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The Straits Times Virtual Run 2020

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Terms and Conditions as agreed from both parties...


* Participants will be awarded with 1 LIV3LY point for every 1KM distance clocked...


hence...walk, sit and walk, jog, stop, walk, run, stop and walk...


as long you complete 17.5KM..17 or 18 LIV3LY Points, you shall be able to collect your Entitlements with Medals...

Only .MOVE. by LIV3LY can be used to qualify for completion of the selected run distance.

Registered and successful activated paricipant should have found their reg id from the liv3ly app...

Website Q & A...Any issue, please contact...


As long as .MOVE. app issues are settled, better to gain from the Virtual Race with Virtual Experience.

Considering there are many newbies who don't really use digital platform (digital device) in their regular workouts.


Maybe a pre-race Workshops online/tutorial...

Congratulations, completion of 17.5KM!




Interesting, collection in person...

Next, for 175KMers...you need at least 175KM LIV3LY points to complete. 

Hope here in this forum, can enjoy and complete ST Virtual Run 2020..and please share your favourable feedbacks soon...



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what, still got issues not resolved..seems like ST Run Reply Bot also cannot cope...


SOS, uncle BOT, help, can you assist?

newbie.jpgdear newbie, yes, you must activate the virtual run to start lah...so blur..sotong...


dear not so smart one,


you got go to SETTING and Set Your Goal at Distance.. select OTHERS and say...20KM

same with Duration...and Pace...


...btw, today is cloudy..GPS satellites got blocked by clouds...8.6km and 1.3km is not much lah...be happy, just reinstall and start again...from 0km...try again...



wah, slow down, so many bullets shooting again like machine gun..

1. dear unlucky one...your account kena cyber attack..kena hacked..deintall, delete and reinstall lah..works all the time...

2. dear blur sotong one...SETTINGS (see above)...got do your Pace..default is 5min/km... did you walk, and then zZZZ and then stand up enjoy cluods so long...the APP thought you actually on Treadmill...or...if so long you not .MOVE. APP thought you already "uplorry"...you got deleted because you NOT .ACTIVE.

you know what is .MOVE. right?...cannot .STOP.

3. dear newbie..when we are in process of making a demo..we cannot find "start" to press button on video recorder..Panasonic sponsor one...strangely, cannot find "pause", "stop" but can only find  "delete"  press button..oops...DELETED..OMG!



dear no manners one, mind your language when on social media...Nike Run or Adidas Runtasic..uncle got used..already said so...everything on ST Virtual Run must be in .MOVE. otherwise...no entitlements and no medals..

amateurish wannabe apps in future...might as well use your watch and measuring tape better and screen shots time and tape...every 50m..make sure you complete 17.5KM or/and 175KM with evidence..


dear kia su/kia si one, you must have missed the Red button to "pause" at the end of 54 mins run, cannot find it, means never read instructions hours ago, serve you right!...

don't bluff lah, 54 mins run or is it 54 mins of bike/drive round Singapore...

GPS was enabled last night...got check Satellite Watch Schedule? 10/10 Taiwan Satellites Holiday because of National Day...China's Golden Week China Satellites also holiday mood...

you sure or not today got check your SIM card working or you forgot to TopUP...Prepaid..no Data Plan because you got no $$...

ok...please continue to shoot uncle with more issues...uncle surely can handle...

which stage are you (Bot)? cannot log-in

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Panasonic Selfie Challenge Contest...Weekly...




Challenge starts Thursday 0000 and end Wednesday 1800

like this one, Win 2 prizes...



so uncle submitted...


hope uncle can get one of the top 2 prizes...

meanwhile uncle also gather evidences for submissions...'casue .MOVE. issues so many, so manual submission...lol..

dear ST VR 2020,

Mt Faber Park to NUS Southern Ridge Run





Screenshot from Uncle's App


Highest Elevation 106m

still got 6.5KM...going to ECP to complete later...

Barrage to ECP Lagoon should be enough to complete with entitlements and medal...will submit last one...very soon.

