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Mizuno MR25 Ultramarathon - 29 Dec 2019 Sunday

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On 12/31/2019 at 9:33 PM, kohpapa said:

1. Watertomb is there, I am the white stuff who is always there.
2. Syonan Jinja (昭南神社, Shōnan Jinja, lit. "Shōnan Shrine") was a former Japanese Shinto shrine is also there.
3. Lim Bo Seng is also there.
4. Zigzag bridge is also there. Why zigzag?
5. Which is safer to run MR route at night? clockwise or anti-clockwise or none of the above?

aiyo...someone PM uncle desperately want to know where in the MR route, otherwise no die-DieNotFinish sleep tonight...

1. Watertomb...uncle gives clue 9th km somewhere of macRitchie loop..on lunar 7th month, descendants come, dressed in white, give respect to white stuff...Fann her name...otherwise another clue..Lornie Trail at the only stretch without boardwalk

2. Japanese Shinto shrine...built near Sime Road at the western part of the MacRitchie Reservoir...must travel quite a distance from Sime Track..across thick vegetation...The direct path leading to the shrine is at the no entry sign spot at Tenrentang Trail, but please do not explore alone or risk getting lost in MR...

3. Lim Bo Seng...singapore-war-hero-lim-bo-seng-grave.jpg

4. Zig-zag bridge...



why zig-zag....spirits travel in straight line, so to avoid spirits chasing or following you...you zig-zag...and they bang here and there...ouch ouch..and you run away....

5. clockwise or anti-clockwise or none of the above at night run...of course, direction as long as no face ...NW or 西北


because you are heading first to the Japanese Shinto shrine...beware, after Ranger's stn...then you nearing to Bukit Brown Cemetery after the Golf Course Link..and 9th KM you know who the white stuff lives there forever...Lim Bo Seng is there in spirit not the body...and then the zig-zag Bridge...

So, remember, if you run anti-clockwise of MR route at night, remember to chong zig-zag Bridge, and not to chong to the Amenities Centre just because you can drink, eat and bath, because you have been warned by Uncle why, "they" may be drinking, eating and bathing beside you also...

Good night, can sleep well better after MR25 Ultramarathon Run at night with uncle. Wait Can Finally Sleep zzZZZZ.

Rule 1: Must run minimum 5 laps to get finishing tee and eCertificate

Rule 2: 7pm to 7am, the Winner is the number of laps completed at 7am.

The Organiser shall not be responsible for any "disapperance" of runners due to "unusual and unnatural" circumstances.

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Ok, @beast mentioned and that is why, uncle was very "confused" at first


but, it is all clarified, "a last minute change of running route for MR25 last week".

Why change of running route for MR25 last week, maybe: 

(1) the white stuff said last week one night to the organiser, "renovation of my resting place in progress."... all better stay clear of lornie trail...

(2) all better avoid Japanese Shinto shrine after Ranger's station because WWII Jap Soldiers (more white stuffs) were sighted the night before the race-day...lol 😶

(3) skip Lim Bo Seng

(4) no need zig-zag bridge because this is not a night race

Now this explained why last week "change of a last minute running route sure was super crowded."

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