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Date: 13 September 2020 (Sun)

Venue: Hindhede Road (Central Catchment Nature Reserve & MacRitchie Reservoir)

Distance: 50KM, 25KM & 15KM


Trans Asia Series: https://www.transasiaseries.com/

Trans Singapore: http://www.transsingapore.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/transasiaseries/?epa=SEARCH_BOX

Registration: https://racesreg.asia/tsg2020/select_competition


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17 hours ago, SG RED DEVIL said:

@kohpapa since you are trail runner from the beginning, this event might be an interest to you.

Thanks. Yes, I will explore tomorrow, quite familiar with the area, also with the NEW and RESTRUCTURED


Ran this last week - Windsor Nature Park - MacRitchie Reservoir (Lornie Side). 

(info - https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-opens-6th-nature-park-with-another-new-park-in-the-8782728)




Getting to Thomson Nature Park



Rifle Range Park (extracted from National Park website)







Rifle Rangle Link via Windsor Nature Part/Sime Track




MacRitchie Reservoir >>>  Windsor Nature Park >>> Rifle Range Nature Park >>> new Green Corridor (that should be 12km or more..Yes, I should see a 25km - 30km stretch.

If U-turn --> new Green Corridor >>> Rifile Range Nature Park >>> Windosr Nature Park >>> MacRitchie Reservior  (25km stretch)

Uncle thinks this is the possible 50km, Ultra! Trail Run.

Will update, and perhaps,  invite anyone interested, can join uncle to run trail and explore the Trans Singapore route 😀.

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Return from after 3 weeks of Exploring - Central Catchement Nature Reserve

if venue is Hindhede Road (Central Catchment Nature Reserve & MacRitchie Reservoir), then probably :

1. new Green Corridor should be the Daisy Farm Nature Reserve with the plenty of Quarries 
2. Windsor Nature Reserve actually is the new "North Hill" of MacRitchie Reservoir Route - linking Venus Loop.
3. Rifle Range Road (ran in the wee hours of the day, no traffic) is the road that connects Rifle Range Link with SIME Track to MacRitchie Reservior. This road also connects Diary Farm Nature Reserve. The Rifle Range Road is opp Beauty World under the overhead bridge just beside a bus stop.

4. Hindhede Road is near to the base of Bukit Timah Hill - facilitate Car Park and Amenities for Start Point.

Probable Route: Hindede Road >>> Daisy Farm Nature Reserve >> Rifle Range Road >> Rifle Range Link (SIME Track) MacRitchie Reservior >>> Ranger Station >>> Windsor Nature Reserve >>> Venus Loop >>> Return to Hindede Road (15KM - 25KM ) should be reasonable. 2 Loops will make that 50KM 😀


Actually NEW "Steps" replaced "North Hill" slopping dirt close to the  Singapore Island Country Club. The SIME track are full of RESTRUCTURED Rocks, if anyone "go barefoot", better don't end up "bloody" foot reflexology.  Run NEW "Boardwalk" along the Windsor Nature Reserve, something "not really" ideal. Uncle got to "tip toe" ballet style to "minimize" sound. Missing most are the Monkeys. Maybe uncle doesn't have food like bananas.

Next week (4th): full loop Hindede Road >>> Daisy Farm Nature Reserve >> Rifle Range Road >> Rifle Range Link (SIME Track) MacRitchie Reservior >>> Ranger Station >>> Windsor Nature Reserve >>> Venus Loop >>> Return to Hindede Road next week to get a feel...Ultra! Run which includes a Bukit Hill ascent 😀 as part of uncle's Trans Singapore Hilly Ultra! Run 2020



MacRitchie Reservior>>Bukit Timah Hill>>Bukit Batok Hill>>NTU (via Bukit Batok to Jurong)>> NUS-Southern Ridges >> Fort Canning Hill (anti-clockwise)

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Technically, agreeing "a single continuous run" is refreshing. MacRitchie Reservior route qualified to have "a single continuous run" because No Bikes Are Allowed.