Thank you.


yo, uncle must got weekend to enjoy balance of life (completing ST VR)...

aiya, Monday is 24 hours from now...let uncle go Barrage first lah, can or not...in order to .Move. on...

next time uncle should join .SLEEP. CAN.WAIT.  hope they don't use crappy .MOVE. app...





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Summary of STVR Weekend Woes as reflected from FB Feedback and Comments:

1. There is absolutely no Technical Helpdesk over the Weekend.

2. Most of Participants are new to the Digital Virtual Race. Login, PW.

3. App Development and Application, uncle must agreed UI/UA User Interface/User Application Experience...very bad. "Start Button" press not there, is really a no no.

4. No demo on How to Log-in, Select Race Entry for Medaka Generation (MG) Participants - It is never their Fault, they need a Workshop or even a youtube or Digital Video Demo, there was NONE. Very frustrating expereince. Also, notice that .MOVE. login there is never a box to "remember" forever, instead it always "force" user to log-in correctly, and again, and again..so for MG Paricipants..work last time, now cannot work, small letter, special characters provided by Technical Support...

5. Apps is crappy, compared to known Apps that work all the time.

6. Syn issues are Integration with other Apps.  On the settings, uncle cannot find how it that possible. Also, when Syn with other Apps, we can login to Google, Facebook and other social media User and Password...and cannot find these features online...seems like Technical Support manually set up "syn" which actually tie in with the Login User and PW when at .MOVE. absolutely not syn..because simply integration/syn are not "linked"

7. LIV3LY App will reward LIV3LY Points if it works.


seen screen shots of many at FB...there are none of the LIV3LY Points appeared on the User Screen.

Meaning, Users must uninstall and get an updated one that will resolve the issue.

8. Since uncle was also involved in Apps Development, FrontEnd - Crap, BackEnd - ??? how does the Distance (using LIV3LY Points say 1KM is 1 LIV3LY Point) captured..say 0.5KM...and 10.9KM...round up or round down. Round Down. So if Participant choose to PAUSE...Zero Distance...0 LIVE3LY Point. Reject Previous Distance, and can explain why many had claimed - Deleted Distance.

9. .MOVE. does not .STOP. (Stationary). For those seasoned Participants - successfully completed because they never .STOP. If this App is planned for Single Session VR - Not an issue. But, if Multiple Sessions - where is the Limit? Seems like feedback "After 6 Runs - stop Recording".

10. Seriously, uncle must accept that the Apps indeed did not meet the expectations of both New and Seasoned participants. To make things worst, the Technical Helpline is absolutely Not Helpful (never provide actions taken explained at FB). Simply, the Apps was not even Developed Fully and it had not been tested (we call QA Testing with Users before the Race).

11. Week 2, need to resolve asap, hope STVR participants, you need to have more patient, because uncle foresees, yet to be resolved based on the Feedback from FB.

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The MOVE developer team has no excuse for their failures since they have tons of time to get things right since the Star Wars Run. Can only guess maybe the main programmers already left long time or they simply bo chap...

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let's move on to week 2...



let uncle find out some ???.... like this one...




but still available on the secondary market...yes, can be bought from Carousell..






give you the link >>>> https://www.gevme.com/STVR2020






sales and marketing should have come from the organiser, and perhaps explain why...iD user and PW not working...

uncle actually said in the Carousell chat, .MOVE. app got problem...reply, "I don't know what you are talking about, but so simple process that you also don't understand...wasting my time..." Of course, uncle rejected the offer, because uncle is just "investigating" and not really an intereted Buyer of a Corporate STVR slot...

remember those who are past users of LIV3LY including uncle, were our user id and pw...being compromised?


let's go back to year 2019...










same organiser, different outcome...

why? is the organiser is inefficient..or really it is the vendor who supplied the .MOVE. APPS?

need the truth in the matter...both parties must be held responsible...

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3 hours ago, kohpapa said:

same organiser, different outcome...

why? is the organiser is inefficient..or really it is the vendor who supplied the .MOVE. APPS?

need the truth in the matter...both parties must be held responsible...

