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Tokyo marathon - 1st March 2020

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    • Yes, let's wait for further info from Ridge Runners Organizers. I have a hunch it may still proceed but not a mass run though...
    • Hi Bro, I'm very happy to see so many familiar "faces" here, especially glad to know that everyone is doing well. 😊 Thank you very much for updating the news about "Ridge Runners", I participated the 7th anniversary race in last year August, very impressive. Even until today I still have a sense of guilty, because I paid nothing but got one exquisite medal, one piece of cup cake and fantastic experience. 😅😅 Hopefully the race can be held this year... 🤗
    • from June 2, working hard for real income ($) is Essential..Exercise (Run) and Covid-19 Workout Challenges can be "retired" because they are no longer Essential... yes, in every year of @SgRunners...uncle MIA right after every SCSM...except for 2020...disruption of work and projects due to Covid-19...so uncle has more "free" time...to see how Covid-19 really has impact on Races, Exercise (Run) , wearing Mask (Face Shield), and how Virtual Runs begin to be the norm in place of Event (Race) cancel... looks like the weather in the last 2 days are wet, sunny, cooler...so final Exercise (Run) to where.... quite a lot of choices to pick...Ultra! Hill...Ultra! Rail Corridor...Ultra! Trail...Ultra! Road....Ultra! Cycling...except Beaches (still closed)..otherwise Ultra! Swim. well...48 hours..uncle shall MIA here because of CB Extension Phase 1 - Essential Work is priority. and to all here, Happy sgRunners 15th Anniversary in June...😷        
    • The latest update just now received. Key points listed below: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ All registered participants of Marina Run 2020 will be automatically included in the virtual race, there is no need to register again. To participate in the Marina Virtual Race, all you need to do is to use any GPS-enabled running app, sport wearable/device or treadmill to track your run/walk at anywhere and anytime from 2 June 2020 to 15 July 2020 and submit your files via https://www.marinarun.com.sg/upload Please ensure that the required details are indicated in your submitted result screenshot. 1.     Date of your activity 2.     Duration Timing of your activity 3.     Total Distance clocked for your activity For 5km Fun Run, 10km & 21km participants, you will be given a single upload. 30km participants can have a maximum of 2 accumulative uploads. Kindly ensure that you have completed the distance stipulated in your race confirmation slip before uploading your files. Once your file is uploaded and verified, we will mail out your race entitlements to your registered mailing address in Singapore within 3 weeks. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Good luck to everyone, stay safe, healthy and take care~~~ 😊😊
    • OhMy God, "final Exercise (Run) LSD followed by completing as many Covid-19 Challenges". No more run? push up? burpee?   U is all rounded, ready to strike   Going MIA, retire from  💪 ???   There is push up, burpee .... Challenge, go win yourself finisher t, medal & mask. All go join  
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