Other trail routes are shared with "bikers, hikers and walkers". Uncle would see that, until officially annoucement for such "a single continuous run", will there be no "bikers, hikers and walkers" congesting the route? 

Another challenge is the support by volunteers to manage the course to ensure "a single continuous route" of 15KM, 25KM or 50KM.

Trial Run course is not like Road Run course. Logistics and Manpower deployment is not merely by mobile transportation. Even if transport is available, volunteers and support staff need to commute on their own like walking to locations which are really remotely from known tracks.

Communication within the Trail Course is challenging in tropical forested Nature Reserve (Central Catchment Area). In some areas, communication signal is weaker simply nearby there are military camps especially along Rifle Range Road.

Of course, there is still a possibility of the new Corridor Green extends beyond the Daisy Farm Nature Reserve. The Bukit Panjang side of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve stretching all the way to Mandai and Seletar Reservoir.

From Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (includes Daisy Farm Nature Park)...


linking Bukit Panjang Nature Park...


Zhenghua Park Connector


Actually this is part of the Waterpipe route (MacRitchie Reservoir >>>Bukit Timah>>>Bukit Panjang>>>Mandai>>>Woodlands)


This will definitely meet the "continuous" run of another 15km and more.

Wah, like that, then uncle shall have to reconsider Next week (4th): full loop Hindede Road >>> Daisy Farm Nature Reserve >> > Bukit Panjang>>>Mandai>>>U Turn>>>Mandai>>>Bukit Panjang>>>Daisy Farm Nature Reserve>>>Rifle Range Road >> Rifle Range Link (SIME Track) MacRitchie Reservior >>> Ranger Station >>> Windsor Nature Reserve >>> Venus Loop >>> U Turn >>>Hindede Road next week to get a feel of the "continuous" Trans Singapore Ultra! Trail Run which includes a Bukit Hill ascent (chong hill)..☹️


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Yesterday i tried the dairy farm to macritchie  via rifle range road. Distance is 10 km according to my runkeeper. To add to 15 km, perhaps got to turn to zhenhua park before going to the water pipes area? Not too sure.

It will be interesting to see what routes they will offer 😀

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1 hour ago, starfinder said:

Yesterday i tried the dairy farm to macritchie  via rifle range road. Distance is 10 km according to my runkeeper. To add to 15 km, perhaps got to turn to zhenhua park before going to the water pipes area? Not too sure.

It will be interesting to see what routes they will offer 😀

great info..about 15km so we have a 15KM route because Chestnut Ave is assessible to Logistics and Transportation. Zhenghua Park will be a more appropriate U-Turn and checkpoint.

Hindede Road >>> Daisy Farm Nature Reserve >> > Zhenghua Park (U-Turn)>>>Dairy Farm Nature Reserve>>>MacRitchie via Rifle Range Road via MacRitchie Link via SIME Track>>>Windsor Nature Park>>>Venus Loop (U-Turn)>>>Hindede Road (25KM/50KM)

15KM shall be Dairy Farm Nature Park U-turn instead of Zhenghua Park (U-turn) for those 25KM/50KM

50km - Add MR Route (anti-clockwise loop) instead of straight to the Ranger Stn to Windsor Nature Park after SIME Track (only for doing 25km).

Ranger Stn is Logistics and Deployment area for the MacRitchie/Singapore Island Country Club Side. The other will be the MR Amenities Area and Carpark at Lornie Road.

Looks like we have covered all possible hydration/nutrition checkpoints - A. Hindede Road,  B. Dairy Farm Welcome C. Zhenghua Park (Chestnut Ave), D. Ranger Station, E. Windsor Nature Park (Entrance) which actually Venus Car Park, F. MR Amentities and Carpark (for those that will do 50KM).