Without doing any investigating, I can tell you 100% the .MOVE. app is the organizer's in-house app.

There is no way they are still insisting to use the app after so much backlash if they are not related in any way...

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3 hours ago, beast said:

Without doing any investigating, I can tell you 100% the .MOVE. app is the organizer's in-house app.

There is no way they are still insisting to use the app after so much backlash if they are not related in any way...

Thanks @beast, you being one of the most senior among sgRunners...

let uncle investigate and probe professionally...from the business and technical perspectives..




CEO - Jeffery Foo...Liv3ly..aka Infinitus Productions...

Profile according to Linkedln..







More about Software Development work at Liv3ly...

A Software Engineer shared...

so this is the setback or negative (-ve)...according to user feedback...login and pw...


The system .MOVE. uses laravel

latest on Laravel Platform...


AWS is Amazon Web Services


Applets deployed via AWS Cloud Computing...cost-saving solution on not needing in-house infrastructive hardware solution...

meaning if you want fast and reliable real-time data...you need to pay more to enable "faster data transfer"...and AWS will constant alert you when sudden surge of requests when say 14K users want to register to enter race..."crash"..pay up more, please..and join a new tier subscription...

data is missing, or capturing of real-time clock is not reliable...requests are handled by how much you pay...say 1 session, multiple sessions of updating...never see any limits...

uncle is interested on Laravel...what is the framework...








comparing python django, Ruby - backend as experienced...

yes, agreed, Laravel being a new framework, is lightweight...does suffer on the problems...not powerful enough to handle extended classes and codes (critically like what users face - why distance deleted, how to capture pause, record and stop)...remember .Move. is cannot .STOP.  

Community support is lacking (because it is a new framework) so testing and trial by other developers are lacking...not enough case studies..

simply, one word...crappy..because .MOVE. was not meant to be as fast vs like Ruby (stable and reliable framework) and  if user wants to get more "real-time"...someone will need to pay more for higher AWS-tier-pricing lah... SLOW vs FAST or None (crash)...are never the choice of the User who will face the issues...especially...whether New or Experienced Users..."Can we submit manually?" instead, and save a peace of mind using .MOVE.

👍 to the Users.


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Thanks @kohpapa for digging out all the technicality behind the .MOVE. app. It was an interesting read.

Given that Infinitus Productions will definitely not be investing a higher cost tier to support the framework and minimize errors, it should just allow users to have the choice of manually upload their results, and not try and force everyone to stick to the lousy tracking of the app. In any case, nobody is going to bother with checking all the 14K ST run screenshots for cheaters, because nobody cares really. If someone wants to cheat in such non-competitive virtual runs, it doesn't affect the running community at large.


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location permissions on Apple iOS devices and Android devices...


as we are from the run community...we just add the support to those who are running to keep fit and stay healthy...

It is very sad that they aren't any local organizer that will challenge to Infinitus Productions "AI" tech in Virtual Race except SCSM Virtual Race (Ironman Asia)...

We advocate fair pricing and high professional services to the Users (participants). Making above profits with sub standard products (processes) are never tolerated.

Besides Infinitus Productions, we are also watchful of other organisers who also "take short-cuts" by exploiting participants to thousands of merchandize offered at sub-quality wearables (like tees) or finisher medals.

Be careful on the Terms and Conditions - No refund for Registration when you are confirmed with payment to an e-Ticket. But, you have yet registered to entry to an e-Event. Only with a Promo code, you then really can register to an e-Event, even though you have bought and paid to an e-Ticket (look at what uncle has share with the carousell chat).

Many are new to the digital virtual platform registration via an app, and hence that is "automated" process which does not really need the presence of "manpower".  We call then BOT or "AI". Therefore, it is reasonable to be almost FOC except up the set-up cost over thousands transactions.

How much do you think that can be? 10cents, 50cents, 1 dollar or $10?

