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Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

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What I was trying to highlight is, there are many ways to plot. Following the middle of road/lane tends to give a longer distance than what most runners will run. Most of the numbers I see in Strava fall within 20.4 to 20.8km. I guess it's quite reasonable the official one is very close to 21km. 

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Lots of comments on the distance.

sure there were some spots where gps signal will be blocked due to roads or roof overhead. But the route last year similar. That’s why Inposted what my watch measured last year and this.

I am certain the distance was shorter because I started walking earlier this year and I finished 16 mins faster. Since I walked a fair bit due to straining and injuring my ITB before Sunday, I didn’t go left and right much and stayed close to the side of the route. Rightfully, I should clock more than 21.1km but didn’t. 

Anyway, majority are not using the results for overseas race qualification but even if you do, faster finishing times for ystd HM may mean you start at earlier start pen. LOL


Let’s be thankful for quick release of official results and also Running Shots who uploaded the photos to FB already. On to next race.......


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