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Running 50km ultra without training!

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Need some tips.  I am taking over my bro's bib for the 50km event.  I have done 16 marathons since 2010, but never an ultra marathon.

I run 12km and 19km every Tuesday and Saturday respectively to maintain my core fitness.  This event is last minute as my bro is away and cannot make it for the race.  So, I am taking over without the training.

I planned to keep to 7 km / hr and finish the run in 7 hrs.

I don't have a hydration bag.  But I will use a hydration belt (4 bottles).  Do you use gels for ultra?

Any other tips will be helpful.

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Hope you had a good race. Just saw this thread. 

Definitely do-able since you are a veteran marathoner, and been doing longish runs. 50k is just a bit beyond that (though one might not feel so during the race!)

just need to manage your pace very well and run according to your current fitness. 

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Hi, it was ok.  Tired out after 30km and it was walk and jog.  Still manage to finish in 6h54m.  Was not too bad for my first ultra.

I lost it in terms of food and water discipline.  Was too hungry and I ate a bit too much and drank too much of isotonic drink at the workers’ dormitory.  Ended up with a tummy ache and had to poo at the toilets along ECP.  Need to have a better plan next time. 

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