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On 2/8/2020 at 3:55 PM, AutumnRunner said:

A race which i enjoy when it was at the Changi Coastal Road area with four different terrains to run in... 

I remembered we argued about this before but ... what are the four terrains again?

I recalled it being only 3: Tarmac (Road), Trail and Sand.

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7 hours ago, kcslchin said:

Four terrains? Hmmmm......

Was it?

1. Road, trail, sand, footpath; or

2. Road, trail, sand, runway


2011 REAL Run @ Changi Exhibition. For the first time – 21 km race route. First multi-terrain half-marathon locally





answer - taxiway, road, sand and trail

note: taxiway - a route along which an aircraft can taxi when moving to or from a runway

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