Wah, like that, we actually have plotted SGRunners'  version of Trans Singapore 15KM/25KM/50KM. Now, we just need to run and verify 15KM, 30KM and 50KM. 😀  Add chong (ascend) Bukit Timah Hill if you still have enough endurance after 15KM/25KM/50KM.




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28 minutes ago, starfinder said:

Uncle, actually how do these organizers measure accurately on the distance? There are many times my runkeeper 'hang', perhaps due to the weak signals in the forest. 


weak signals in the forest are due to communication in the "military zone" as mentioned on the presence of military camps along Rifle Range Road.

As for these organizers measuring accurately the distance, you can always depend on them to do a good job 👌



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Update: Uncle explores route...







For your interest, Forest Force 50 15KM route on 29th March 2020 (Sun)



Met their production crew at Dairy Farm Nature Park side...while uncle exit to Singapore Quarry...


Please follow only Hiking (Runner) Trail like this one at Chestnut Nature Park. Yes, if uncle kena caught running at Mountain Bike Trail, kena FINE will be $2,000.


Got tip from one of the crew "runners" from the Forest Force 50 Organising Committee, go to the Summit from Hindede side to take the route to Daisy Farm Nature Park, and that is the "pipe line" route of Bukit Timah Nature Park.

Sounded like the same Forest Force 50 crew also knew about the Trans Singapore routes. Same theme - a "continuous" route. 


only 2 trail races here in Singapore...

running during wee hours with trail lights...


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The routes are out from Forest Force 50

15km -



25km -



50km -


So, they cover Zhenghua Park to Mandai for the 25km. Wonder if the routes will be almost identical if the Start Point is Hindede (Summit from Hindede side).

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Free, Easy and Fun Familiarisation Trail Running Routes :

Chestnut Ave  : Enter Zhenghua Park to Chestnut Nature Park >>> Mandai >>> U Turn >>> Bukit Timah Reserve (Pipeline Trail) >>> Rifle Range Road >>> Sime Track >>> Ranger Stn >>> Windsor Park Entrance (Venus Car Park)


Interesting about the Chestnut Nature Park

A Road goes below the BKE. Many are there for Mountain Bike Trail. A carpark beside the Chestnut Nature Park is jammed with vehicles with bikes mounted. All waiting patiently for the operation of the Car Park Entry/Exit Gate.

The entry to the Chestnut Nature Park is the North Territory. Biker and Hiker (Runner) trails are separated.

In the past, uncle ran Bike Trail from Gansa Track and Loop. Now, anyone found entering Bike Trail (hiker or runner) will be fined $2,000. Better follow the Law.

The Gansa Track leads to Central Catchment Park Connector (Mandai Trail) to the Mandai Zoo. Now that the Zoo is going upgrading,  this place is filled with "Construction at work".

U-turn to Bukit Panjang Park. Another underground (BKE) exit to the HDBs. Waterpipe line along Bukit Panjang means the track to Bukit Timah (same waterpipe line) shall be the way. Zhenghua Park or Zhenghua Track leads to Hillview Park Connector (another path Under BKE) to Daisy Farm Nature Park.

Never interested in entering to Daisy Farm Nature Park, since this is fun run for Trans-Singapore and not Forest Force 50. Balurkar Track is actually the hilly "Pipeline Trail" all the way to Rifle Range Road. More hikers/runners can be seen.

There is no longer an "exit" to Rifle Range Road, but through a short path (sorry out of bounds due to Road Work). This path goes to a camp that is now vacated. Actually more camps are vacated along Rifle Range Road. Proceed further to the Rifle Range Link to MacRitchie is what uncle wants.

Sime Track>>>Ranger Station>>>North Hill (MR Trail) is always full of hikers/walkers and Runners all Step up or Step down. Uncle wish to be at Bukit Panjang/Zhenghua/Gangsa/Chestnut Nature Park serene side.

End at Venus Carpark. Took bus at Sin Ming Road across Venus Carpark. Head to Bishan Interchange which is actually Bishan MRT.

