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Sundown Marathon Singapore 2020 - [CANCELLED]

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On 3/17/2020 at 8:23 AM, RaijinFJ said:

Same story here. The date of SDM seems to change almost every year, so I opted for a refund first (if they give it), then will definitely sign up next year if my schedule permits. 🤩

Same for me! 

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    • Here is about the cough:  
    • BTW here is about sneezing... though sneezing is not part of covid19, people who might have it and inadvertently sneeze can spread it  
    • Yes - and think we cab begin to redefine how we want the New World order to be Here is a WHO guideline about Personal Protection etc for infectious diseases: https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/331498/WHO-2019-nCoV-IPCPPE_use-2020.2-eng.pdf
    • It’s natural to compare the two outbreaks, keeping in mind just how severe the Spanish flu outbreak was.  While Covid-19 could get much worse, if we fail to adequately adopt measures like social distancing, aggressive testing , and quarantining. It is all about social responsibility. Keep us updated on what and how UK handles Covid-19, which is a little different from SG. The role of govts are to care for their people, of course, mindful of how Covid-19 has impact the economy. Here in SG is GDP. When going running, have been taking a 10m distance from people. We don't have issues here, except now we must maintain group of 10 and below, and social distancing at 1m till mid-April Perhaps, we focus on future races with social distancing, how would that impact races - announcement to register (with transparency with if there a Refund in the event of postponement and cancellation for any reason), rpc venue, reporting to pen, is it going to be more wave starts, race routes must cater for social distancing, finishing at ending, "Move on" maintaing social distancing, exit from race site, keep 10 or 50 or 250 always...  Definitely, uncle will skip any race this year for reasons that Covid-19 is not free, and understanding pandemic operates in waves, up and down, no idea how many more after the 1st wave - 3 weeks from now. Will there be 2nd or 3rd wave..only the medical experts from WHO can advise us, with the govt implementing advisory and enforcement of rules and laws for non-compliance. Keep strong and "active" running program...whether 7m or 12m or 20m in home or outdoor. The world will not be the same after this pandemic. 😷
    • The UK has a 2m distance. My tyre provides a 2m distance ;)...... but stay away from my tyre - no play play When going running, have been taking a 10m distance from people, don't want to be running into their viral breath Think Singapore will be learning from the Spanish Flu. From what have read, in 1918 Australia was very successful in controlling the Spanish Flu as they closed their borders, doing  isolation, etc. In 1919 Australia got hit very badly when they got re-infected. It will be interesting what sg  govt will implement along the timeline. The UK will try to get everyone infected over an extended period of time so that everyone eventually has immunity. Think they wanted to originally have a great big infection party (herd immunity), but with the potential that more than the old folk will die, they have changed their tactic and will go for a trickle which means discipline is required to keep the curve flat.  So the UK is doing catch and currently trying to change the yellow curve to purple!  Personally think Sg has got it right. So now watch which govts care for their people and watch those that care much more for the money of the very rich..... opps sorry the economy
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