Will Infinitus Productions make less money by offering $22 for 17.5Km or even 175,000KM...nope, they still make money. There is no need to provide "labour", "nutrition/hydration", "you are DIY all the way" rain or shine, ehtically or otherwise, virtually you are just an id in Liv3ly. 

Making profits from merchandize, separate Purchases as evidence from SCSM Virtual Club.

Until Covid-19 ends (nobody knows when), Virtual Race shall be with us. Select wisely an e-event that is challenging and fulfill your personal "stay healthy stay strong needs". For the newbies, always challenging as you embark on your journey from 2KM - 21KM - 42KM - 100KM - 175KM...but, with Virtual Race...you don't pay more with progressive Distance.

We also encourage those sgRunners who are Techie to come forth to look at all those "AI" Techy platforms offered by organisers who offer Virtual Races which are actually not really expensive to run like offer manual upload of your submission to verify your efforts (results from GPS).

There is never DNF in every virtual race. You can PAUSE anytime and when you are ready to proceed CONTINUE. Of course, there is no CHEAT because there are no VIRTUAL RAT.

Simply, VR participant is just a registered id with an app which measures your pace and distance. It is as good as just bring your stop-watch, and measure your time - Start and Stop - single sessions/multiple sessions. Take one of the Pace (2  to 20min per KM). There is no need to CHEAT because you will know your Pace better.

Enjoy Virtual Race with STVR, now you know .MOVE. so what if it is crappy.


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If there are those who have registered and yet have not started your virtual race for either on 17.5KM or 175KM...or decide to give up...

Of course, uncle uses .MOVE. for Error Reporting (sgRunners Technical Helpdesk Bot)...

Go ahead and try and run .MOVE. and make sure you use the lastest upgrade (if there is the "latest" NOT upgraded yet)

The scenario is often likedat...



Go to .MOVE. settingsor RUN icon (below)

Should have a pop up selection

Start Button in the centre, and button right is for SETTINGS to Set Your Goal

for Distance Duration Pace


say 175KM, then set Distance at Others for 175KM

Duration at Others set say 75 Hours based on your Goal of 175KM

Pace at Others set your most recent say 7KM/min

Go to .MOVE. settings 
or HISTORY icon (below)

if there is Recording of your Run Activity



There should be 1 LIV3LY point for every 1KM distance clocked...

Otherwise, Nothing is saved.

If you would have noticed immediately on the HISTORY list, why distance is not accurately recorded, when you compare to another run app which shows that given the same distance, pace and duration you cover, the outcome on .MOVE. is not accurate (expected and confirmed by many so far). Don't worry.

GPS not working. Well you have being told how to do your settings first at Android and Iphone on Always Allow GPS/Wifi Tracking...

Well, at least, do the Right Thing First (Always Allow GPS/Wifi Tracking), then Settings at MOVE, Run and See Save Activity at HISTORY. Check if you have a at least 1KM or 3KM effort.

At Run icon, Set Your button right is for SETTINGS to Set Your Goal.

Run and See Save Activity at HISTORY. Check if you have a at least 1KM or 3KM effort.

Even if sometimes, it works. Often times, it never work. Blame on GPS. Blame on Settings. Blame on Cloud Computing (AWS). 

At least, you can see both sides of Human and "AI" Technology Error perspectives on why .MOVE. apps is crappy.

.Move. on lah!😄



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Tachnical Support uncle please....alternative perspective of why that happened...


Dear Johnny,

Algorithmn screw up...

There should be 1 LIV3LY point for every 1KM distance clocked...

but they rewarded 2 LIV3LY point for every 1KM distance clocked

so, you want us to reset so you could complete...

no problem...All results all multiplier of 1 LIV3LY...

Happy, Johnny?

Background Shouting: Yo, who go and use 2019 Sundown Virtual Run format...


Get 2 Points for per SGD1 Registration...That one is when we have Terms and Conditions is for them (Participants) to Purchase Merchandize Offer...like Medal Holder or ELM Quality or Not. Merchandize can make money mah...Next Time Entry Promotion like $8, surely everyone will sure sign up.


