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Covid Breaker Runs - Where to run.

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Hi There, this month I have seen an unprecedented number of runners out in force all over Singapore. I know we are not allowed to run in groups beyond our neighborhoods. Most parks are closed. But lone runners will not be disturbed during run. So having said that. Where to run? any ideas? 
1. Pasir Ris Park - 4-6km
2. Changi Point - 5-6km
3. Punggol Point and Park Run - 8-11km - Coney Island is closed
4. The Big Mac - closed - but can run in from outside. 11-12km
5. Bedok Reservoir - 4-6km
6. Seletar Reservoir - 11km to circle Yishun, Lentor, YCK, Seletar. 4-6km for back and forth via "causeway"
7. Bishan AMK Park - 4-6km route
8. Marina Bay East and West over Sheares Bridge - 6km
9. MBFC complete - 8km
10 Pandan Resevoir - 6km
11 Labrador Park - 7km
12 ECP - all carparks closed - run in from Marine Parade. very long. your choice. 5-21km
13 Kent Ridge Henderson Waves Southern Ridge - 8km - 11km.
14 Botanic Gardens - Park at Tangling mall - 5-6km

Any more? cheers and happy running.


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Posted (edited)

Hi, @lokey, here I am better known as uncle..


Hilly Runs mostly based on routes of Ridge Runners Run, Trans Singapore, and Forest Force 50, connected by Roads. East (40km) and West (40km)...just pick any 2 for Weekends for the rest of CB SG (extended).


North Eastern...Pasir Ris >> Loyang >> Changi Point

Die hard, Changi Point >> Tenah Merah Coast Road..


If Yishun, Sembawang, Canberra, Admiralty, Woodlands...


No need to say much about ECP, Punggol, most here are familiar.

But, it will be of interest...Seletar >>> Yishun, traffic quite heavy, PCN very few runners, also less cyclists. Of course, uncle ran that one before.

Yes, Circuit Breaker means Stay Home Always, and as such if you are caught never Exercise (Run) Neighbourhood Only, then you are liable to be breaching the No Mingling (Stay Home), ready to be Fined. Easily, mobile police vehicles cruising, and uncle had been followed, but to check if Mask up when Exercise (Walk).

Why so many are running, because only Exercise (Run) no need Mask. Seen many couples and family members, excuse to Exercise (Brisk Walk) is to Meet-up.

But, soon there will be Apps to Trace-and-Track who's who in Parks (for reason of in case someone is contracted with Covid-19). Your ID will have detail where you actually stay and for reason why you leave home (non-essential). You are expected to have Essential Reason if you are "enforced"..."I live in East, visit West Coast for Fun.." deserving $300 Fine (First Time).

Why not wait till after June 1, then hope the rules are relaxed. Otherwise, Stay Home (Exercise)..or Run at wee hours (alone only), at ulu location..like Tenah Merah Coast Road, because expected only Exercise (Cyclists) there, where got Exercise (Runner), crazy run there. Uncle as Exercise (Runner) ran this morning, alone, with Exercise (Cyclists) many. 

Btw, @lokey, wonder if I have chat with you years ago here...for you are an Ultra Runner...running from ECP to Changi Point and even to Pasir Ris/Punggol is no problem.

Because of Covid-19, running endurance is Non-Essential. No carparks at available at Parks. No water fountains (temporarily suspended) are to discourage anyone who is not endured, better think twice. Of course, uncle is prepared to run beyond 10K or 15K without any of hydration/nutrition.

As such, if you can run beyond 5km, then actually there are quite available routes...just plan your route ahead..run in loops...5km x 5...around your neighbourhood...is good for 1/2 Marathon.

Nice chatting with you.

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