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COVID-19 and its impact on Races

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11 hours ago, lonewolf said:

You wouldn't like it so much if I post some of the borderline NSFW memes that is circulating like wildfires since the term was coined. :crazysmile:

The term has just being a goldmine for sites who specialise in the humourous and satirical contents. 

I mean there is one floating around using what Min Chan CS said in parliament and warning that if the current circuit breaker measure does not work, then it could be extended. And what would it be call? Complete Circuit Breaker.:lol:



Also sorry @kohpapa - blur lah - better we say CB sg

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25 minutes ago, RunWalkRun said:

Did my routine 530am jog today as usual and noticed a significant increase in the number of people in the park today as compared to pre-circuit breaker

Not sure if it is a good thing or not.

Did they keep their distance?

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7 hours ago, RunWalkRun said:

Did my routine 530am jog today as usual and noticed a significant increase in the number of people in the park today as compared to pre-circuit breaker

Not sure if it is a good thing or not.


6 hours ago, Lady Ice said:

Did they keep their distance?


6 hours ago, starfinder said:

I went to bedok reservoir in early evening. Yes, notice there were much more people today (a weekday) compared to pre covid 19 days. Could be because now people shun malls or people have more free time exercise because they work from home.

Latest Covid-19 cases in Sg [9/4/2020]: 

Singapore reports a record 287 new COVID-19 cases with more than half linked to dormitory cluster

Stadiums to close as people still exercising in groups, CB may have to be tightened further.

(extract info - todayonline.com)



Now, we are left with National Parks and PCNs for Exercise.

Exercise only in your own neighbourhood...and not to be transported to other location by means of commuting, driving or cycling....minimize movement..minimize clusters...minimize mingling...

2 months ago...a declaration by local medical authority..


2M rule (wear Mask always, unnecessary Mingling should be avoided)...

COVID-19: NTUC FairPrice urges shoppers to wear face masks..

(info extracted - CNA)


we are heading into 2M Rule next...😷

OMG! run with mask?....yes, must be complied and avoid mobility if necessary...for outdoor exercise...2M Rule..otherwise


Run on a treadmill and sign on to Virtual Race and in your home...👌 will be perfect.

or Run round the table...


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On 3/28/2020 at 8:47 PM, Lady Ice said:

The UK has a 2m distance. 

When going running, have been taking a 10m distance from people, don't want to be running into their viral breath ;)

Why tighter social distancing measures targeting on Running (exercising) at open space?


We soon shall be like UK lockdown, not CB sg 😷

Supposingly, uncle got deputized...Covid-19 Exercise Ambassador for Run... 

pant pant pant...yo, bro..keep your distance leh...yo, sis...sneeze and cough...stop running....wear mask...yo, bro and sis...are you related...no cluster...no grouping...yes, no spilling of sweat...spitting...and pleeze lah...go washroom got wash hands or not...no holding of hands...boy boy and boy boy....girl girl and girl girl...pleeze lah no hugging and kissing also...aiya...BAN running exercise lah...really give up....chasing non-compliance of cb sg...SGUnited.

Simply...fine or jail or both...2-in-1 for Exercise Runners who no cb sg.

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9 hours ago, Lady Ice said:

Did they keep their distance?

I still saw one organized activity even though they were trying to be 1m apart. It's kinda inevitable to be within 1m range of other runners when you need to overtake and the path is not wide enough.

Maybe I'll try running in the SDM hours - Sleep can wait, lol.

Or try more ulu routes  

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Wah, good to all cb sgRunners gather to share their running experiences here....good to meet all of you...cb (circuit breaker) is hokkien meaning...gracious and be kind to one another... 

uncle's one...3 months ago...Hilly! Run shared...


today on Good Friday morning..completed Fort Canning Hill (empty) >>> Padang (empty) >>> Marina Bay (many)....

Remember to check: https://safedistparks.nparks.gov.sg/


Yes, there are many NPs are are closed because there are too many cb runners concentrating on the ECP, Central and North East...

where next...complete Bukit Batok Hill >>> Bukit Timah Hill >>> MacRitchie Reservoir this weekend...yes, expect more cb runners than normal because these are the available National Parks for uncle to do trail running...choose green ones...where uncle running is Central Catchment Nature Reserve... 