Both ways also Profits..

Sales & Marketing, please take note.


Dear Tan,

Real time means Cloud Computing must work faster.  Delay. Sorry for the NOT SO FAST Update.

Background Shouting: Yo, who work at night shift, why manually never update...

Otherwise AutoBot by AWS will be damned expensive...


Flat Fee - 1000 participants per month

Usage Based - 24 hours (real time)..

First 1000 - XXX

First 500 above - Double

Exceeded next 500 level...Compound...

Hybrid - Real but Midnight Flat Fee..This pricing better, where got Participants run Sundown one...crazy to do so for MGen so many who signup.

Finance Department - Please check if Alibaba Cloud got special pricing...Buy 1 month Get 1 month Free...

Digital Age...everything should be cheap and cheaper.

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17 hours ago, starfinder said:

Looking at the latest FB responses, seems there are people who have successfully recorded their runs.


will you respond to FB when you complete your run?

14K of them who are supposed to complete both 17.5KM and 175km and NOT SUCCESSFULLY will surely make their voice known...when and until they completed finally.

Otherwise, they are taking part in some Social Media Contest to win Weely Prizes. Most of which, "I have completed my Run" with Selfie and Say a few word..."Great. No Problem."

Let uncle share with all...A Virtual Race Website with the categories..


non-FB approach, simply DIY...

What uncle likes is Leaderboard...

Completion or incompletion of Submissions with Timing...

Clearly in SCSM Virtual Race, Who Participated Who are Finishers.


Ranking according to Time. Even Breakdown to Gender and Age Category.




Simply that is Spreadsheet Database, Filtering in Order, Groupings....

Well, unless STVR does not want us to find out...Actually How Many Participants are there..Really 14K Fully Sold Out? 🤫

Digital Age...everything is Virtual. Are the submitted results "Authentic"? Are the Participants "Real"? Interested to find out, how many Registered but Failed to be Finishers because there is no DNF? right?

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just submit all - screenshots and incorrect move app tracking will be assessed at the end of the event?





great, Uncle's Technical Support <Close> 

don't worry with what the crappy .MOVE. app records, just submit anything that you think is "right" for you...and finish the race..

do take part in Social Media contest, and celebrate your great finishing..FB is for you to show your support for STVR..

so, how many actually finished already? and how many still have yet to finish but already registered?

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It's obvious is Liv3ly is being pressured by Straits Times to get their act together. I doubt they would have offered a workaround screenshot upload otherwise.

This makes me wonder why there wasn't any issue with the Star Wars Virtual Run and POSB Run for Kids Virtual Run. Or was the number so small that it was a non-issue?  Or some other reasons?

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2 hours ago, lonewolf said:

This makes me wonder why there wasn't any issue with the Star Wars Virtual Run and POSB Run for Kids Virtual Run. 

@lonewolf, you should start a forum thread for POSB Run for Kids Virtual Run... and everyone can find out more...

but, since this is a discussion channel, then let uncle just summarised for all... yes, if someone really want to open a thread on POSB Run for Kids Virtual Run...uncle saves you the time and effort... no need...

info extracted : https://www.posb.com.sg/personal/run-for-kids

Yes, Participants without mobile phones also can take part...



Entitlements..with conditions...see more



because got different categories to qualify...



of course, to sign up, fees and categories...note on terms and conditions..coming soon...



total 4 weeks, minimum 3KM per week..total minimum of 12KM



yes...if Individual...if Team of 4...



remember to read Terms and Conditions..


select Smiley tote bag and (or) Medal...read on...


yes, .MOVE. app works, don't worry...



again, read the Terms and Conditions again...carefully please



ok, qualifying weekly themed challenge,  "No Completion, No Medal", leaderboard...


Leaderboard updated every Friday (Week 1-4) November...Earn finisher medal...Terms and Conditions...



in case you have problem login id and password...


