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400m or Long distance to train stamina

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Hi, I am an Athletics Coach, and this can be explained very specifically as engaging in Anaerobic (400m run) and Aerobic Activities (Distance)...


In terms of use of Energy utilized when we engage in the Activities (expressed as ATP), the ones that uses the most output in the shortest time will be the Anaerobic Respiration. The word Complete Oxidation means when after the Activities, you feel completely Exhausted. 

For Distance Running, it is the power of sustaining the Energy for a longer period, and that requires training with ever increasing periods of Long Distance [adjusting to the painful experiences of "enduring" the accumulation of "lactic acid" releases, always hurting for the newbie which always complain of "pain" at the muscles (strain and tear), ligaments (cramped), and especially the little muscular-nerve zone (due to lack of oxygen exchange)].

It is very easy to understand that in Aerobic Activities, they are always incomplete Oxidation of Anaerobic Respiration. No Pain No Gain often is the word of LD wonderbies to many here. Often that is because the body is adapting to Aerobic Respiration state from the Non-exercise state (I  had never done had any physical exercise before in my life). Many in this forum had acquired the adaptation well (takes time, but often with success).

Your topic will be appropriate if we put that in Threshold Training...combo Aerobic cum Anerobic Respiration techniques....meaning when you run 400m...run fast fast but sustain a period of time to Recover so that enough breakup to achieve enough number of ATPs (not necessary a high number is better), but still have sustainable enough ATP needed to run for Distance (long enough) before Lactic Acid breakdown that will slow you down, exhausting you. You don't want to run long distance in an aerobic state, because you get exhausted sooner.

We also have a word for those who had been running LD regularly, watch out the Wall of China (bong-out too soon), meaning before reaching the Finishing Line, exhausted completely. But, that is another topic to be discussed which involve both Dietary and Threshold Training. 

If your goal is to train Long Distance, then adopt 2 times a week (moderate pace) and once a week (LD with the relax and slow pace). Then conduct High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), that you can conduct in satdium track for 400m...First run fast fast...then count 20 seconds to recover...repeat how many times you can achieve it...periodically.

Normally, this training for those who aspire to break their PB (Personal Best) in LD, because finishing faster in Distance is like "putting an anaerobic oxygen tank in an aerobic running body" and this requires training, discipline and diet change (because diets that promote both aerobic/anerobic must be adjusted to optimize the release of both aerobic and anaerobic respiration).

Conclusion, the forummers here are mostly LD runners, and so, I must admit that I the age group (lol, not so young but once we were) more suitable for aerobic running. Hence, if you are young and energetic, anaerobic prowess (activities) are suitable for you who are younger. Of course, to have not-so-young (better in aerobic activities) any engagement of  intensive aerobic activities like HITT (heart-pounding with heavy breathing), a medical evaluation must be conducted.

I am able to achieve both aerobic (and anaerobic) because I am trained and I am aware of how to achieve them. Of course, I am also an unker so I don't wish to "uplorry" myself with "flowery vehicle" to achieve PB in the netherland in the state of RIP! Otherwise, I become a ghost writer here.

If your question is relating to Middle Distance Running like Cross Country of 5km or 10km...then there is a reason why you might want to consider Threshold Training in your Middle Distance Training Programme.

Whatever what you want to aspire, if you have any question, please feel free to ask Uncle (that is what I am called here).    Thank You.

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