Stay active, strong and be considerate to all...and please continue to report your cb running activities 😷




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10 minutes ago, starfinder said:

My running route is along Tampines Ave 10, Tampines Industrial Ave 1 and 2. Some of you may be familiar with this straight road towards IKea and the big open space beside SCDF. 

yes, ran before...

if continue with an overhead bridge (TPE) to pasir ris from Ikea tampines...you can go to pasir ris park...via api api river...


uncle is familiar with your route..because Bedok Reservoir >>> Tampines Ave 10 >>> IKEA Tampines >>> Pasir Ris Park is our 10km Pit Stop...for Sundown Ultramarathon 100KM route...

of course, Pasir Ris Rark to Changi Village via Loyang, that will be another 10KM Pit Stop...

if given you should want a half-marathon route...then you should head to one of the Car Parks at Changi Beach Park...

good to explore...but don't let mata Exercise Ambassador catch you...why your breach CB rule that says...run only at near your house...and they want to see your ID with address...then hope you explain why and not kena Fine or Jail or Both...don't play play...😷



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2 hours ago, Arvin Tunas said:

Yesterday I tried running at Tampines Eco park, nearby my place. Not too crowded but still quite a number of people. Back to running at Pasir Ris Industrial and Lorong Halus, just need to avoid the wild dogs and boars...

Tampines ECo Park...being there..closer to Pasir Ris, further from Tampines Central, therefore...not crowded...

Pasir Ris Industrial / Lorong Halus...wild dogs and boars...yes, encounter wild dogs...but wild boars?


seen wild boars at lower piece reservior (old thomson road) and Pulau Ubin...

maybe if want to see wild animals, surely


Eng Neo Ave... this one is close to Turf Club Road...Bukit Timah...

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5 hours ago, RunWalkRun said:

Maybe I'll try running in the SDM hours - Sleep can wait, lol.

Or try more ulu routes  

ulu time and ulu routes...make sure don't run 3am - 5am...because "run" on sleep means..you bang to lamp posts while on Sleep mode...

and also, encounter wild dogs means you have been "tracked" as food...

run strong, and stay CB measures at all time...1m...even you are chased by wild dogs...maintained always at 1m...otherwise...fine or jail or both...😷


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Great to see some sgrunners from Eastern SG and getting the needed workout today.  Good tips from kohpapa on safety distancing during exercise.

I chose an industrial area with a park and saw less than five runners during today's morning run. Continue to stay safe and healthy here during this tough times.😷

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I think those who want to run better continue to do so when they can.

CB is just another word for lockdown. The problem is the govt is so adverse to the word that it try to be creative with its term.

Just like we call it 'Safe Distancing' instead of 'Social Distancing' but everyone knows it mean the same thing.

Given the current trajectory, I would not be surprised if very soon, you would not even be allowed to go out for exercise or a walk. (Just like over the causeway) 


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Avoid East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, Changi Beach, Punggol...this weekend...

go to ulu ones...like ulu pandan...empty


adopt SDM...wee hours like uncle's 4am and stop by 6:30am...avoid public transport because "safe distancing" applies...and someone will easily spot runners...because sweaty body will make people complain of body fluids spread via virus...violate "safe distancing" because of you sit too close to somebody...and violate "social distancing" because why you never stay home...

don't how lian with your "running" gear like you are runner (limpei is ex-Sundown, ex-Standard Chartered, ex-2XU Compression)...uncle is always with sandals that is why...as though uncle go market buy for family...need to transfer...and being uncle...stubborn lah...yes, bring food back after run...be a shopper...be blamed as shopper...


got people go market with running shoes?..normal shoppers in wet market all sandals...even super markets...sandals are normal...

wear dark with little brand (hello kitty, pokemon)...to hide your sweat...why sweat too much for what...is it necessary? come on...racing for what...how lian...you can run Ultra?

meaning, you don't adopt and there is no need "runner's high" because there is no need to gear for race...only to keep fit...and to be aerobic...because that is the reason just to sweat, because you are "warm up and heated to burn fat"...cool down with more time...what is the rush also...take a walk away from the crowd....or prepare home bound...discreetly...if you can U-turn home bound...or commute safely home bound...

yes, trail running is preferred...because most of the time...you are not visible in public preying eyes...the only places congested at MacRitchie, Bukit Timah Hill, and Daisy Farm because got carparks...and also avoid North Hill and Lornie Amenities area...because lots of walkers and hikers can come from Venus Loop via Venus Car Park...these are the ones that visible to the public..and so bad publicity...and avoid...easy target for "Safe Distancing" and "Social Distancing" violations...expect Enforcement Officers to catch you there....





