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Is it Safe to Run in Groups, now?

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I still feel that it is not that safe to run in groups yet. Hence i prefer to run alone now or with someone in the household. The virus is still on the rise gradually after Phase 2 opening and we still have to be vigilant and stay clear of unknowns. Some pointers i got from the article. (Source: https://www.runnersworld.com/news/a32815375/is-it-safe-to-run-in-groups/

What do you all think??

Before you consider running with a partner or small group, ask yourself:

  • Are there any restrictions on activities or gatherings in my area?
  • Are coronavirus cases in my community increasing or decreasing?
  • Is community spread low?
  • Am I feeling sick?
  • Will those who I’m running with stay home if they’re feeling sick?
  • Are we running in an area where we can spread out?
  • Are we running in an area where we won’t come in contact with others?
  • Have I or my training partners been in close proximity with others for an extended period of time, such as at a bar or restaurant, an office, or club?
  • Do I live with anyone who is immunocompromised?

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@AutumnRunner Agreed. Covid-19 is still present and some countries are not able to handle the current situation now (increasing cases, resources exhausted etc).

We can do our part here by running alone and going to places which are not so crowded. Good pointers by Runners World there.

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i strongly believe that humans will still win this war with the virus, hence all runners just have to be a little more patient... 

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    • It probably started as a misunderstanding or misinterpretation  of the fact, but it has since escalated and the stakes have risen considerably.  My impression from reading the reports is the part of SRY's contention with Ashley's account was that it was put to him during media interview that he slowed to a crawl and that cost him a medal. Ashley did not clarify that during the media interview which perpetuates his act of sportsmanship.  That got him nominated for the Fairplay award which he won.  I don't think that SRY begrudged Ashley for the award. He just disagree that Ashley slowed down to a crawl and that cost him a medal. In his estimation, even if Ashley has really slowed down, it did not cost him a medal because his finishing time was a bit off from the medal timing.  SA probably slighted because they were the one who nominated Ashley for the award and raised the stake with its 'problem kid' to cease and desist. Of cos, SRY was never going to just roll over. And his further comments prompted Ashley to sue him for defamation. And here we are.  It all seems a little superfluous to me but of cos I'm not the one who feels he's been defamed. 
    • I think only Ashley himself really know if he did really purposely slow down or not.  While I admire SRY on his achievement and humility even as a champion, there could be chance he may have observed wrongly especially from a distance. Then this whole issue becomes just a misunderstanding.
    • 2022...that is, if there is none of  "Covid-20" pandemic aka Covid-19 Wave 2...  🙄
    • Hey Uncle thank you - Have moved the century to 2022 Yeah keep your virtual runs clean and green
    • glad of @Lady Ice to reply...looks like this SCSM Virtual edition, shall miss... Reminder to All, please Keep the SCSM Race Clean and Green... of course, first thing to pop up is ...how is your 100th marathon attempt...given if this is not a Covid-19 year, you should have completed your maiden Century mark? Virtual Race, in uncle's opinion, can never replace the Real Run experience, because it is always a designated route, motivated by fellow runners who form camaraderie for a common objective...finishing a race with betterment of their PB... Virtual Race has no element of DNF, no judgement, no supervised "officiating" from a standard "Virtual Race" Committee to verify if your "gps-logged activity" data submitted as evidence...of course uncle has mentioned...how best to to verify if the "participant entity" is on walk, run, bike, drive, train or plane mode...or if the person is really "virtual" and not the real person... lots of virtual mega ultra distance...2020 KM....produces lots of virtual mega ultra runners...wha...that's cool...how then to complete 2020 KM race... Cumulative...wait uncle got 58km (run) weekly...calculator please...34 weeks till 2020...let's see there are 52 weeks per year...aiyoh, should have signed up 1 Jan 2020...but if 2020 KM can be done with plane...Roundtrip London - Singapore - London...and how many hours of flight time....zzZZZZZ...still got hope...when GREEN LANE special opening for London-SG border...10 slots uncle "chopped" BUY...20210KM...of course, 1 slot of 2021KM Virtual Race reserved specially for @Lady Ice to complete her Century Marathon milestone...actually a package for 48 FM... eagerly waiting for next 2021 KM Virtual Race...how much RM 150...S$50...complete with everything...SOLD OUT, limited 10,000 Slots available...due to overwhelming demand...another 10,000 Slots...repeat 4 Quarters of 2021...lol...event organiser laughing to the bank...with virtual manpower to support...apps platform is "bot" actually... Yes, SCSM platform is a Base Training Platform..and if the SCSM Virtual "Grand Finale" shall be based on the apps...uncle would just treat this as another Challenging Training Session...can be repeated again (say 3 times)...best of all, there is never DNF...because you decide for yourself if you should want to DNF yourself...mostly, with personal pride...NO WAY! Just like if Virtual Race (Challenge 2021KM)...DNF....NO WAY!
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