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The Deep Tissue Massage Specialist - Lionel @ Tampines

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Muscles that are tight and tense will be sore to the touch. This soreness is caused by ischemic muscle tissue. The lack of proper blood flow is usually due to the tightness of the muscle.

Whilst the muscle is not receiving enough blood, the muscle is also not receiving enough oxygen. The lack of oxygen causes the muscle to produce lactic acid. Lactic acid makes the muscle feel sore following physical activity.

A deep tissue massage aims to relax the tight muscles which will release the lactic acid from the muscle. The muscle should then start receiving enough blood and oxygen to recuperate.

The massage therapy will feel painful at first, but the pressure of the massage will reduce or even alleviate the muscle tightness altogether. Most people will describe the pressure as “good pain”. A good communication between the client and the masseur is essential during the therapy session so that varying degrees of pressures can be applied without being overly painful.

Some clients may also feel a tingling feeling after the therapy. This is often the result of blood flow regulating itself.

I specialise in deep tissue and sports massage.


In-house (Tampines)

$80 / hr


$120 / hr

Book an appointment with me for a session through my Facebook Page or Whatsapp.

More information https://www.facebook.com/LionelChanTherapy/


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