Finally, 2M rule (wear Mask always, unnecessary Mingling should be avoided)...

1st M - wear masks to run?

2 scenarios for you:

1) Everyone DON'T wear mask except you
2) Everyone wears a mask except you

you can wear Mask for SGUnited...so Mask is essential always...bring along, like your "running" gear 

2nd M - maintain a non-sweaty body state like you never violate Mingling with no essential reason...or with essential reason because you want to exercise alone

All are welcome share here so that we will update "alert" as well as....yes, CB is only a warmup for Lockdown... as someone has already said...


cb sg...become like in Italy when even jogging, park walks are banned...20 March 2020 reported..


because an Italian mayor once shouted out to tell citizens to stay at home


and later very soon....what we have once enjoyed...


these places at National Parks or PCNs will be and can be "OUT OF BOUNDS"...

because of Covid-19 "Social Distancing" and "Safe Distancing" that we don't know much and we don't really know how that to be implemented in cb sg.

Prepare to run round table for 21km...thousands times..

or virtual run watching this video with treadmill or not

leave your running sweat and "runner's high spirit" at home and not outdoor...wear mask or not for Social Distancing and Safe Distancing....SGUnited...by then it is up to you for there is no need for 2M Rule at home. 😷

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(info - https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/coronavirus-social-distancing-walking-running-cyclists-advice-a9457431.html)


The paper, entitled Social Distancing v2.0: During Walking, Running and Cycling, found walkers should keep at least 4m clear when following others, runners should stay 10m from one another other, and fast cyclists should ride as much as 20m apart, in order to avoid passing through “droplet clouds” from others exercising.







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6 hours ago, starfinder said:

With the crowds at parks and wet markets and not adhering to social distance guidelines, and I must admit not easy too, a matter of time these places are shut down if the infected cases do not decrease.


25 minutes ago, kohpapa said:

People should wear a mask when going to the market (April 12); police attended to more than 20 cases where people refused to obey safe distancing instructions



On 4/10/2020 at 12:12 AM, kohpapa said:

2 months ago...a declaration by local medical authority..


2M rule (wear Mask always, unnecessary Mingling should be avoided)...

COVID-19: NTUC FairPrice urges shoppers to wear face masks..

we are heading into 2M Rule next...😷


If we all do this 2M rule (wear Mask, stop Mingling) in 2 weeks the worst could be over. [10.2.2020]

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Report for CB sgRunners


today on saturday morning..Bukit Batok Hill (empty) >> Bukit Timah Hill (crowded) >> MacRitchie Reservoir (crowded) via Venus Loop exit Venus Carpark >>> Bishan-AMK Park PCN (crowded) with access bridge [closed] >>> Sin Min Road >>> Braddell-Kallang PCN (normal) >>> Singapore Sports Hub [closed].





this barrier on Henderson Waves was not there when uncle ran just days ago....


Outstanding uncle's Hill Ultra! Run familiarization routes (PCNs or/and NPs) left only with exploring will be route NUS-NTU OR Bukit Batok Hill-NTU  (Park Connector in Jurong Lake Gardens was temporarily diverted due to CB Stricter Measures

Of course, Uncle shall have to wait about a month from now.... 😷




COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020 Statutes use the word recreation...  

(info - https://sso.agc.gov.sg/SL/COVID19TMA2020-S254-2020?DocDate=20200410&ValidDate=20200410&ProvIds=P12-#pr4-)




Meanwhile, Minister Lawrence Wong's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LawrenceWongST


Dear Minister,

I strongly believe the "Circuit Breaker" will work very soon as most of the good citizen are obeying the law. Many thanks for the enforcement officers on the ground to take actions against the disobedient ones.


Just a few question hope is not stupid. Sir am I allowed to run alone as long as I keep a safe distance from other people plus can the gov reconsider of opening the tampines hub running track so people don't have to resort to running on pavement. Thanks

Yes, pleeze feedback to Minister Lawrence Wong for anything stupid or not stupid, on everything, and report all things you see that you are not happy because they affect you...😷


Yes, support, time for uncle to stay home.

 Do Your Part, pleeze stay home for now...so that everyone can go back to normal life again...😷

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