 2020! - Giles (Runninghour Guide)...because of Covid-19...just cancel lah...simply...



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watch this video first...

also from FB:



anyone going and test test, but honestly, what is the objective...who actually is doing the run...homebound People with Special Needs...10m apart...with your assistance/integration...or you enjoying you run...10m part from the homebound People with Special Needs who need to integrate with you...

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