DIY, no need to go FB like STVR...


likedat...let uncle summarize in case you miss out...keywords...

ok...Complete the 3KM weekly Challenge..Single/Multiple Sessions...and Complete 4 weeks...

Make sure..are you entitled to Medal or not...if you failed to submit your run distance...

.MOVE. apps track your distance 3KM weekly, make sure ok! 

Good luck!! Not sure, please read the Terms and Conditions [with conditional, and with different catogories, and in Individual and Team of 4]

For Star Wars Virtual Run, the terms and conditions are simply accept the .MOVE. apps distance or manual submissions.

Of course, from SCSM:


Register Free at SCSM Virtual Club...

Option: $45 Finisher Bundle with Free Toy...





1 session...over the weekend...

Leaderboard: Immediate (real time)..




shi...don't let SCSM Virtual Club knows...uncle spent most of time with Kids...at ChinaTown walkaround, shop around, nutrition and hydration breaks...


longer than usual for the SCSM 3KM Kids VR...as Team of 4...

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I don't think Liv3ly has gotten their act together yet. Still see many complains for the app. I think the manual submission is their safety net just in case they couldn't fix all the errors for their problematic app.

@kohpapa, you say you summarized but I don't see the summary...... 😅

So Star Wars run, allow tracking via MOVE app or manual submission, hence few complains...

POSB Run, not sure from your post if it still allows both submission?

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@beast, if you want to start the thread for POSB Run, you can follow and summarize...Terms and Conditions...

Yes, no phone also can run...both submissions are allowed because no phones with apps are allowed...🤔

Register as Individual and Team of 4....w or wo Medal...No Tee this time...

Actually, uncle cannot summarize POSB Kids Virtual simply...When Kids Run...Who do most of the running...Adults or Kids?


12KM for 4 Weeks with 3KM Weekly....is that necessary?

Be watchful on the Sales & Marketing pitch of the Organizer...🤫


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On 10/15/2020 at 6:43 PM, lonewolf said:

It's obvious is Liv3ly is being pressured by Straits Times to get their act together. I doubt they would have offered a workaround screenshot upload otherwise.

This makes me wonder why there wasn't any issue with the Star Wars Virtual Run and POSB Run for Kids Virtual Run. Or was the number so small that it was a non-issue?  Or some other reasons?

i guess the number of participants was small and.. probably the distance is shorter hence just one or two runs will suffice.. However for ST 175km run, it will take more runs to complete and hence probably more problems surfaced when so many runners took part.... 


Anyway the Race for 175km has started! Enjoy!

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personal experience... maybe for shorter distance...ok..but for longer distance...not very confident...and already most had commented, "it is not accurate"...

uncle has removed .MOVE. app... simply it is not accurate and is not reliable...

it is better to take an alternative app as a backup...that means that will "use up more" on your hp battery...but, better to be safe and be assured...the alternative app must always save...all the time...

not all apps are accurate, even the commercial ones... (> means faster)

Strava > Runkeeper > Adidas Running....

so, you know, when you take marathon pace and distance...make sure you run more with Strava...where else Adidas Running seems to be "longer" in distance...

let uncle share...this weekend (Sat), uncle shall take a marathon virtual race with Strava apps [official app] for New York Road Runners - NYRR - 2020 NYCityMarathon Virtual Race...



from the strava forum discussion..many had complained that Strava registered Completion of Race...but the distance was short of marathon distance from the NYRR site, and there was feedback...why participants were not in the list of Successful Completion with Medal.

27K Participants with 6.6K Finishers...2 options

- Digital Badge (Free) or/and

- Finisher Medal (Paid)


and so uncle used strava app and runkeeper app for testing..and for every 1km...strava is faster by 0.02km...and so if you have 42.195KM [Full Marathon]..there is a shortfall of 0.8439km...almost 1KM

so uncle must use 43.1KM or better 44km [Strava] if running marathon...otherwise, uncle will miss meeting the marathon distance requirement the finisher medal...because Strava app is not "accurate"...

wish uncle could complete a full marathon this weekend...within 8 hours or lesser...44km on Strava apps..


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