This one is planned next MR Amenities Centre: Enter Lornie Road >>> MacRitichie (Entrance) >>> Singapore Island Golf Course >>> U Turn >>> MacRitchie Trail >>> Ranger Stn >>> Sime Track >>> Rifle Range Road >>> Bukit Timah Reserve >>>Hindede Summit >>> Hindede Road (Bottom of Bukit Timah Summit)

Information based on Forest Force 50 Routes with Hindede as a Start Point. 

Have a great weeked for all :)

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15 hours ago, SG RED DEVIL said:

Registration opens today. Early rate is good till 01 Jun 2020.

I believed seasoned or newbie runners will join this 1st edition event if time permits. 

Yah I should be going for the 25km.

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An update on route change for 25km and 50km (inclusion of Chestnut Northern Hiking) from Forest Force 50 as a reference.







25km or 50km, if both will start run from 7am, it will be "very hot" and more endured in hours from those for 50km.

Consideration for 50km will be better with an early start, like 5am. Abuthen, it would mean, 50km participant expected to have self "trail lighting" equipped, on top of your own hydration accessories.

Chestnut Northern Hiking is a shortened but very "filled" up dirt trail compared to previous experience of "swampy or waterlogged" and often had "fallen tree trunks" encountered. Uncle remembered, Chestnut Nature Reserve used to be Mountain Bike Trail. Challenges then were, tracks were of rocks and dirt track is narrowed, because the Mountain Bike Trail is meant for "bike tyres" and not human legs.

Uncle recent runs are based on none of the above "trail lighting and hydration accessories", just "low-light" sightings and sound...yes, traffic from KBE (if sound of moving vehicle from left means journey up north, if sound from right means journey down south).

Lastly, quite upset with the "North Hill" of MacRitchie Reservoir route - Hikers (now Tour groups organised on weekends), Runners, Walkers...bottlenecked as uncle has shared previously..."wish I were back to Chestnut-Zhenghua-Mandai"

Local Trail Running - need to share with Bikers, Walkers, Hikers, now Tour Group Hikers at MacRitchie.. "Discontinuous" run not because of the route, more of the dodging and stopping for non-running "crowd". Remember, unlike Road Running, there is no need for Traffic Controller. These trail running routes are "Hiker routes" permitted by the  National Parks (NP). Everyone is free to access. Only designated areas are "For Bikers Only" and "For Hikers Only": Non-compliance is $2,000 Fine.

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update...fyi...for those who are newbie in Trail Running...

Credit to Runner Kao


As a relatively new runner to running trails, it was fun yet daunting. Running along mother nature is always mesmerizing, but runners need to constantly stay alert for countless unpredictability that comes along with the beauty.

In this video, while running, Runner Kao provides some commentary on his experience and provide some tips for beginners who might also be keen to try out trail running as well.

Update:  Volvic Forest Forest 50 postponed twice...due to Covid-19 (MOH Order)...


The expected routes will be almost similar...except no Hindede side (Bukit Timah Hill Summit)...and no Dairy Farm Nature Park...which uncle already ran and checked out...because uncle needs to find how to ascent to Bukit Timah Hill at the end of run...

There are 2 separate trails from Bukit Timah Hill which can enter to Dairy Farm Nature Park and Bukit Timah "Pipe Line" or Belukar Track respectively.

Chestnut Avenue to Dairy Farm Visitor is about 13km.

You can enter from Rifle Range Road to Belukar Track and head to Chestnut Avenue or to Mandai via Zhenghua, Chestnut Nature Park (North Territories), Bukit Panjang and Gangsa tracks...which is the "50km" route..


The end of this Rifle Range Road enters to the Rifle Range link into MacRitchie Reservoir route...



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uncle's monkee associates really going to be very "pis"sang goreng about the news..

"why no banana and gel this year?"...


get chilled...have a "pis"sang goreng...see you next year..

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