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    • Standard Chartered Bank..renewed title sponsorship with Singapore Marathon until 2023...    
    • SRY who has a stake on future selection for 2021 SEA GAMES...in his FB..commented...   so ST Virtual Run finisher 175KM...can be called as Ultra National Athlete...lol  eat more🍿...who shall be the new SA Management Committee on 25 September...
    • @beast, uncle has tried every reason to stick on SCSM 2020 Virtual Club platform with progressive Base Training Plan towards the "grand finale" edition... on the the hope, if there should be a designated route , say for only "invited" participants... at SCSM Virtual Club there is an accumulating "challenging distance" activities with leaderboard for Points...     as well as VR Race categories for leading "VR Runners" SCSM VR Club format...Distance Activities (Challenge) in Points and Race (Pace) with Ranking... in uncle's opinion, the selection criteria may say "invited participants" depends on how much have your training activity and how ready are you for the "grand finale" via your pace and ranking...which is monitored and recording in the 15 Weeks (VR #01 - #15)...against all others in the Community who are sharing in the Virtual Club... regarding on the issue of apps...pretty good...tested and proven to be reliable..SCSM (Ironman) standard...no comments...uncle uses Runkeeper..GPS Only Locator...Distance option only... uncle has not registered with a fee, because it is FOC..so what's the medal quality, finisher tee consideration...only when the "grand finale" edition is announced...so you want VR #01-15 finisher bundles or finisher tees...it is your discretion..there is no obligation... importantly is...between now to the actual day of "Race" day...whether it is VR or/and Run for Elites, or/and Selected Participants Only...say up to 250, or 500, or 1,000, 5,000..."selectively" like in recent Japan Marathons "elite run clubs"...or  "lottery" like in Taipei Marathon recently announcement... if decision to run on a "designated" route...announcement should be publicly in both social and print media...supported by MOH (safe distancing measures plan and approved), Sports Singapore (approval on mess event managment plan), Local Authority...with LTA/TP...agreed on Road Closures... event if the grand finale has a VR, would it be 1 session or Challenges which are 1-2 sessions..based on past weeks...why not Train for the SCSM 2020 format...and you would know, if given the format in 15 weeks...surely...no problem, it is achievable...1 session or up to 2 to 3 sessions accumulatively... something very unique about SCSM 2020 format... say if you should complete 21km in the future for 1 session...and if you should exceed 1km more beyond the 21km...SCSM 2020 had reminded to participants...please do not "not exceeded"...otherwise..." yes, don't overchong the distance.. see, even uncle dare not chong the 20km challenge...15.13 + 5.85...is 20.98 KM...so can practice for the VR which is stricter on "not exceeded" btw, the Challenge can be repeated..max is 3... attempts...so uncle can still chong 3 x 20KM for 60KM for this challenge as this one ends today...2359..lol overall response so far... Hope this helps! VR (weekends) and Challenge (weekdays)..SCSM 2020 format...this one is different from the other virtual runs...😀 Note: if the 4-5-6 Dec is considered as SCSM 2020 weekend...then the VR (Grand Finale) should have maintained the same format of  VR #01 - #15..and so everyone, are you ready for it? 5km/10km/21km/42km maybe Kids Dash (VR-Kids)...Run Any Place, Run Anytime, Run Global..Friday (5am) to Sunday (1159pm)? "Augmented" V-Reality... TBA...official SCSM 2020 only!
    • I am also keen to know what will be the plan for SCSM 2020 "finale"... My guess is for safety concerns, we will likely have both the option of running a designated/ recommended route or our own route to run on the first weekend of December, to prevent crowds from forming at the designated/recommended... But things are definitely looking for the better here, so maybe there is a very slight chance that larger groups are allowed before December, and staggered timings in a designated route is permissible. This will at least give runners a closer sense of running an actual race.    Actually you are given 12 days to complete the 58KM....  Mon to Fri - 2 x 10km - 20km in 5 days Sat to Sun - 5 + 15km - 20km in 2 days Mon to Fri - 8 + 10km - 18km in 5 days For ST VR 2020, you are given 60 days to complete 175km... means every week you need to clock 21km... that is certainly do-able... The main issue is ST VR is insistent on using the MOVE app, which is causing a lot of issues for runners as it a lousy tracking app that cannot be sync with most of the better running apps...You will probably need to open both the apps if you want to clock for both SCSM and ST VR mileage in a single run...
    • So far, we know the pattern >>>>> Weekend VR #01-#05 : Single Race (Pace/Hard Run) Sessions of X KM and Y KM respectively, for example this week will be 5km and 15km Challenges Offered on WeekDays: Single or Multiple Sessions (Easy/Relax Run)    gaining mileage in progression...weekly.. Say, uncle just completed last week (Friday 2359 hours)...20KM Challenge... Starting soon... VR5 of 5KM and 15KM...another 20KM contimuing next Weekdays...8KM "Preferred Route" and 10KM "Finishing Line"...another 18km... 20km + 20km + 18km...wah 58KM in 8 days...both Pace (Hard Run) and Relax (Fun)... another non-topic discussion...say if uncle were to be interested this one... free and easy...no restriction unlike in SCSM VR or Challenge Compliance 1 or 2 Session-only  175KM Category...if uncle can use SCSM Virtual Club (training plan)...with proper rest and recovery... about 3-4 weeks...Oct 19 to Nov 19 is achievable... so should uncle sign up ST VR 2020 for 175KM?... we are only at VR 5 or Week 5...still have 10 more to go...besides register to run FOC for SCSM 2020...can test and tryout if this is possible...abuthen..what's the next weekly progressive mileage next week Week 6? stay tuned...update next week... enjoy your weekend (and next week weekdays)... uncle busy gunning for 58KM in 8 Days..    
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